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Fracture (Torso)

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Average recovery time: 107 days

Recorded Instances

Schweigerjonas4 daysdetails
Tooms5 daysThis one must have just been cartilage.details
Möhkis13 daysdetails
NanC19 daysdetails
P-K19 daysdetails
nivrac6820 daysMostly resolved. Still some soreness and pressure sensitivity, healing slowly with time.details
eadams21 daysdetails
pepa.21 daysWarten, warten, warten. Rippenkoresett half auch. Und Doc-Salbe. Und Ruhe+Patshi.details
linus_sandgren21 daysdetails
RLShadow22 daysCaused by tripping over a ruined wire fence in Webster Park! Probably 90% recovered as of this writing, on May 11, about 3 weeks after injury. Really, not too bad.details
DrKeith25 daysActive rest and paracetamol details
LarryC27 daysOnly minor restrictions in upper body exercises details
jwolff28 daysDon't work from ladders.details
Fly'n28 daysdetails
Sovijarvi 2.029 daysdetails
ebuckley30 daysdetails
mmace30 daysdetails
Meister Eder30 daysSo, lange Pause gemacht! Dienstlich auch sehr eingebunden gewesen. Aber, jetzt geht es wieder los :)details
dlevine31 daysCaused by fall (don't climb wet cliffs with heavy backpacks) Cured by time (which sometimes does heal wounds)details
simmo31 daysStill sore on some efforts (eg uphill), but not preventing me from training harder now.details
evie32 daysdetails
Tooms33 daysdetails
JamesBradshaw35 daysdetails
Ollie35 daysdetails
Luca D.36 daysdetails
Ollie38 daysdetails
graeme38 daysGeneric six week recovery for a minor fracture.details
LarryC40 daysdetails
guerfondler41 daysdetails
cedarcreek42 daysDon't look at the map when you should be looking at what's in front of you.details
graeme42 daysPatience. Not lying downdetails
graeme45 days6 week ruledetails
Ptr46 daysKändes av länge, men kunde efter typ två veckor börja köra spinning och även springa lite. Ytterligare någon vecka senare sprang jag i princip obehindrat. Skidåkning provade jag efter tre veckor, då gjorde det ont nästan varje staktag, men inte så ont att jag var tvungen att avstå. Försökte några gånger köra lite styrka (situps - plankan) men det funkade inte så bestämde mig för att vila några extra veckor från de bitarna.details
Thibaut46 daysdetails
Tooms47 daysdetails
Wally8050 daysIt hurt a lot. don't sneezedetails
LarryC52 daysStill some pain when I double pole or lie on that side, but after 52 days, no longer affecting activity.details
ebuckley52 daysTry not to hit trees at full speed.details
Grandpa Jameson53 dayssurgery. plate and nine screws. robo copdetails
-54 daysdetails
Veijo63 daysdetails
BanjoLasse65 daysdetails
aireyb67 daysseems to be healed up very nicely. i don't even notice it anymore. as with any rib break, i didn't do anything for it other than rest and avoid activities that could cause harm.details
tdgood68 daysdetails
darryn69 daysdetails
LiveWideLoveDeep73 daysdetails
nicki77 daysdetails
kensr84 daysNo longer hurts to sit up or sneeze. details
Ollie84 daysdetails
redenergy88 daysFinally healed. Today's mountain biking proved that.details
PaulT97 daysdetails
LarryC100 daysdetails
Grandpa Jameson101 daysdetails
levitin104 daysIt takes a long time to heal. Go slowly and do all the PT you can, according to others who have had this or similar injuries.details
Tane104 daysdetails
Olly109 daysdetails
graeme122 daysPatiencedetails
BanjoLasse163 daysdetails
shotgunmcos190 daysStill a bit uncomfortable at times. New bone sticking out but strength is back to where it was beforedetails
PaulT662 daysdetails
fell3697 daysdetails
mbo45+ daysdetails
HidingControls147+ daysdetails
graeme192+ daysdetails
Tamsin2298+ daysdetails
Mona2949+ daysdetails
kmartino3039+ daysdetails
Philipp3187+ daysdetails
vineer3266+ daysdetails