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Race Evaluation

2006 Sprint Series Finals: Sprint FINAL - short


1. With Patrick Shannon, Mike Lyons, Nate Lyons, and Spike. Hung with the group for the first leg.
2. Still close behind Patrick and Nate, Spike right behind me.
3. +01:15Spike went left, Patricka nd Nate went right. Those two went too rar right when they left the sidewalk, and wound up over by the camp buildings. I correctly went left of the marsh, but didn't read the detail correctly, and went a little too far, and not far left enough to get onto the spur. Ended up ENE of the control, and Patrick and Nate headed my way. We all arrived together, but Spike got the control and vanished without our seeing him, and he was gone for good.
5. Patrick and Nate went left, I went right, past #2, navigated well, and got there about the same time they did. Nate got snookered by the leftover training control, but I realized that it wasn't right. Patrick got the real one just ahead of us.
6. Patrick went to the elite control, and Nate was on his tail. I went a little further left, kept my wits about me, and spotted the control to me left. Went there while the other two were still distracted, by Mike was behind us, and he altered Nate to the right control.
9. Jeep trail right of the line.
10. Nate went straight, Patrick and I went right to the dirt road, whcih made the attack easier to comprehend. Nate almost sailed by, but saw us going for the knoll.
11. Straight. I was in the lead here, came into it from the knoll on the southeast.
12. Still a step or two ahead at the control.
13. Trail south to dirt road, cut in on trail just after north line. I think Patrick almost continued around on the road, but turned right to follow Nate and me.
14. Three of us at the control together.
15. Patrick and Nate were motoring too fast for this old guy to keep up. I think they might have hit the small trail, while I went right around the green.
F. Punched last control as those two were sprinting to the finish. Spike was in a minute or so before us, I think, so I wound up 4th place in Men's Heat B.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:15

Split Analysis

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