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Race Evaluation

2006 Sprint Series Finals: Sprint Final - Long


1. Started with Nick, Jon, Erin and Gil.
3. Pushed the pace up the hill. Nick and I were determined to get the fastest times for the heat.
4. Led this leg, veering left under the powerline at the end, then rd back to powerline. Once through the thicket I looked down into the pit and saw nothing. Then turned around to see everyone punch a control hanging on the thicket.
5. Busting my ass to get back to the front.
6. more ass-busting.
7. Finally back in the lead halfway there. We all took the paved trail to the right, then Nick went left, Jon right and me up the middle. Not sure where Erin went. Dead stop at the control to check the code here. 40. Remembered that they were sequential from here on (had checked at the start). Spent 4-5 seconds standing still to check. No one passed me.
8. Got to 41. Yep, thats after 40. Punched and kept going. My control was 42, on a hill 50m closer to the field. Never saw it or anyone else as I ran right by it to the exchange.
9. leading.
10. leading.
11. leading...hear footsteps occasionally.
12. leading. Catch up to Gregory and Vadim. I go with them to the rec control first (in the depression), and then we cut over to the hill.
13. Intended to go straight up the stream, but hill looked steep and Gregory and Vadim went left. Passed them on the paved trail. Caught Vladimir just at the control.
14. Haven't seen anyone in my heat since before the excahnge. Footsteps behind me I suspect are Vlad or Vadim.
15. Took road left, cut in on trail and through buildings. Someone punched just behind me.
16. Straight. While crossing road Erin blasts ahead on my left. I punch the pit just after him.
17. He is flying. I try to keep up, vectoring in on the control using the bits of field I can see. My only hope is to be clean and cut his corner, but he sees it at the last second and cuts left.
F. Erin informs me at the finish that I have mispunched. Nice. Witness mispuch, follow for 8 controls, then outkick me. Gotta love head-2-head racing...

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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