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COVID (Sick)

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Average recovery time: 19 days

Recorded Instances

Emil_K0 daysdetails
Emil_K0 daysdetails
adventuretom3 daysdetails
Hannah M4 daysdetails
sofiawigle4 daysPost Oringendetails
mikeeyer5 daysdetails
schnitzer6 daysdetails
nmulder6 daysDown for about 5-6 days.details
kensr6 daysResumed normal activity which is limited by injured hamstring.details
carladams6 daysdetails
O Joy6 daysdetails
mrsb7 daysdetails
biddy7 daysdetails
CHorley7 daysnot entirely bad really. Worst problem is knees and ankles are not cooperating when running, but whether that's covid or 7 days off I'm not sure.details
jennyr7 daysdetails
Lina059 daysdetails
zsibthorp10 daysdetails
JanetT10 daysdetails
susan10 daysI seem to have been very fortunate to get this much milder than Davy. Red line disappeared yesterday. Cautiously introduced myself to the outside world - feeling fine. Residual cough but mild enough so I've decided to go crazy and tick the recovered box. Probably not true but sure lookit.details
rpwhite10 daysdetails
JennyJ10 daysI have a very high heartrate on exertion still so will be taking it easy and I'm hoping my taste and smell return asap.details
ken11 daysdetails
cedrik11 daysdetails
FJohnson11 daysdetails
BB12 daysdetails
JennyJ13 daysNo test so we don't know if it was Covid-19.details
schnitzer14 daysdetails
Charlie14 daysVery surprised to have gotten it, and distressed to have passed it on to J-J and Nancy. Maybe got it at Pilates class, although it would have seemed to be low risk. Always masked. Anyway, it just took a lot of time. Finally tested negative after about 12 days from onset of symptoms.details
errolpit14 daysdetails
SteveG14 daysCovid - only remedy is time details
tRicky14 daysdetails
willgardner14 daysdetails
Ptr14 daysdetails
Raz15 daysdetails
tomik16 daysdetails
lestarlight18 daysdetails
silje19 daysdetails
Fabiano19 days21gg di quarantenadetails
jemmerson20 daysdetails
Roger G23 daysdetails
michalmy23 daysTested positive for COVID. Have to self-isolate until next Tuesday. Post-viral coughing symptoms persisting. Moxifloxacin 400mg - day 8-12 Prednisone 25mg>6mg - day 8-14 Rikodeine Linctus - 10ml as requireddetails
Mark324 daysdetails
JonD39 daysdetails
pcbrent48 daysdetails
duncanarcher58 daysVery feverish / headachy and mostly in bed for two days, then two more days off work, then gradually improving. Had a cough for a couple of weeks, but gone after a month.details
Georgia110 daysdetails
Eric Johansson44+ daysdetails
DML81+ daysdetails
JoeHudd222+ daysdetails