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Training Log: veinbuster

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Golf2 6:00:00 4.47 7.2
  flexibility7 3:43:00
  Mountain bike2 2:18:29 23.37(5:56) 37.61(3:41) 161
  Road cycle1 1:31:06 25.99(3:30) 41.83(2:11) 45
  weight training1 53:00
  Walk/hike1 48:00
  Total13 15:13:35 53.84 86.64 206

Saturday Jul 20 #

6 AM

flexibility 17:00 [1]

Friday Jul 19 #

7 AM

flexibility 18:00 [1]

11 AM

Golf 2:30:00 [2]

Really nice, hilly course around a lake in West Virginia. The course was decorated with beats.

Alpine Lake was the course. Fresh raspberries on many holes.

Thursday Jul 18 #

7 AM

flexibility 28:00 [1]

6 PM

Walk/hike warm up/down 48:00 [2]

Around one of the bays of Deep Creek Lake.

Wednesday Jul 17 #

7 AM

flexibility 38:00 [1]

The roofers made it.
5 PM

Golf 3:30:00 [2] 7.2 km (29:10 / km)

Humber Valley with FN. our first round together this year.

A longer course, with significant standing water from two days of heavy rain. A few wayward drives, but overall a decent game. A very nice course. Near the limit of my time on my feet.

Tuesday Jul 16 #

7 AM

flexibility 42:00 [1]

Another rain delay on the roof. I don’t think they can finish it before I leave now.
8 AM

weight training 53:00 [1]

Day 1

I had to do everything out of order, moving from free machine to free machine.

One of the Body Works women reminded me that I should start going back to class. The Tuesday morning one has few enough people that it might get cancelled
2 PM

Mountain bike 1:02:10 intensity: (28:05 @1) + (27:40 @2) + (6:25 @3) 17.43 km (3:34 / km) +38m 3:32 / km
ahr:118 max:138 shoes: D2 2D yellow mountain

Tour de Pierre stage 21

I was too late getting out to ride anything but along the river.

It turns out timing might have been good because two young girls needed some help after crashing their bikes.

The only road crossing on the route north had terrible traffic.

That’s a wrap for 2024. I think I did a reasonable job of mixing in other activities this year, though it did mean less mileage.

Monday Jul 15 #

7 AM

flexibility 39:00 [1]

Good day for an early bike ride. Too bad I have to wait for roofers.

Road cycle (Basso) 1:31:06 intensity: (10:20 @1) + (41:47 @2) + (29:59 @3) + (9:00 @4) 41.83 km (2:11 / km) +45m 2:10 / km
ahr:128 max:148 shoes: D2 2D action blue road

Tour de Pierre stage 20

Roofers cancelled so I went up to cycle the south shore of Lake Simcoe, which I had planned to do tomorrow as a fitting final stage. It had potential to be a long ride, so I took a sustainable pace into the wind for the first 20km.

Turning back west, I felt like I could comfortably finish the south shore up to Sibbald Point. Traffic was quieter on Metro Road (a bit inland) so I took the opportunity to TT back to my starting point before going back to the shore.

I paused for a photo op and to read a message from J who had my live track and had an early indicator of how heavy the rain was. I peaked at the forecast which said I had 20 minutes. I figured I could go 7 minutes east and make it back to the truck in that time. Shortly after starting up again, I saw how black the sky was even east of me, so took the first road to head back to the truck with just a few drops of rain falling.

Then filled up at 13 cents/l off gas price at home.

Sunday Jul 14 #

7 AM

flexibility 41:00 [1]

9 AM

Mountain bike (Stumpjumper ) 1:16:19 intensity: (34:57 @1) + (20:26 @2) + (17:33 @3) + (3:04 @4) + (19 @5) 20.18 km (3:47 / km) +123m 3:40 / km
ahr:121 max:151 shoes: Specialized Comp mountain

Tour de Pierre stage 19

Sunday is the best day to do the river south given that it has crossings of a couple of busy roads.

Nice and cool in the shade of the woods

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Translation of my bike names:
Big Unit: 29er mountain style 1 speed, usually set with free wheel hub because gearing is to small for my legs to keep up on down hills.

Goldie: gold fixie built on a KHS frame.

Greenspeed: X5 steers like a go cart and is the most fun you can have on a pushie. It is a bit to short to be road safe.

Smokie: Specialized road bike: S Works SL2, full dura ace, Zipp 404

Stumpjumper: what the name says, S Works version

Cross Bike: This is a Wilier Cross bike my wife bought me as a spare. I run it with knobby tires and egg beaters in winter and for summer switch it to road tires and speedplay zeros. It has a less aggressibe setup than Smokie.

Vinnie: mid 80s mountain bike. No suspension. Mostly original parts, though I changed the bottom bracket and replaced the pedals that had smashed into too many rocks and curbs. I use this as a dirty bike - bad weather, rides the roof of the car to far away places and generally gets all manner of abuse.

I'm not currently using any of my other bikes for training. I have a write up comparing these, a BikeE and a Bachetta that you can read using the link below.
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