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Bunions (Foot)

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Average recovery time: 266 days

Recorded Instances

guitarbiker52 dayscalcification of both middle toesdetails
Markus100 daysdetails
levitin111 daysIt's a combination of a corn plus a bunion. When I use a piece of pumice to remove the thickening skin, I don't have problems.details
mmace145 daysdetails
lost in space168 daysI dont believe i will ever really get full mobility back but I am satisfied that i have made very significant progress.details
jmnipen896 daysSwitched to shoes that has large amount of toe space (Altra, Vivobarefoot etc), and gone up a few sizes. Used toe-spacers during activity and at rest. Right foot is pain free, a bit straighter and a lot more mobile.Left foot still some ways to go.details
Phat996 daysdetails
Phat498+ daysdetails
jmnipen1318+ daysdetails
Franchitastic2288+ daysdetails
adventuremike2658+ daysdetails