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Split Analysis

NEOC Great Brook Farm: Red


median leg score: 86.4
calculated time lost: 1:49 (+2.6%)

splitcumulative total
#disttimeplacedeltascorelost*pace  dist  timeplacedeltapace comments
1. 330m 2:11 1 -28 -18% 142.2 20 6:36   330m 2:11 1 -28 -18% 6:36 note: leg lengths,course distance a bit farther than advertised as I measured around uncrossables, I suspect Tim used the OCAD measurement which went across a few black lines. trail to 2nd trail on L, up hill then into woods - a bit right, not much visibility in white woods due to pine saplings
2. 200m 1:45 3 +19 22% 89.5 8:45   530m 3:56 1 -56 -19% 7:25 almost straight on the line
3. 380m 3:04 3 +28 18% 94.7 8:04   910m 7:00 1 -1:50 -21% 7:41 green not too bad - went straight (should have taken trail) then out east end of clearing and up middle trail, attacking from abrubt corner in trail
4. 200m 2:05 3 +26 26% 86.4 20 10:25   1110m 9:05 1 -1:33 -15% 8:10 had some trouble reading contour detail through the rock but mostly straight, below cliff looking for reentrant. A little slow trying to maintain map contact, but basically clean (time for a visit to the optometrist though)
5. 150m 2:40 4 +1:16 90% 63.5 30 42 17:46   1260m 11:45 1 -17 -2% 9:19 couldn't make out trails from walls from cliffs - seemed to be more walls than I was seeing on the map (even now) pushed ahead on rough compass looking for bigger reentrant- got there, hesitated when I didn't see appropriate rock, then turned right and headed up to get it
6. 290m 3:23 3 +1:12 55% 77.2 11:40   1550m 15:08 3 +52 6% 9:45 followed trail to L, off the bend, then stayed L of stony ground and up reentrant
7. 480m 5:39 4 +1:39 41% 78.4 31 11:46   2030m 20:47 3 +2:29 14% 10:14 left of line, crossing below dam. Slow going in rocky, marshy ground but navigationally ok. Past small building, then attacked from wall junction
8. 570m 5:17 3 +1:48 52% 84.2 20 9:16   2600m 26:04 3 +4:17 20% 10:01 right of line, picking the best runnability in the green, came out right where I wanted to at the parking area, then trails all the way up - hesitated slightly before the Y in trail as I never saw the stonewall I was looking for
9. 540m 5:50 3 +1:37 38% 87.0 45 10:48   3140m 31:54 3 +5:54 23% 10:09 thrashed about in the green headed south, picked up small trail but it didn't jive with what was mapped, seemed to be a LOT more twists etc than I saw on map. So I said the hell with it and just ran S to large trail, crossed marsh and down small trail a ways then across the white with no problems
10. 440m 4:33 3 +1:06 32% 83.9 30 10:20   3580m 36:27 3 +7:00 24% 10:10 out to trail, trails along until obvious lollipop in trail, up and over hill and down into reentrant - got pulled R by a large unmapped boulder on N edge of circle, wound up going up the other side of the reentrant a ways, then circled back to boulder in a bit of low visibility pine (mapped white)
11. 350m 4:53 4 +1:41 53% 78.5 35 13:57   3930m 41:20 3 +8:41 27% 10:31 not sure what the swamp was going to look like, but no black line so zipped between small marshes and plunged in - no standing water but a lot of spongy sphagnum, once across the visibility and runnability were good, but I was concerned about missing a low hung control in a pit so took it slow trying to stay high - contours didn't feel quite right but eventually go there and found flag
12. 400m 4:17 2 +32 14% 104.4 15 10:42   4330m 45:37 3 +7:10 19% 10:32 ran the ridgeline eventually picking up trail across swamp - very spongy sphagnum again, but reasonably runnable, turning L when woods looked firm again but drifted slightly L and climbed hill just to N but visibility was good enough to realize that wasn't mine so I turned R before hitting the top and flag visible on the next hilltop over
13. 200m 2:47 4 +1:14 80% 67.3 30 36 13:55   4530m 48:24 3 +8:24 21% 10:41 straight, right past cliff and boulder and right down in about 10m R of control - saw a depression, but no flag so went R instead thinking I saw a depression that direction, realized I was heading too low and came back to see the flag right where I had looked for it in the first place. arghhh
14. 550m 4:59 4 +1:21 37% 81.4 10 9:03   5080m 53:23 3 +9:45 22% 10:30 NW to large trail, popped out at a right angle and took about 4-5 steps S before realizing I was doing a 180 and turned around promptly (brain fart), brisk run up trail cutting in just past cliffs and right to it.
15. 470m 7:28 2 +4:19 137% 84.2 3:30 15:53   5550m 1:00:51 3 +14:04 30% 10:57 I don't think the area W of marsh was field checked. From the moment I left the trail below the marsh, things didn't feel right - the marsh extends a LOT further west than mapped - though it was shoesucking mud rather than standing water with all the dry weather, I would think in normal conditions it would be open water, marsh extend pretty much all the way to the black out of bounds area where I turned N. A bunch of extra stone walls in there including one I feel pretty certain follows the green park boundary symbol. Also some extra intersecting wall segments as well. Floundered for a bit, then decided to head for the E/W wall and find the distinct north wall junction beyond the control and then lo and behold, there it was behind me. But there are also a few other unmapped boulder in there to complicate matters
16. 280m 2:08 3 +30 31% 90.1 7:37   5830m 1:02:59 3 +14:34 30% 10:48 miffed, I ran straight and hard for the wall junction and right in.
17. 600m 3:28 2 +24 13% 96.2 5:46   6430m 1:06:27 3 +14:58 29% 10:20 down to cornfield, around field to R taking main trail all the way (it was about in here I noticed my right shoe was quite loose, but a quick look showed no flying laces and didn't take the time to stop) turned R into the woods when I saw the short fence to the L in the open, straight at it punching right behind Kristen who came in from L
18. 320m 2:33 1 -1 -1% 103.3 7:58   6750m 1:09:00 3 +14:42 27% 10:13 Having read ahead on the last leg, I knew this was going to be a decision of R or L around the marsh, but Kristen made the decision for me by going L and I followed suit, caught up with her just after entering the green woods but turned uphill at the first trail junction where she either paused or went just beyond so I got ahead of her here. Running as hard as I can on a loose shoe
19. 270m 1:42 2 +11 12% 97.4 6:17   7020m 1:10:42 3 +14:53 27% 10:04 along ridgeline, taking small trail R to road, then along road pausing momentarily for traffic, then up the hill with no hesitation or pausing, knowing that there were a couple fast people on my tail now
20. 240m 1:10 2 +15 27% 94.3 4:51   7260m 1:11:52 3 +15:08 27% 9:53 started to go across field, but then realized the trail around the corn field was firmer and faster and I wouldn't have to negotiate the hedgerow between (not mapped). A fine run (for me) with the only really big error being a map issue, which many others had as well, some losing much more time than I did. Oh yeah, the shoe - as I mentioned in #17, my shoe felt loose but I didn't stop to fix things, kind of kinked my toes to keep it tight (now have a blister on my R big toe, thank you very much). anyway, after finishing I went to retie the shoe and noted that most of the lace was missing entirely - had some lace left in the two lower holes, but everything else must have snagged and ripped right off - I guess its better than a face plant...

* red = reported, gray = calculated

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