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Race Evaluation

2006 Sprint Series Finals: Sprint Final - Long


1. Folloe thr cowd.
2. Shaddow the corwn
3. Tokk lil on right from all ofthers
4. I was trying to get power line on the left side but it was not runnable. Nick and I went left, everyone else went right
5. straight line but I start to feel that I cannot run with a crowd
6. Straight but I feel I am fading.
7. Lost crowd on this one. Went lil on right. I could see start/finish opening and I angled from the opening to spike control. I was lil too much on right side
8. Straight line to the hump to take the flag
9. I am all by myself at this point. Went lil too much on left.
10. I saw the cabins but I could not figure out quick enough which one is "mine. Went too much on right.
11. Took a bearing and went straight. Everything was approaching too fast to try to read details. Little bit too much on right.
12. I ended up way to the right. When I connected to the road I could not believe how much on right I was. I guess I was starting to getting tired
13. Took a bearing but ended up way to the right. I was closer to the next flag then to mine when I hit the traile.
14. Took baring and straight line to the flag
15. I was tired bushwacking so I went left on the road till first cabins then through the cabins
16. Took baring and went straight line
17. Oh, crap!!! It's over... I could see the bushes where the last flag was but I could not see the flag
F. Easy run to finish. No more racing today. Could I have done better? For sure.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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