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Race Evaluation

CNYO A meet: Sprint - Strong Lungs


1. Straight line.
2. Took a route around the damb. Light yellow was horrible. Since I started first I knew that everyone staring behind me will have an advantage or trails I left in the tall grass
3. I should have gone straight, instead I run upto intersection and came back from other side.
4. No brainer. Down the trail. Even I knew it was my flag I was hesitant to punch in until I checked numbers
5. Left route choice - up to the trail, some trail then lowering myself to opening.
6. Went little too left, jumping into light yellow again that was not runnable. Should have kept more straight line till corner of the white.
7. Was contouring but ended up lower and finding flag that was not mine.
8. Way too tentitive on this run. This should have been no brainer - go straign with leaning lil right, get on trail and run to the flag.
9. Went straight, got streem and used streem to get to the flag
10. Used bottom of the
11. Trail run
12. Got through white, then back to trail and from trail angled my entrance.
13. Somewhat tentitive run. I was thinking about going straight but then opted to run around
14. No brainer but I felt there was no need to swet since I don't think I will be contending this sprint at all.
F. My second start time did not help my chances however after the race I did not feel exhosted at all,

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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