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Morton's Neuroma (Foot)

localized pain in the ball of the foot between the third and fourth toes, caused by nerve inflammation in that area. usually worse when bearing weight.

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Average recovery time: 342 days

Recorded Instances

IFKekan1 daysAvbröt passet direkt, ska försöka undvika hårda skor på mjukt underlag.details
Cobie Blue Shoe1 daysdetails
Tooms5 days4 days of non-running and I could walk on the brick pavers today instead of having to go on the lawns at work. Will still not-run until next week, just to be sure!details
mikee5 daysHalf a week rest did it's job.details
MinnesotaRambler6 daysdetails
loobey11 daysdetails
helehan12 days21/11 - think its alright now, seemed fine while running BSOC.details
basarav13 daysIced every day, did not run for a week. Bike done with spinning shoes. Ran only in hoka shoesdetails
herbhead16 daysAlot of rest...some NSAID. It was probably completley better a couple of days ago, but wanted to give it a couple of extra days.details
Tooms19 days3 weeks of nothing but a couple of spins. Now week 3 is ending can start to paddle, ride and swim in week 4. No running until around week 8. No pain since surgery - just some swelling under the foot. Nothing of any note. :-)details
pi21 daysdetails
Eerola22 daysylhäältä 2-3 kolmannen varpaiden luiden välissä oli päkijässä hermopuristuksessa ja Mikan käsittelyssä sen jumituksen sai avattua. 4 päivää oli hoidon jälkeen kipeä (to) ja ti ei enää vaivannut. details
CoachingEnduranc24 daysi reported this as healedf with "still icing it now but it doesn't really hurt anymore"details
cmorse29 daysAs of early November, I can still feel it occasionally, but it doesn't bother me at all, even after all the running and falling down I did in Virginia. So it hasn't really 'healed', but its no longer an issue I'm worrying about. update - March 6th - Haven't felt anything in 3.5 months, so this ones history...details
Inprin37 days3rd and 4th toe on right foot still partially numb. It no longer hurts to run and there is no more swelling. Will the feeling ever return or has permanent damage been done?details
mhegdahl41 daysib profen and icing for 10-15 min really helped. Excercising and rest didn't seem to do anything. slow milage build up is best.details
loobey41 daysdetails
sjreeve71 dayspain flared up again during the Dublin marathon but recovered soon enough. although haven't run "long" for a while. taping the toes seemed to help to relieve pressure on the nerve. gentle running on a treadmill on incline benefited. after 70 odd days there appears to be little pain instead of the "pins and needles" to severe electric shock treatment that seemed to be going on details
loobey83 daysdetails
entrenando12387 daysdetails
Inprin89 daysGoing to say it is over. I still feel stress in the area but the Orthotics are working to keep pressure off. The orthotics don't fit well arounfd the heel or the length.details
Munter Hitch137 days3/21 I feel fine. I did not use any pain killer. Ice helped and so did wearing shoes with big toe boxes. My La Sportiva Wildcats Trail Shoes toe box is expandable and they allowed the foot to expand without pitching on the effected nerve. I highly recommend that type of shoe for anyone with Mortons. details
Bob-F140 days
nlewiswalls152 daysdetails
Garrison201 days2/2/2017 - Although I can still feel this, I'm going to call it recovered. Lesson learned, get bike shoes that are more comfortable and the right damn size. Running in roomy shoes like Altras definitely seemed to help as long as I didn't overdo it.details
Hobitas214 daysdetails
Tooms262 daysBackyard cortisone injection on 15 July seems to have (temporarily) fixed it. Unlike the ultrasound guided one a few months back which made it worse. Have run 5 times since normally with no pain whatsoever. Booking a surgery date also seems to have caused it to pretend to recover.details
RockHEART344 daysdetails
ktiep2003366 daysWider shoes, orthotics, cortisone shotdetails
jeffmc392 daysSurgerydetails
Tooms760 daysCaused? My poorly designed feet combined with o-shoes days. Recovery - softer shoes, not as much running, no orienteering for 6 months!details
MichelleVR837 daysSurgery to remove 1 neuroma from left foot and 2 neuroma's from right foot. details
noRa2089 daysNot really sure when exactly this went away but hasn't been sore for a long time....details
Mal2447 daysdetails
RASPUTIN4017 daysSee above. Alcohol injections by podiatrist Steven Schwartz in Huntington Beachdetails
kPa1883+ daysdetails
stig of the dump2158+ daysdetails
majaporle2186+ daysdetails
Franchitastic2917+ daysdetails
mklimek3211+ daysdetails
Road Runner3276+ daysdetails
mklimek3301+ daysdetails
lilcricketruns3674+ daysdetails
markgullett3927+ daysdetails
MiloRunner4408+ daysdetails
Multisport5086+ daysdetails
mlakelly5377+ daysdetails