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Race Evaluation

CNYO A meet: Classic - Red


1. Around the green; behind a blue runner much of the way. His control was on the ridge.
2. +11:00I stayed high and felt I mostly knew where I was up until crossing the wire fence. After that, I started reading the map poorly; I got north and south mixed-up, up and down mixed up, etc... I initially hunted on the wrong side of the ridge running up and down the hillside, then widening the circle or search. Eventually I crossed the ridge but still didn't get it until relocating using the large depressions past the control.
3. +02:00I left, intending to use the trail. When I got to the intersection, I belived I was not at the correct intersection so I went on. Correcting, I cut across the open woods but was tentative until I got on the trail again. Attacking from where a ridge rose on my right, I was able to follow an elaphant trail most of the way there.
4. +01:00I left the control and approached the trail seeing a pond. I mistook the own I saw for one further ahead. I started to cut around the first one to the right, realized what I was doing, then corrected. Finally going around the right pond and attacking from the trail, I knew just where to go.
5. I kind of zig-zagged my way there; intially trying to stay high, then next sticking to the trail. I followed a poorly stomped elephant path through the field and caught some others headed there too.
6. +00:35I chased Don Davis when leaving the control and got to the trail. I got ahead of him, hesitated, and let him pass again. I should have let him go since I really wanted the trail going around to the right. Once I realized what happened it was too late. I committed going around the lake on the left side. I dropped down an earth bank, cut right a bit, then saw it from far away.
7. +01:15I went straight initially and was behind an older orienteer. Jim Eagleton appeared behind me. At the first trail, I started to go left, then realized I had planed to use the trails in the field. Going left would have been much better even though it was longer. Running through the tall wet grasses was slow. Though the older orienteer and I diverged in the field, he ended-up getting there just before me. Time lost for poor route choice.
8. I hesitated a lot before deciding to go around to the left. The older orienteer got further ahead. I caught and passed him but he seemed to be on a different course any way. I punched the control on the rootstock just a short way ahead of the correct control, then went on after reading the code.
9. +05:00Leaving #8, I got a bit to the left. hitting the trail near an intersection, I believed I was one intersection to the right. At the stream crossing, I realized what went wrong and cut across the open woods to correct. It seemd to me that going straight was best from there. Though I stayed on a line pretty well, I hesitated at a trail crossing with an umapped bridge. I saw Francis Hogel here, headed the other way. I got off line too when distracted by some other controls. As I got there and punched, I led an Army orienteer to the control.
10. I took trails the whole way there. The Army runner hesitated on a route. I passed Franacis Hogel just before arriving at the control.
11. Up the trail and through the field.
12. I didn't stop to drink. I went straight and almost didn't go to the control, believing it would be lower in the depression.
13. +02:00I got pushed right when avoiding some thick areas. This got me onto the wrong trail and took me near the lake again. I took trails all the way back and pace counted to an attack point, using some other nearby clues to mark it too.
14. To the trail for a while; low along the ridge at first, then spiking it as I went over.
15. Down the trail to the bend, then a bit to the right on a ridge going down. I hesitated quite a bit going down but followed the fence to the fence intersection. I used the intersection as an attack point that lead me right to the control.
16. I stayed in the woods near the out of bounds until passing a hilltop. Cutting right, I soon enough found a break in the green that others probably had used. I knew I'd sink in the mud before crossing. It went up over my knee and the flowing water was higher than that. I read the reentrant going up, passed Greg Lennon and another who came from the right. I spiked it.
17. +00:15I ran over a knoll getting to the road, hesitated a bit before going up to the bend then back in the woods. I got a little low and had to come uphill to the control on the trail at the end.
F. I pushed in a bit but my legs were feeling dead.

Total Time Lost - 00:23:05

Split Analysis

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