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Injuries: Franchitastic

start end days side area type severity resolution/wisdom
view 2/1/15 2288+ Foot Morton's Neuroma 3
view 2/1/15 2288+ Foot Bunions 1
view 1/27/15 3/2/15 34 Foot Ankle Sprain 3 Though the ankle is still a bit achy, I think it's a side effect of my new morton's neuroma..... ...
view 6/8/14 2/4/15 241 R Lower Leg Other 2 Having a rest week every 4th week seems like a better approach than what I tried last Spring when...
view 2/13/13 6/23/14 495 R Knee Other 3 I think it has been a month or two since the knee has been niggle-free. It seems that strengtheni...

Training Log: Franchitastic