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Training Log Archive: silkychrome

In the 7 days ending Aug 24, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Adventure Race1 20:44:0055c
  Bike2 58:00 13.0(13.4/h) 20.92(21.6/h)
  Run1 20:00 2.0(10:00) 3.22(6:13)
  Total4 22:02:00 15.0 24.1455c

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Saturday Aug 23, 2014 #

12 AM

Adventure Race 20:44:00 [3]

w Jeff and David. cleared course, 1st overall. super tough veg and a decent amount of climb. I felt okay, feet especially were sore late in "the big trek". can't say enough how much I enjoy racing w these guys!!

so fun to meet/hang out w the Michigan crew as well. good people!

CREEKTEER 1, CPs 1-4, 1.5mi, 1200-0100
this race starts at midnight. we ran gravel paths down to the creek and Jeff tried to take the whole field on a wrong turn. that's what you get when you follow Alpine Shop ;). jumped in the creek mid-pack and then waded our way upstream to catch the leaders (Rev3).

BIKE 1, CPs 5-8, 27mi, 0100-0300
gravel roads w a bit of pavement. rode w a crew: Rev3, MRA, JP (solo), girl solo, Dandies, some other teams too. because of WRC last weekend, we just tried to take things EZ and get our legs moving for the rest of the race. worked together and ended up in front for the last 30min or so. we took the northern route choice.

PADDLE 1, CP 9, 3mi, 0300-0400
put-in below a dam on the Apple River. first km was super shallow and we had to get out a few times to push, but thankfully not like MISSION. also Asian Carp jumping everywhere (not in our boat tg). lots of deadfall to avoid but Jeff is so good at that!!

TREK 1, CPs 10-14, 3mi, 0400-0630
took out all alone but were soon joined by MRA and JP at CP10 (clue: lake shore) as we totally screwed up - the CP was on an aerial photo map that we misplotted from the USGS. had a hard time initially locating the (incorrect) peninsula, but worked together to get relocated. i got to swim!! then joined forces w JP for 11 and 12. thiiiiiiick veg. passed MRA back at CP12, nabbed 13 and 14 cleanly, then back to our boat in the lead.

PADDLE 2, CPs 15-16, 16mi, 0630-1006
back in the Apple River! a long downstream paddle. some things to avoid. this got LONG and David got sleepy...had to keep him talking about his new GF to keep him awake :). finally made it to MS River and then took the shortcut thru the slough. this was cool, all 3 of us navved it - David from USGS, me from the aerial photo, Jeff from reading the current.

BIKE 2, CP 17, 3mi, 1006-1050
soooo happy to be out of that plastic banana! hopped on bikes for short paved ride into MS Palisades SP. roads not well mapped so took a wrong turn, thankfully David was reading contours too and caught it.

TREK 2, CPs 18-46, 25k redline, 1050-1830
started this in a downpour. barely had time to put (non-waterproof) map in map case. Jeff wore a plastic bag on his head to keep warm. bobble on the way to 18 then we hit everything else cleanly. chose a lot of high around-routes to avoid veg. rained for the first few hours but we were happy temps were cooler. my feet started hurting around 1600, just fatigue from WRC, but with that came a distinct loss of mojo. hard to keep energy up despite eating my face off. we pulled together and got this done.

BIKE 3, CP 47, 10mi, 1830-1930
came back into TA and it was FULL of racers. SO GOOD to get mojo boost from Dandies, SuperKate, Eyes of the World, etc. then we took a wrong turn out of TA and everyone made fun of us. yes, we're morons :). super quick ride back to Race HQ on pleasant gravel roads.

FINISHER, CPs 48-55, 3mi, 1930-2044
sort of a weird and brutal way to finish - got back to Race HQ and given a new 1:5k map that was Gerry-style "bike-o" aka ride the camp trails to near each CP and then run to the flag. except it was quicker to just drop bikes early and get everything on foot. so that's what we did, including some bonus creekteering in bike shoes for 53 and 54. ascent was cancelled (excessive hornets), rappel (75' maybe?) was fine. then CP55 was "luge", total hoosier style and it was awesome! put grins back on our faces and we biked to finish line in 1st place!

we were pretty much soaking wet for this entire course. no foot or chafing issues for any of us other than lingering tenderness from WRC. our legs weren't totally firing but we just kept ticking the CPs off. 700x38 tires worked great on the SegSlayer. i was almost constantly hungry, mowed thru almost all of my 5k cals plus ate a bunch of the boys' food as well.

as usual, Gerry delivered on a tough course. he runs an excellent race (the entire course was torn down by 0900 Sunday) and it's a great value (3 meals and lodging included in race fee). great to catch up w friends and meet a bunch of new AR peeps. i was so tired Saturday night but couldn't stand going to bed, FOMO! i said it before and i'll say it again - i am so lucky to get to race w Jeff and David. they are incredible teammates.

Thursday Aug 21, 2014 #

8 AM

Bike 35:00 [2] 7.5 mi (12.9 mph)
shoes: Niner Air9

EZ morning spin.
6 PM

Run 20:00 [2] 2.0 mi (10:00 / mi)
shoes: Hoka Mafate M7.5

running to and fro at ASTNTRS

Wednesday Aug 20, 2014 #

8 PM

Bike 23:00 [2] 5.5 mi (14.3 mph)
shoes: Niner Air9

late dash to the library to get book and also spin new orange seal around in new tires. legs felt pretty good, surprisingly. storm was approaching and i got dumped on, but rescued by HH.

i should probably "announce" on AP that i quit my real job (construction management) last week and started working at Alpine Shop on Tuesday as their Program Coordinator. one of the perks? bringing my wheels and tires into work yesterday, dropping them off at the bike shop for mounting, then having our mechanic Jake stop by my office to say that the tires weren't sealing tubeless, then walking 50m over to the shop to pick out new tires (hello employee discount), then picking the completed tires back up today and riding them tonight. i think i'm gonna like it here. :) :) :)

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