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Race Evaluation

Billygoat XXXIV and 2nd Annual Speedy Goat fund raiser: Billygoat


1. up forever, finally not many left - kept an eye on map
2. short, follow
3. generally followed water, PB nearby - think he went to path. Jeff S in company
4. first noticed Cathy & SO fm Ottawa
5. right, some following of Ottawa couple, some thinking
6. ditto - at one pt., pointed out what to do next..
7. followed the crowd
8. ditto
9. still much the same; Jeff S & Hilary also in sight
10. still the same; Jima around, PB, Janet Findley
11. Saegers & others got out of sight - was with just PB & Janet here
12. skip
13. just Janet - some hesitation & getting used to a shadow
14. similar, concentrate!
15. still similar, Janet pointed out flag, behind a tree
16. NE direct to tr, to bend & down. Big cliff but where was it...?
17. to base of contours
18. up tr, way up, to bend in grn & then carefully down
19. pretty much st - broke compass 1/2way but could see well - was on top of hill...where, where? but right there
20. got on spur & path & could just see flag
21. st, using finish & could see
22. went right w/o much analysis
23. cramping on way across small stream
24. followed some the fellow who finished some seconds ahead - willed cramps away....
25. to knoll & down - confused briefly
26. climb, cut corner, flag!
F. still able to run!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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