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Race Evaluation

LGOC Lac Mulvihill, Gatineau Park: Short advanced


1. Bad route choice
Took road out of parking lot & made up 1min stagger where Richard & I descended to water course. Richard went on to beat me by 1min. I hoped to round hill on E but hit trail to the W. Doubled back but kept skirting hills & back to trail as catch. Inadvertantly found myself in canyon, N to road to confirm is correct canyon & on to control, what a mess!
2. E to steep contour, followed to trail. From 2nd bridge over creek up the mtn & messed round seeking. Bert caught me.
3. Straightforward long run: E to road, S to jct, NE on road, faint trail N of creek, cross countours at W end of pond, E on TransCanadaTrail, E off end of pond. Again Bert.
4. I can't remember but pace data shows that I had trouble.
5. Bad map reading
SW to trail, W, off the curve of trail but wondered repeatedly between trail & pond, even ended up at more eastern pond. Retracing yet again E to trail, picked up runners heading straight there. In hindsight, I spent too much time cliffside of pond. What another mess.
6. Bad distance judgement
Instincts took me E to TCT all the way to road but did not continue far enough S along stream. Giant deadfall didn't help seeing control: fallen 40' tree was control.
7. Did not like map
Cross stream to trail, then S to parking lot but was confused by mowed grass. Messed around on intersections before parking lot. Straight but exhausting run on road to pond side.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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