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Race Evaluation

OOC Rivière la Pêche, Gatineau Park: Short advanced


1. Underrated difficulty
My time is not valid as I did not punch #8. I followed pasture to #1. The pasture was full overgrowth such as 4' raspberries. Slow going.
2. Underrated difficulty
continued across pasture but shot too far north, down through ravine and into 2nd & 3rd pasture lands
3. I had the fastest leg 3 of all racers. My time is not valid as I did not punch #8.
4. went straight S to trail & over to clearing where went straight SW
5. went around hill but took a while to sight pond
6. straight as I could N to trail, followed runner past forest line about 20m on trail before tracking back to control
7. Ran too fast
on trail fast to stream due N of control but neared START too soon. backed around along contours but was overwhelmed w/ confusion of cliffs & rocks. This control did me in.
8. Confused parallel features
I did NOT find this control. Another runner left 7 toward trail while I attempted over the hill tops. He found control. I did not. Again overwhelmed by cliffs & rocks. Windstorm uprooting mature tress helped convince me to carry on with my training workout.
9. Followed others
Mistakenly followed many others to a control not shared between short & long courses.
F. Interestingly, the unattended FINISH was off in a pasture, no where near the parking area.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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