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OCIN 25th Anniversary / Flying Pig XIII / Relay Champs



Cincinnati, OH
Apr 3–5, 2009

Type: Orienteering - National

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added by: cedarcreek

{Updated Feb 1st, to add Sat Sprint, and update the Event Website}

Sanctioning Approved (Dec 8, 2008).
The Relay Bid was recently approved by the USOF Exec Committee.

The proposed schedule is as follows:

Friday 3 Apr: Middle Distance "A" at McFarlan Woods
Saturday 4 Apr: Sprint at Burnet Woods (US Team Fundraiser)
Saturday 4 Apr: US Relay Championships at Mt. Airy Forest (new updated map)
Sunday 5 Apr: Long "A" at Mt. Airy Forest (This is nominally a classic, IOF Long, new USOF Long, not Ultralong, not old USOF Long)

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5,433 days ago
Flying Pig 2009 Results 102  
5,495 days ago
Need a ride to CVG airport Sunday afternoon 2  
5,496 days ago
Flying Pig XIII - Entry is now open 16  
5,502 days ago
Senior Team Volunteers for the PIG Sprint fundraiser 1  
5,504 days ago
Pig Accommodation? 8  

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88.0 ✓ c.underwood (log)
87.0 ✓ pi (log)
81.2 ✓ ebone (log) I second what GregBalter and Nikolay said
74.3 ✓ Wyatt (log)
72.7 ? Nick (log) relay, but probably NOT
72.5 ✓ Sergey (log) Definitely M21+
70.6 ✓ speedy (log) M40+, weekend only.
69.8 ✓ TBorish (log)
64.5 ✓ jtorranc (log) OOC relay team? Nope, so I'm going pan-Canadian with a 4 point team.
62.5 ✓ DarthBalter (log) Flying Pig forever!
59.7 ✓ andrea balakova (log)
57.7 cmpbllv (log) might send cadets, though
56.0 ✓ Tundra/Desert Is there a chance of a Sprint also on Saturday?
54.8 ✓ igor_ (log) all set
52.5 ✓ GlenT (log)
51.9 ✓ Soupbone (log)
51.1 ✓ peggyd (log) Plane reservations made. Go OK!
50.0 ? Nadim (log)
45.1 maprunner (log) One good side effect of my foot injury
43.7 ✓ mikeminium (log)
41.5 Charlie (log) not going after all. plane tickets weren't that great, and too much going on this spring
37.9 ✓ LKohn
37.4 ✓ furlong47 (log) I agree about maybe a sprint on Sat? For those who don't have a relay team?
36.8 ✓ JanetT (log)
36.2 ✓ bishop22 (log) ROC on!
35.4 ✓ Orunner running, working, something... I'll be there
33.0 ✓ cedarcreek
32.6 ✓ fredder (log) relays and Sunday
32.5 GuyO Prior commitment
30.1 vmeyer (log) Another race obligation - the paying kind...
29.6 ✓ Sandy (log)
29.6 dabond (log) Can't get Friday night off from work
28.7 ? mmace (log)
✓ Danolou (log)
✓ hkleaf (log)
✓ dersu (log)
✓ ebuckley (log)
✓ alan (log)
✓ z-man (log) US Relay Champs, 'nuff said!
✓ Sid (log)
✓ cporter (log)
✓ RJM (log)
✓ L-Jackson (log)
✓ Nikolay (log) Go COC relay
✓ Stryder (log)
✓ Ricka (log)
✓ drewi (log) I'm employed! so this is a go.
✓ Zacleipyr (log)
✓ Vector (log) Can't wait!
✓ MMaxwell (log)
✓ j-man (log) Flight, hotel, and car done. Also registered.
✓ VO2 Orienteering (log) Trip le team is going to US
✓ runit (log) "Trip le team is going to US" =D
✓ Mona (log) flights booked
✓ sreed2 (log) doing same as my dad
✓ homestarrunner I have 2 teammates; LOOKING for LAST PERSON who is 1+ points for 8 point team.
✓ mindsweeper (log) Saturday / Sunday only
✓ Hemlock
✓ Never2Old4School (log)
✓ bacalao
✓ daedalus
? The Lost Pole
? tonyfr
? Canadian (log) It's a little far and it's during exams - hopefully things will work out in my favour though:/
A.Child (log) Dad rejected the idea... Too far of a drive... :(
HGaston (log) I'd love to go, but it'd be too many meets close together
disorienteerer (log) Bummer.
JonD (log)

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