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Training Log Archive: Bash

In the 7 days ending Jun 11, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running1 1:02:31 5.6(11:09) 9.02(6:56) 184
  Total1 1:02:31 5.6(11:09) 9.02(6:56) 184
averages - sleep:6.8

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Sunday Jun 11, 2017 #


Flew home with Mom

Saturday Jun 10, 2017 #


Canham family reunion weekend on the shore of the St. Lawrence Seaway near Morrisburg - a gathering of descendants of my Dad's mother and her siblings, all of them gone now. There were 81 people in attendance; a number of west coast family members sent regrets. Most of our extended family lives in eastern Ontario, and I have no first cousins so there were many people I hadn't met - especially children and grandchildren - and it had been years since I'd seen most of the others. Very nice - and I know we all appreciated the detailed name tags. :)

Mom and I visited the house where she was born and lived until she went to university. It has changed but is still recognizable.

We also visited the house in the nearby town where Dad was born. As kids, we visited both of these houses regularly so I have my own memories, especially of the dairy farm Dad grew up on where I got to help out.

We walked around a block in Mom's home town and she stopped at one point. "My childhood friend ran a jewellery store here for 50 years." It's a used book store now and Mom is in her 80s so it made me a little sad when she decided to go in to see if her friend was there. Incredibly, she was! Shirley had retired for five years but decided to start a new business. They hugged and had tears in their eyes as they told us stories of riding their bikes out of town to have picnics and buying a single milkshake at Mom's uncle's store because they couldn't afford two. They got in trouble for passing notes in class. They fondly remembered each other's parents. All of this happened 70+ years ago but they remembered it like yesterday. It was really nice. :)

We visited several cemeteries to pay respects to other relatives, then we went to the main reunion, which was lots of fun. No training this weekend but that's OK. We were asked to wear Canadian colours, in case you're wondering!

Friday Jun 9, 2017 #


Flew to Ottawa with Mom for a family reunion.

Thursday Jun 8, 2017 #

5 PM

Running (Trail) 1:02:31 [3] 9.02 km (6:56 / km) +184m 6:17 / km
slept:7.0 shoes: Salomon Speedcross Purple#2

AdventureDog and I ran around Palgrave West with a few dog-related stops. We had a very exciting meeting with a neighbour who was walking with three dogs who spanned the full range of sizes.

A-Dog was panting and warm so we ran to Wheelie's pond so he could swim and chase sticks. I should have hosed him down before the run and put on his cooling vest. It's hard to remember these things when it was cold enough to pack a toque for an outing earlier this week.

My calves felt heavy and tired. I guess they were pretty surprised when I hit them with 9 hrs of hilly, technical mountain biking on Saturday. I thought I'd recovered but maybe not. After 7 km, I also felt pain on the top inside of my right quad. Maybe it's the psoas, overworked from biking? (That's just The Google talking; I have no idea.) Although I felt creaky, it was a good pace for me. Not quite an AMRAP like Super's run today but definitely an EKOK.

Wednesday Jun 7, 2017 #


Global Running Day is not over yet and so far I've spent it:

1) "Running" errands
2) Convincing a doctor I'd never met to sign a medical form to let me run Ultra Tour Monte Rosa (it worked).

Actual running seems unlikely to occur at this point.

Tuesday Jun 6, 2017 #


The golf fundraiser was fun even with some rain and our foursome actually used some of my shots in the best ball.

Golf is definitely *not* like riding a bike. You don't just sail in after a few decades and pick up where you left off. If I were to take up the sport again, I would have to learn a new way to swing that works with my less flexible upper body. When I swing, my muscle memory assumes my body will respond the way it did when I was a teenager - but it doesn't.

The clubs have changed too; the woods are insanely large. Everyone was laughing at my tiny woods, which are actually made of wood. That isn't done anymore.

Golf isn't part of my life anymore so many friends don't know that I golfed every summer day as a teenager, went to the Ontario Champs a few times and won our club's senior and junior ladies' championships. So I'm fully aware of how bad I am now and it honestly doesn't bother me at all. That would be a huge surprise to 17-year-old Bash! I remember how hard I worked on my skills back then, and as Wilberto said in the comments, I have no right to expect to be able to hit a golf ball well. When I had a good shot today, I celebrated and if I hit it poorly, I shrugged. We had a lot of fun and I will probably do this event again next year.

Monday Jun 5, 2017 #


Oh, Canada!

Beaver dam bursts, floods Huntsville

Aggressive deer attacks spark warning from police
1 PM


I need to train for a charity golf tournament tomorrow. This should be interesting a disaster. (Updated after attempting to hit a few practice balls.)

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