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Injuries: mrevrgreen

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 3/5/11 3/24/11 19 R Knee Other 2 Took it easy. Increased NSAIDS, Zantac, zyrtec. Stopped alcohol and caffiene.
view 3/4/11 3721+ L Knee Other 3
view 1/7/11 1/23/11 16 R Torso Impact wound / trauma 2 Still hurts just a little with a big hug or a cough.
view 12/21/10 12/26/10 5 Lower Leg Achilles Tendonitis 2 Ice/ Heat/ Rest Cross Trained in the pool. I am a slow swimmer.
view 7/12/10 7/16/10 4 Sick Cold 3 I have to listen to my body and rest sometimes.
view 4/22/10 7/19/10 88 Knee Patellar tendonitis 3 Still aches here and there, but it is much better.
view 4/22/10 5/25/10 33 Knee Iliotibial Band Syndrome 3 Good PT and rest got this one better. I really like the tiger tail. It helped a lot as well.
view 3/28/10 4/5/10 8 R Knee Iliotibial Band Syndrome 3 I think I am ok. I did some hills up and down today, and no IT band problem. I have continued str...
view 3/4/10 3/20/10 16 L Foot Plantar Fasciitis 3 I took 2 weeks off of running and wore only super cushion shoes. I slept a couple of nights with ...
view 1/25/10 5/20/10 115 L Arm Other 3 Injection made all the difference

Training Log: mrevrgreen