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Race Evaluation

ROC: Durand Eastman Park: Sprint


1. This was my first sprint and I had completed a course shadowing Rachael. I felt ok, and am putting this in just for comparison later on.
2. Did not follow plan
Lacked confidence
I was on track for this, but hadn't gone far enough - turned back when it ended up being farther.
3. Thought I recovered well and got this one from the trail.
4. Up and over the road, down the valley ok.
5. Around the corner of the hill.
6. Up an over the road again.
7. Nice trail run.
8. Good attack point for this one, though I was winded.
9. Bad map reading
Came out of the woods off from where I thought (but at least in the right direction) Still tired on the downhill jog. Stumbled across 9 easily - but because it was one lump over from where it should have been.
10. Did not check features en route
Bad map reading
Confused parallel features
I attacked this one hight because from the map it should have been quick. See now that it was longer because I was working through more white than I expected.
11. Tired
Another trail run, cut up at the right spot.
12. Tired
Cut around the hill on my elevation, was thinking the end is near.
F. Tired
Tired with overgrowth...

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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