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Training Log Archive: silkychrome

In the 7 days ending Mar 31, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Bike11 20:22:00 241.0 387.85 7400
  Run4 3:34:00 20.5(10:26) 32.99(6:29) 1190
  Total15 23:56:00 261.5 420.85 8590

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Sunday Mar 31, 2013 #

12 PM

Bike 3:57:00 [3] 53.0 mi (13.4 mph) +2900ft
ahr:142 shoes: Salsa Warbird

hermann solo.

way better weather than yesterday, sunny and 60F, so drove out to hermann to ride a loop that Lo sent me. yesterday she was using her Garmin for nav so i decided to try that myself today. i was still using a cue-sheet i made for primary nav, but it was lucky i had the garmin because i accidentally only brought the first of two. so about mile 25 i had to start relying entirely on the watch, which at first was nerve-wracking but turned out to be EASY. wow. i had no idea!

the weather, the bike, the roads, all perfect and i had a wonderful day out there. 3 bottles of skratch, 1 probar, 1 pb snickers, 1 gel. pretty hungry once i got back to my car.

6 PM

Run 1:28:00 [3] 7.9 mi (11:08 / mi) +800ft 10:10 / mi
ahr:146 shoes: Brooks Cascadia W9 black (w sc

lewis trail

purely to improve the drive time to training time ratio. took things super easy (HR cap of 155) and stopped several times to appreciate the woods and being able to run in shorts. caught snippets of the sunset from the bluffs and then through the trees. just barely beat the darkness coming back, a few more minutes and i would have really wanted a headlamp. missouri woods are so awesome.

Saturday Mar 30, 2013 #

8 AM

Bike 6:40:00 [3] 79.0 mi (11.9 mph) +4500ft
shoes: Salsa Warbird

w Lo, Alice, Steph, and Chuck. gravel near Steelville, MO.

first loop of 43-ish miles, EZ pace to accommodate group and get used to the Thunderchicken in its native habitat. cool and cloudy but comfortable and as the miles stretched on my smile stretched wider...this bike is awesome. the mtb crank is CRUCIAL to my enjoyment, it seems like i can ride up anything, but still have enough teeth to pedal downhill. started raining as we got back to the cars and Alice, Steph and Chuck left.

Lo and I didn't reeeeally want to keep riding w the weather but we also didn't want to pass up the opportunity for a long ride in this awesome terrain. so we made ourselves a deal to "just go 10 miles" and re-evaluate at that point. 10 miles passed and the rain was still annoying but we were doing fine. however, somewhere after that all the wet grit started messing w my front brake and it was creaking something awful. fully released the outboard pad but still not great. took several water-bottle cleansings at the next creek crossing to get it to shut up. at that point we were cold and wet and almost starting to not have fun, so we found a shortcut home and made the second loop about 36 miles.

fueled this ride entirely on easter candy, a 630-cal rice crispie treat from QT, and skratch in my bottles.

Friday Mar 29, 2013 #

6 AM

Run (commute) 53:00 [3] 5.3 mi (10:00 / mi) +210ft 9:38 / mi
ahr:154 shoes: Brooks Racer ST U8 I

Training at the main office so ran there. V grateful for showers and lunch provided!
4 PM

Run (commute) 53:00 [3] 5.3 mi (10:00 / mi) +180ft 9:41 / mi
ahr:139 shoes: Brooks Racer ST U8 I

back home. way lower HR. warmer temps. explain that, FoxShadow??
6 PM

Bike (commute) 30:00 [2] 5.0 mi (10.0 mph)
shoes: Salsa Warbird

to the post office to pick up packages. got yelled at by a DB in a (clean) black jeep for taking the entire turn lane. i am terrible at arguing so i just cut across the opposite lane and left the scene. at the post office, they couldn't find my packages. boo.

Thursday Mar 28, 2013 #

7 AM

Bike (commute) 45:00 [2] 9.0 mi (12.0 mph)
shoes: Salsa Warbird

into work. Garmin #3 arrived last night!
5 PM

Bike (commute) 1:20:00 [2] 16.0 mi (12.0 mph)
shoes: Salsa Warbird

picked up a new crank to replace borrowed one on tri bike, and a few other errands. 55F. hot.

Wednesday Mar 27, 2013 #


i ate 20 wings for lunch today.
7 AM

Bike (commute) 45:00 [2] 9.0 mi (12.0 mph)
shoes: Salsa Warbird

with a stop to drop off library book.
5 PM

Bike 1:45:00 [3] 26.0 mi (14.9 mph)
shoes: Salsa Warbird

typical RFT loop w Jeff, David, and Young Ben. faaaast. but the warbird hung in well. we hit an unexpected mudpatch and i got some dirt on it. like a lot...had to stop and scrape it out w a stick. gotta put this thing through its paces.
7 PM

Bike (commute) 45:00 [3] 9.0 mi (12.0 mph)
shoes: Salsa Warbird

back home, dropping David off at dinner and YB off at his house.

Tuesday Mar 26, 2013 #

6 AM

Run 20:00 [2] 2.0 mi (10:00 / mi)
shoes: Brooks Racer ST U8 I

EZ morning jog to check out road conditions
7 AM

Bike (commute) 45:00 [2] 9.0 mi (12.0 mph)
shoes: Salsa Warbird

oh yeah! first commute with the combat pigeon. GRINNING.
5 PM

Bike (commute) 2:10:00 [2] 26.0 mi (12.0 mph)
shoes: Salsa Warbird

to Carondelet to check out TNW's, then to Big Shark to show off the battlefinch. the guys' reaction was awesome when i walked back into the shop...oooooooooooo. so cool.

Monday Mar 25, 2013 #

7 PM

Bike (Trainer) 1:00:00 [3]
shoes: Orbea Ordu

trainer time

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