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Training Log: danfoster

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Mountain Biking w/ Jess3 3:54:00 27.5(8:31) 44.26(5:17)
  Road Biking1 1:30:00 19.1(4:43) 30.74(2:56)
  Mountain Biking1 1:19:00 11.6(6:49) 18.67(4:14)
  Total5 6:43:00 58.2(6:55) 93.66(4:18)

Saturday Jul 24 #

Mountain Biking w/ Jess 1:06:00 [3] 7.2 mi (9:10 / mi)

A farewell ride with DWeb, Alex, and the Pest before the first two head back to DC. They've been up here for almost a month, and the weather turned rotten the day they arrived and stayed that way for almost their entire visit. This was the first "nice" riding day we've had since they got here.

A surprising number of trees down on the north side of Delaney. And an entire bridge has floated 10ft downstream of its footers, leaving the furthest trail unreachable. Not sure how we're going to fix that...

Friday Jul 23 #

Road Biking 1:30:00 [3] 19.1 mi (4:43 / mi)

Harvard Hills with DH and SB, plus an out-and-back on the gravel section off of Depot Rd. After I mentioned that I dissolved the butt out of my bike shorts with 100% DEET at MSAR, a sale was mentioned, and we went on a bib-shorts buying spree this afternoon. Also cashed in that sweet MSAR Swiftwick coupon - all their Pursuit merino socks are on sale.

Waiting with fingers crossed for Amazon to show up tonight with some hub pawls that might be a match for the broken one I found in my unbranded Specialized hub after MSAR. In the meantime, the MTB is scattered in pieces downstairs.
8 PM

Mountain Biking w/ Jess 48:00 [3] 5.3 mi (9:03 / mi)

Got a lucky break, and the DT Swiss pawls from Amazon (with no actual measurements listed) were a near-perfect match for the broken pawls in my Frontier OEM Specialized Hi Lo hub. Jess and I took it out for a test spin, with flat pedals in case anything exploded and we had to walk it back. But instead, it purred along like a fine German sportscar that was no longer filled with mud and broken metal bits.

Thursday Jul 22 #

Mountain Biking 1:19:00 [3] 11.6 mi (6:49 / mi)

Got a tour of West Concord's Old Rifle Range and nearby trails from DWeb. We then went full-exploro and found a bunch of new things using the heatmap from RideWithGPS. Some kids spent an awful long time building some very swoopy trails in a little corner of conservation land, and then a bunch of oak trees fell all over it. Lots of potential in there, especially for mixed-terrain riding once the rail trail over Rt 2 is completed.

Popped out at Davis Field right as the RC club was catapult-launching a glider. Chatted with the guys while their friend did loops and hunted for thermals. Very cool stuff!

Wednesday Jul 21 #


More MSAR-inspired musings...

If you haven't figured it out by now, I like to dwell on things I could have done differently. MSAR went pretty much exactly how Janet and I had discussed doing it - sticking with our biking and paddling strengths, and dropping trekking and climbing points as needed to stay ahead of the clock. And NO RUNNING. We succeeded in all of that, and I'm really happy with the way we raced and with the course itself.

That said, I've got some severe adventure racer's remorse.

This was my first overnight race in three years. It's probably my last one for a while. I'm sad that I didn't get to spend a solid part of the night doing night navigation up at Androscoggin Riverlands SP. That's the unique part of this crazy sport that I can't get anywhere else. I would have loved (ok, probably hated, but definitely benefitted from) being able to spend the night working through all of those CPs without worrying about leaving 7 hours to get back to the finish on time.

One day I'd love to see an option in a race like this with the course staying open long enough for anyone/mid-pack-teams who wanted to to be able to clear the full course. Perhaps in hindsight I should just book a hotel room after the race and then offer to go pick up controls the next night in the dark. :)

I guess I'd also really like to see some more 8-16 hour events that ran overnight rather than dawn to dusk.

Tuesday Jul 20 #

Mountain Biking w/ Jess 2:00:00 [3] 15.0 mi (8:00 / mi)

You know what was missing from MSAR this year? Hordes of biting insects. Never fear, I got some...

Visiting DC friend DWeb and son were interested in a mellow, pre-dinner ride around the wildlife refuge, and that seemed like my speed as well as I was still sore from MSAR. Then they pushed it back to a 7PM start. No problem, I'd done gravel rides through there that ended around 7, and it had been fine. Well, apparently the last two weeks of rain have turned those wetlands into a giant deer fly breeding facility. We got eaten alive, with Pigpen-style cartoon clouds of flies around all of our heads as we rode. The water was higher than I've ever seen it, with lots of mud and entire sections of trail flooded. And biking with a young rider meant we couldn't just hammer to get ahead of the bugs. It was probably the worst ride I've ever done.

Got back to the car around 8PM and was peeling out of there 15 seconds later. Jess needed a walk, and I still had my bike shoes on, so we headed down to Delaney and did a fast night loop. No bugs! It was perfect, and just what I needed. We surprised a deer, and Jess stayed with me. Finished the ride with a blood-orange moon rising above us through the wildfire haze. Came home, applied copious Benadryl cream to the deer fly bites, and relaxed on the patio as the moon continued to rise.

Lots of wildlife sightings across the two rides: several big hawks or owls, lots of bunnies, the deer, a big black snake. An infinite number of deer flies.

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