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Training Log Archive: silkychrome

In the 7 days ending Jun 25, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Adventure Race1 28:00:00
  Run5 2:51:04 17.8(9:37) 28.65(5:58) 566
  Total6 30:51:04 17.8 28.65 566

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Saturday Jun 24, 2017 #

6 AM

Adventure Race 28:00:00 [3]

Stubborn Mule 2nd place, good job Rib Mtn!!

w Biz, Erl and Andrei. S/F line at the Sawmill Saloon in Seeley, WI. maps handed out at 0430, we arrived at 0500 and scrambled thru pre-race prep. would have def appreciated that extra 30min!

start at 0600, we started at 0607 bc we were not quite ready. we've started Stubborn Mule's late before so we were not especially panicked and moved well thru the woods. bobble on the final control (trail junction w no flag, we were at an incorrect junction and moved on, but realized it on the exit so had to go back to the correct one (added climb)). saw Rib leaving on bikes as we ran in to TA, about 10-15min up. so overall not bad. until the volunteers informed us that we had missed an "all-punch". Stubborn Mule puts wristbands on each racer and some CPs have an "all-punch" tag. well we missed it and had to run about 7 miles round-trip to go get it. that put us about 90min back from Rib.

surprisingly, NOT last leaving TA. got on bikes, rode some gravel, and then hopped on the AMAZING CAMBA trail system, OMG these trails are so fun. it's just awesome. Seeley Pass, FlowMama, Ojibwe. towards the end we tried a fire road short cut that did not work out but i don't think we lost a ton of time, just didn't gain a bunch. rolled in to the put-in about 30min down but we thought it was about 60min.

downstream on Namakagan River, no CPs to punch, just avoiding rocks in the shallow parts. Erl and I had a crappy boat but for a while we thought we just sucked at paddling!

from take-out (Trout Run Landing) to Gravel Pit TA, point-to-point trek w our bike shoes/helmet and paddle gear. HEAVY! and started out super cold but warmed up. we were v grateful for the 4pc paddles when we had to go thru the woods. not a ton of briars but just thick, head-height baby trees and shrubs.

short-ish bike ride on Birkie and Makwa singletrack, then roads to paddle put-in.

lake loop paddle. we arrived with Rib Mtn still in TA! they had been delayed 15min by race staff not quite ready. we also all had to plot 8 CPs w no gridlines so that took a while. we set out on the paddle and it looked hard on the map, tons of channels. also it was getting dark. at least Erl and I had a better boat so could keep up w Andrei/Biz. Biz did a great job w the channel nav and we saw Rib twice on OABs. however on our last CP we had trouble getting out of the marsh and lost some time. really cold and sleepy on the paddle back to TA.

side note - my pata alpine houdini is not really waterproof! it will hold up against a drizzle but not paddling.

volunteers had hot soup and beans which was really good. it was in the low 50s! and we were soaking wet. just tried to warm up and get on bikes. straightforward and short ride to TA.

TREK 3 - 17 CPs
i was pretty pumped about the next section bc it was night nav in really tricky terrain and if we nailed it we could put serious time on Rib. well we did not nail it! just could not get in a groove w nav and pace. so struggled and were out there longer than anticipated.

back in TA, Rib's bikes were gone about 60min prior so without major mechanical the standings were set. mostly pavement/gravel and no tricky nav on the final bike ride. sun came out and it was nice to dry out a little.

finished in 2nd and glad to be done. my legs/feet did a ton better than No Sleep but still more strengthening to go.

Friday Jun 23, 2017 #

11 AM

Run 45:17 [3] 5.01 mi (9:02 / mi) +55ft 8:57 / mi
shoes: Salomon Sonic Pro 2 M8

around Fountain Lake w my 2 favs :) :) amazing what 20F cooler feels like!

Thursday Jun 22, 2017 #

4 PM

Run 30:35 [3] 3.13 mi (9:46 / mi) +161ft 9:19 / mi
shoes: Salomon Sonic Pro 2 M8

supa hot jog between work and hitting the road for AL.

Wednesday Jun 21, 2017 #

8 PM

Run 30:14 [3] 3.08 mi (9:49 / mi) +71ft 9:36 / mi
shoes: Salomon Sonic Pro 2 M8

Tuesday Jun 20, 2017 #

8 PM

Run 32:31 [3] 3.17 mi (10:15 / mi) +132ft 9:52 / mi
shoes: Salomon Sonic Pro 2 M8

a day when a lot of things went wrong at work, including accidental bacon ingestion, just needed a jog to settle my brain.

Monday Jun 19, 2017 #

8 PM

Run 32:27 [3] 3.41 mi (9:31 / mi) +147ft 9:09 / mi
shoes: Salomon Sonic Pro 2 M8

EZ evening run w T. a couple stops to help her stay coolish and then walked home early due to too much panting. but glad to get out!

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