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Race Evaluation

CNYO A meet: Sprint - Strong Lungs


1. Started behind Kseniya. Messed up starting my watch so was playing with it on the way to 1. Then remembered there was epunching so let it go. Thru the trees and there was the control. Made up a good portion of the distance to Kesenya.
2. Trail then to the right around the water. Just going with the flow. Think left would have been better. Elephant trails around the green seemed to weave all over and were slow. A lot more people at the control than I expected.
3. Followed the tracks and Kseniya.
4. Out to trail. Getting very tired already and stop closing on Kseniya
5. Most people seem to be taking one of the lower trails, but I go left to take the upper trail so I take a straighter route. Thought the woods would be the same either way but do not notice that I cannot see the light green on the map in these weather conditions. No elephant tracks thru the yellow either. Making my own trail uphill I go slow and do not climb as much as I should. Come out low in the pines but can still see Kseniya and the control. Looks like I did not lose any time, but I had hoped to make up some.
6. Kseniya disappears downhill as I shift from slogging uphill to trying to run downhill. Can't get any speed until I hit the trails.
7. Uphill and I slow down again. Pass Frances somewhere around here.
8. Not sure why this is slow. Think I stayed in the woods to long.
9. Take the trail around instead of cutting straight there. Very tired.
10. Low then start climbing about 1/2 way there.
11. Up to trail. Stop and look around a little early
12. Straight, and see the control from way off.
13. Out to clearing and around the corner. Not paying attention and thinking the last two controls are common cut in at the trail. Realize the mistake immediately so run by the bag and thru the woods to 13. Hope the spectators did not see that. Kseniya comes around the correct way and punches ahead of me. She must have messed up 12.
14. Chase, but cannot catch her. Botch the punch.
F. Finish right behind Kseniya.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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