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Training Log Archive: shanel

In the 7 days ending Aug 5, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road Bike2 4:51:41 89.01(18.3/h) 143.25(29.5/h) 583
  Mtn Bike1 2:00:00
  Running1 1:09:25 6.28(11:04) 10.1(6:52) 202
  Total4 8:01:06 95.29 153.35 785
  [1-5]4 7:46:43

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Saturday Aug 4, 2012 #

9 AM

Mtn Bike (Kalamunda Circuit?) 2:00:00 [3]
shoes: Scott Spark 60 2011

Left the GPS at home. Met Andre, Kris and a bunch of others at the Camel Farm.

I'm guessing we rode the Kalamunda Circuit, but really have no idea. I spent most of the time off the back since I'm useless at rocky twisty stuff. Whilst Kris spent most of the time off the front as far as I could tell.

Was waiting for Andre to log the session so I could copy he's info, but he's even slacker than me as far as keeping he's log up to date is concerned.

Note: finally copied Andre's GPS trace.

Thursday Aug 2, 2012 #

5 PM

Running intervals (Grass Farm loops) 1:09:25 intensity: (13:10 @0) + (6:10 @1) + (8:30 @2) + (10:44 @3) + (14:21 @4) + (16:30 @5) 10.1 km (6:52 / km) +202m 6:15 / km
ahr:149 max:187

Monday Jul 30, 2012 #

5 AM

Road Bike hills (Commute) 3:14:20 intensity: (17 @0) + (4:00 @1) + (15:07 @2) + (2:02:38 @3) + (49:48 @4) + (2:30 @5) 94.17 km (29.1 kph) +498m
ahr:157 max:183 shoes: Road Bike - Giant Defy2 (I thi

Decide to invent another hill, so made a detour to a gentle incline on the way to work.

Quite a lot of cars coming out of the sprawl, but once I got on the incline I only saw two cars until I came down the decline. I was pretty surprised to see a transperth heading down the hill at 6:30 am but he gave me plenty of room like everyone else who was passing me.

More cars on Mond'y Rd and was pretty happy that only one big truck went past. I'd been a bit concerned that riding in a 110 zone might be less than fun, but everyone gave me plenty of room still and it was actually much nicer than riding on Rowley Rd.

Had a long way to go into the wind once I hit the freeway path, but I was close to par when I got there and the Northerly didn't hurt too much most of the time. After a while I thought I must have been approaching Rowley Rd, but it turned out to be Thomas Rd.

Approaching Cockburn I had some difficulty working out distances and started thinking I must have stuffed up pre measuring my route and my planned 92 was going to turn out to be over 100, but I eventually remembered it's only 27km from Cockburn, not 37km (but having a closer look now it seems to be 29km at the moment).

Anyway no one to help me along the way, one guy snuck past whilst I was waiting to cross under the narrows, but I could only close half the gap he opened whilst I was waiting for a break in the traffic, and by the time I got the the brewery I wasn't closing any more so I let him go.

Managed to finish up only about 6 minutes over par, which isn't to bed with the incline, the head wind and no help. So pretty happy that the Super (silly?/psycho?) Commute turned out nicely.

Darling Downs to Claremont via Jarrahdale.
5 PM

Road Bike (Commute) 1:37:21 intensity: (56 @0) + (2:29 @1) + (13:16 @2) + (50:37 @3) + (29:27 @4) + (36 @5) 49.09 km (30.3 kph) +85m
ahr:156 max:178 shoes: Road Bike - Giant Defy2 (I thi

Probably should have had an easy cruise home, but it's not very often I get a puff of tailwind to help me get home. So I had a couple of followers on the first section of freeway path, and when one of them came past he went like a rocket, so I went hard to get on his wheel and didn't have to work too hard to stay there, after a while he slowed up behind someone else who was still doing a reasonable pace, and then he went into rocket mode again after Canning Bridge, so I got on again but unfortunately took the next turn off.

So back to doing my own thing, with bonus detour. Apparently 3 detours aren't enough, so now there's 4. Although 4 joins 1 and 2, so maybe there's only 2 detours now.

Caught someone approaching Cockburn and after relaxing behind him through the underpass he picked up the pace nicely so I sat in a bit longer before going to the front for a while and he did another short turn before he turned off.

Back under par by now and got home still under par even with the detours, can't wait for all the roadworks to finish, pity it'll be seabreeze time by then.

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