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Race Evaluation

Rocky Mountain 1000 Day: Red 1


1. +00:10Off left.
2. +01:40Overran all the way to rocky spur. Must have been looking the wrong way while passing a few meters from control. Already caught by next runner.
3. Determined to lose competitor
4. Fast but in control for 4-7.
7. Stayed high and R of line
8. +00:10Took low route by marsh and opened up - slight mistake climbing hill to main trail instead of cutting corner. Cautious into control to avoid parallel error.
9. Vlad is behind me so I'm running.
10. Slightly L up ridge. Vlad disappears (on different course) - running takes toll as I have to regroup at big reentrant halfway through.
11. +00:15Intended to run over hilltop and down reentrant - didn't execute and went just below big boulder
12. +00:15Hesitated on small hilltop NE of control
13. +00:10Didn't have an attackpoint - was 50m W of control
14. Pushed up hill - saw control from 100m
15. +02:00Took R route. Tripped on sage while passing downhill at full speed and took a faceful of dirt as I rolled just in time to avoid braining myself on a rock. Lost contact with map approaching circle from the east and got pulled off and too high by a different control.
17. Nothing to do but run... and worry about making a stupid mistake in full view of the crowd.
F. I take my splits just before punching so my run in times are a few seconds slow.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:40

Split Analysis

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