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Training Log Archive: silkychrome

In the 7 days ending Jan 18, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Orienteer1 15:51:24 42.92(22:10) 69.07(13:46) 6911
  Strength3 3:30:00
  Run1 1:00:35 6.15(9:51) 9.9(6:07) 305
  Bike1 1:00:04
  Total6 21:22:03 49.07 78.97 7216

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Saturday Jan 17, 2015 #

9 AM

Orienteer 15:51:24 [3] 42.92 mi (22:10 / mi) +6911ft 19:14 / mi
shoes: Hoka Mafate M7.5

POCAR w Jeff, David, rocky33, Sami11, and "the" Garrison.

first leg, 1000 - 1330ish
got the first 9ish CPs, plotted fast, and got out of Dodge. all pre-race promises of walking the entire thing were broken immediately. we started climbing the first and only hill. it was steep. with David and The Garrison on the maps, there was little to worry about, so we just trotted thru the beautiful woods, enjoying warm temps and great nav. got to the first Fire/Water stop around 1130, no extra challenges there, so we left and Garrison leaped over the iron gate. "He's got like 6 inches on all of us" "And he's taller too" to much laughter. about 10 miles in my feet started getting hot spots on the arches, my own fault for choosing shoes without much mileage on them. but we rolled into the next TA (Race HQ on map) with a 1min lead on The Sedges.

Erl helped me duct tape my feet while everyone else plotted the next 9ish CPs and stocked food/water.

second/south leg 1330ish - 1930ish
we got the south leg next and The Sedges got the north leg so we were alone in the woods again. the tape seemed to help but i wasn't great at any sort of contouring - much better at straight up/down and of course flat. Erl looked after me while the other 4 blazed the path ahead. let me tell you - if you are ever struggling in a race, Erl is who you want on your team. he kept me moving pretty well and also was drug dealer...errr...pharmacist for the rest of the team. there was some on-course plotting as well, just a little bit confusing (A or B? pick one) but we worked thru it. then one of the CPs (clue: cenentary) just didn't make any sense where it was plotted, but The G and David figured it out, the coordinates were in the wrong box, we guessed at the right box and it was right. magical. just before we put lights on, Jeff showed off his pooping skills with a packed musket.

rolled back into TA without any news on The Sedges so we were super stoked to have a lead. i re-taped my feet again. and petted the puppy. and ate all of David's oreos.

third/north leg 1930ish - 0200ish
on paper the leg looked to be 7 CPs and 3-4hrs so we were all happy to get er done. then we got to Fire/Water north and crushed the Spiderweb Orgy challenge in exchange for a prize...8 extra CPs in square formation, each ~1km from Fire/Water. joy. lots of off-trail stuff here and probably the worst woods of the day (honestly, not that bad, but still kinda annoying). we were worried about running out of food. i was slowing down due to feet issues, so Jeff and Erl divvied up my stuff and i ran packless from mile 35ish on. tough pill to swallow but teamwork always. we played the "how many seconds until Rachel starts running again" game every time we hit a trail to amuse ourselves. Erl hauled me up many inclines, but still the same (and only) hill as the beginning. it started raining lightly. had a few nav bobbles with the final 2 CPs, but we got to see the Fragile Flowers on course which was awesome (but we felt bad for their hurting teammate). finally rolled into TA, pretty sure that The Sedges had beaten us, but they had sickness issues of their own so we were first!

despite annoying foot/skin issues, i was really happy with how the rest of me felt - strong and none of my normal hamstring/hip soreness. yay deadlifts! Mafates didn't aggravate bursitis, so just gotta get arches figured out, and get some gaiters, and they will be golden for Sea2Sea i think. can't say enough how fun it is to race with this crew, so grateful for their skill, athleticism, and general good humor. lettuce roll. special thx to Erl for hanging out in the back of the bus with me.

interesting notes - before POCAR, my 2015 time-on-feet totals were 27mi run and 11mi hike. so 42mi in the woods was a stretch but really proved to me that my base is still there. also this put Jeff over 100mi running for the week. super sonic sona stud!

food revelations:
uncrustables (for The Garrison)
olives (for EK and Erl)
OCHO bars (everyone)
Erl's special gum (for Jeff)
and your standard fare of tortilla chips, chocolate sandwich cookies, Nutter Butters, Nutty Bars, Epic bars, PRObars, PowerBar cola gummies, turkey sandwiches, Snickers, Cheetos, pepperoni, Boost, etc

Friday Jan 16, 2015 #

6 AM

Strength 1:00:00 [3]

10min AD, foam roll, 2x10 SD, 2x10 AS, 3x5 SLOB squat 20", 2x10 push-up, 3x3 assist pull-up.
"These Burpees Suck" for time:
10x assist pull-up
20x KBS 36#
30x box jump 20"
40x push-up
50x GHD sit-up
60x burpee
10x assist pull-up...20:04ish...Stu messed up the clock.
2x250m row @ 500m PR pace, plenty of rest in between. 57.4, 57.0.
playing on the GHD.

i didn't know my TBS time was messed up until the burpees. that made them suck even more.

Thursday Jan 15, 2015 #

(rest day)

how do you pack for a 24hr race again?

Wednesday Jan 14, 2015 #

6 AM

Strength 1:15:00 [3]

10min AD, foam roll, 2x15 AS, 2x10 pushup, 2x20m lunge, 3x10 split squat.
4x (30/30) push press/OH hold 2x8#.
3x5 OHS/SOTS press combo 2x5#.
work up to heavy bench press (35, 55, 75, 85, 95)
5x3 BP 75#.
2x10 seated military press 2x12#.
5x8 seated military press 2x15#.
3 rounds of: 7x cambered squat 70#, 7x box jump 26", rest.
4x12 GHD sit-up.
9 AM

Run 1:00:35 [3] 6.15 mi (9:51 / mi) +305ft 9:25 / mi

Lone Peaks 1 lap, Mafates the second lap. i think the Mafates will get the call-up for POCAR with a slightly different lacing pattern.

Tuesday Jan 13, 2015 #

8 AM

Bike (trainer) 1:00:04 [3]
shoes: LeMond Tourmalet

trainertime. 15min WU, some spin-ups, 15min @ 140W, 10min @ 145W, 5min @ 150W w 2min EZ in between. felt fine.

Monday Jan 12, 2015 #

6 AM

Strength (PD Foundation) 1:15:00 [3]

10min AD, foam roll, 2x5 WS, 2x10 AS, 3x10 OHS @ PVC, 2x20m lunge/SLDL.
work up to heavy power clean. (65, 75, 85, 95, 100, then failed 2x at 107.)
8x2 PC 85#.
3 rounds of: 20m prowler push, 20m prowler hop, 10cal AirFit sprint. (+20#)
3 rounds of: 20m prowler push, 20m prowler pull, 10cal row sprint, (+30#)
2x8 assist pull-up.
4x10 GHD sit-up.

energy way better today, motivated, loving the PC. the 8x2 85# wasn't physically hard but i was really focusing on technique. got a lot more consistent at catching the bar on my shoulders, now focusing on hip drive.

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