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Training Log Archive: silkychrome

In the 7 days ending Feb 2, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Bike2 16:13:41 164.95(10.2/h) 265.46(16.4/h) 11811
  Run1 10:55:22 40.3(16:16) 64.86(10:06) 9201
  Strength1 1:00:00
  Total4 28:09:03 205.25 330.32 21012

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Sunday Feb 2, 2014 #

8 AM

Bike 7:09:27 [3] 49.29 mi (6.9 mph) +5058ft
ahr:148 shoes: Niner Air9

early Sunday morning - stoked to finally be on mtb but not stoked about road/potential trail conditions. waffled and stalled and finally drove down to Berryman to meet Dwayne and HH. turns out the trail was pretty bomber, and stayed frozen all day, about 24F. we all stuck together and turned in a 3:44 Lap 1 which is slow for me and horribly slow for the boys. Lap 2 they rode ahead and RIPPED it, then waited for me in spots. i just tried to stay steady and clean, and we managed a 3:25. still slow but not bad for the conditions or week. my AR tires were hooking up surprisingly great on the snowy trail, and my switchback skills are improving!!

Friday Jan 31, 2014 #

9 PM

Run 10:55:22 [3] 40.3 mi (16:16 / mi) +9201ft 13:22 / mi
ahr:136 shoes: Hoka One One Stinson Trail W8

Aerie's. 5mi lap of mostly doubletrack, about 950' of climb.
Lap 1 1:14
Lap 2 1:10
Lap 3 1:16
Lap 4 1:13
Lap 5 1:27
Lap 6 1:16
Lap 7 1:18
Lap 8 1:19

pit times ranged from 2-9min depending on what had to get done. my parents were crewing for me so in general i was not in a hurry and took extra time to chat/take pics/etc.

comfortable temps, 30s, all night. started in Speedcrosses but the toe was unhappy, switched to the rehab shoe on Lap 2 and it was good enough to stay in. laps 1 and 2 i was in a weird place, really concerned about toe, and in general not talkative or optimistic. Carrie ran w me on lap 3, and turned my frown upside down. lap 5 i caught Dwayne and Adam and hiked the back half w them. lap 6 it started misting/freezing, super slick everywhere. lap 7 was thunder/lightning/hail/rain. gear was nails though so no worries! lap 8 was just gettin it done. i finally got desensitized to toe issue about lap 6 and was v pleased to discover legs were awesome. tired, sure, but ready and willing to work.

Jeff stormed the course for the overall win, 10 laps in 11:32. stud. David in 3rd w 8 laps. me in 4th overall about 1hr behind David. Dwayne and Adam w 30 miles each. pretty badass for 2 dudes who don't run!

Thursday Jan 30, 2014 #

7 AM

Bike 9:04:14 [3] 115.66 mi (12.8 mph) +6753ft
ahr:143 max:185 shoes: LeMond Tourmalet

w Maria to start, 1.5 donuts each and then hit the road. cold but i wore my summer shoes bc they felt better on my toe, and i thought a 9hr ice bath would be beneficial. met Dwayne about 1.5hrs in, and then the party really started! made it to The Wolf about 10min behind schedule, but we needed some extra time there to warm up and modify my shoes (plastic bag, duct tape, oh yeah!). then hit the true West County roads for some awesome riding. love it out there. mega windy, and no pacelining (gotta get tough) slowed us down some. Dwayne gave me a super helpful lesson on riding frozen mud ruts on the Al Foster. then i missed a turn bombing down Ridge Rd that let to extra climb UP St. Paul, whoops! met Jeff riding the route backwards and rolled into TJ Wings about 45min later than planned due to wind/nav error. Peat met us there too!!!! but we skipped wings, shocker, and modified the route so that everyone could get to their cars with plenty of daylight. that meant up Marshall, through Kirkwood, onto Grant's Trail, then Jeff peeled off (happy bday to him too!!), then back to Maria's apt, she gave Dwayne a ride to his car, and i rolled on solo for the remaining 1.5ish hrs. stopped by PD for a quick bathroom break which was awesome! then down to the Arch and back. stoplights got annoying after rolling the whole morning. but, that is city riding. 8:20 moving time...and no idea where i can fit trainer time in this weekend!

felt pretty strong the whole day. ate less than normal but that is something i'm experimenting with. as usual my teammates came up big w great company and chat. stunner sunrise AND set. not a bad day to be on the bike!

Tuesday Jan 28, 2014 #

6 PM

Strength (PD) 1:00:00 [3]

10min row (2000m), foam roll, 3x5 wall squat, 2x10 air squat, 3x5 SDs, 3x20 GHD sit-up
work up to heavy back squat (10x45#, 6x75#, 3x95#, 1x115#, 1x125#, 1x135#, 1x145#, 1x155# new PR)
6x1 back squat @ 135#
5 rounds of: row 150m fast (~1:50/500m pace for me), farmer hold 2x45#, OH hold 2x10#.

w Kimmy and Katie, two of the most talkative people ever. but in a fun way. i may have been able to go heavier on the back squat but it would have gotten ugly. i need to work on my technique a little more, being more powerful out of the bottom of the squat. happy to keep it under control for now. farmer holds at the end were hard, but OH holds EZ.

also posted POCAR report

Monday Jan 27, 2014 #

9 AM


visit w podiatrist today. xrays clear, plus exam indicates probably not a stress fracture. yay! he took a look at my foot and thinks it's probably bursitis. inflammation of bursa sac is crowding the nerve causing pain. treatment = 6day course of oral steroids (methylprednisolone) and lots of icing. follow-up visit in 2wks.

i always get nervous going to a new doc bc it's hard to find one that understands endurance athletes. this guy (Dr Duddy) was pretty good. he seemed more curious about attempting a 12hr run than cynical, and didn't just jump to the "cortisone injection" conclusion.

also dropped my road bike off at Alpine Shop for some pre-bday love so no trainer time. wah.

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