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Split Analysis

US Long Course Champs: Green X Long


median leg score: 90.7
calculated time lost: 2:51 (+3.8%)

splitcumulative total
#disttimeplacedeltascorelost*pace  dist  timeplacedeltapace comments
1. 1490m 10:39 5 +40 7% 95.4 7:08   1490m 10:39 5 +40 7% 7:08 Ran pretty hard from the start. Took the trail ENE to the first field, then cut NE to the trail that connects the two fields. (Seemed a bit funky before the road, but it worked OK.) Then to the NE corner of the second field down the trail to the E-W trail and spiked it. Charlie had started two minutes ahead of me, so I was pleased to be able to see him up ahead as I was climbing up and over the second field. Also saw him heading E after exiting the control.
2. 1230m 10:13 2 +8 1% 99.6 8:18   2720m 20:52 4 +34 3% 7:40 I headed down the hillside, then contoured over to the bridge. There was Charlie crossing, now only maybe 20 seconds ahead. But he headed E to do a woods/trail route. I headed N through the gap in the green and then took the open field trail all the way around to the little trail due north of the control. Easy from there. I expected to see Charlie at the control, but he was a no-show, and I didn't see him again. (Looks like this was a good route choice. PG did the same route, and we had the two fastest times on this leg.)
3. 310m 2:55 15 +54 45% 77.9 9:24   3030m 23:47 4 +1:28 7% 7:50 Time is slow, but only because I spent at least 20 seconds downing two cups of water (and waiting for Charlie). Took trail around, attacking from the root stock.
4. 300m 2:37 6 +17 12% 90.7 8:43   3330m 26:24 4 +1:45 7% 7:55 Angled up to the trail, avoiding any climb. Attacked from the bend of the trail heading south.
5. 740m 7:23 7 +43 11% 92.6 9:58   4070m 33:47 3 +2:27 8% 8:18 Back to the trail to get to the open area, then right of line to the little trail in the corner. (Passed Nancy K here.) Left the trail a bit as it climbed up to the open area. Due south to the next trail entrance, and easy from there.
6. 950m 12:33 29 +4:24 54% 71.0 2:30 2:43 13:12   5020m 46:20 7 +6:51 17% 9:13 Indecisive about how to get down to the road and ended up on the trail heading west instead of southwest. So I unwisely left the trail due south through some nasty undergrowth to get back to the trail I wanted. Once on the road I decided to forego the bridge and head down the trail along the river to the crossing near the bend. I thought I saw a bridge on the map there too, but it was a ruined bridge, and I hesitated for some time before crossing above the dam. I slipped on rocks a couple times, especially getting out, and got pretty wet. Then slow to climb up the bank to the trail. It should have been just an easy trail run from here, but I started up the trail heading for the open field and had to backtrack to get to the right trail. Seemed like I was trying to pack all my mistakes for the day into one leg. Probably the best route, though.
7. 470m 4:13 3 +32 14% 94.7 8:58   5490m 50:33 4 +7:23 17% 9:12 Attacked from the trail west of the control and spiked it.
8. 210m 2:06 12 +28 29% 79.4 10:00   5700m 52:39 5 +7:51 18% 9:14 Some hesitation, because I couldn't see whether the boulder was up high or down low (and my magnifier was too wet to be of any help). But I soon saw the boulder up ahead (and an orienteer at it), and I contoured along an elephant track right to it.
9. 120m 1:24 3 +6 8% 96.8 11:40   5820m 54:03 4 +7:46 17% 9:17 Tried to jog up the hill, which I mostly did.
10. 300m 2:12 6 +20 18% 90.2 7:20   6120m 56:15 4 +8:06 17% 9:11 Peter passed me soon after leaving 9. He had started 8 minutes back, and we were at least 2/3 through the course, so a quick calculation suggested I was doing OK. But the last thing I want (except in a goat event) is to have Peter in front of me. The temptation to follow is great; and then I go out of my way not to follow, and make a mistake. This time, however, we were both basically heading straight. I looked at the contours on the map, read the terrain, and took a line a bit lower than Peter as we got near the control. Guess who spiked it? Well, I only lost 5-10 seconds.
11. 680m 4:44 7 +14 5% 95.9 6:57   6800m 1:00:59 5 +8:09 15% 8:58 Had Peter in sight for all of this leg. The route choice was obvious - across the field to the trail, going near the control, attack before the bend.
12. 820m 6:46 7 +35 9% 94.0 8:15   7620m 1:07:45 4 +8:44 15% 8:53 Peter wasn't moving much faster than me, but I slowed to decide whether to take the trail or cross the field, and by the time I got to the trail (which I decided was best), he was well ahead and pulling away, out of sight. This was basically another technically easy leg: cross the road, cross the corner of the open area, and take the right trail. The trail got a bit funky, however, approaching the control, but when I saw a large downed tree, I knew it had to be mine.
13. 1040m 7:44 7 +1:14 19% 89.1 7:26   8660m 1:15:29 4 +9:58 15% 8:42 I was pleased to see that the last long leg was technically easy, especially since I was running out of steam. Crossed the field, took the trail, then along the dry ditch, then making very sure I got on the right trail on the other side of the stream.
14. 240m 1:45 15 +18 21% 84.8 7:17   8900m 1:17:14 4 +10:06 15% 8:40 Due north to the trail, trying to avoid the green.
15. 150m 43 26 +13 43% 72.1 8 4:46   9050m 1:17:57 4 +10:10 15% 8:36 Even slower than yesterday!

* red = reported, gray = calculated

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