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Training Log Archive: shanel

In the 7 days ending Jun 20, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Rogaining2 23:53:52 58.41(24:33) 94.0(15:15)
  Road Bike1 1:38:17 27.71(16.9/h) 44.6(27.2/h)
  Running1 1:11:38 7.63(9:23) 12.28(5:50)
  Total4 26:43:47 93.75(17:06) 150.88(10:38)

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Monday Jun 20, 2011 #

(rest day)

Slept in too long to fit my planned pool walking and swim before work. So just walked down to HJ's for lunch to stretch my legs.

Sunday Jun 19, 2011 #

12 AM

Rogaining race (Over the Watershed) 11:53:52 [3] 47.0 km (15:11 / km)
shoes: Rossi hiking boots

As tRicky said, we had quite a run of me leading us close to the control, and tRicky finding it. We continued to fall behind and made it to a planned midnight mark around 3am.

Biggest stuff up was 103, we'd planned to follow the track right to it, we never actually found that track and after going the long way round on a track that we did find upto Duncans Rd, we must have gone pretty close to the control before popping back out to the road near the watercourse, so we went back in, fumbled around and eventually got it just over an hour after leaving 74.

Some strange things go through/creep into your mind as you plod through the bush in the wee hours of a cold wet night, one of them perhaps being that a more enjoyable activity late on a Saturday night may involve beer and strippers (perhaps) and maybe a song along the lines of "oh what a night" may accompany it, but maybe you don't really know any of the other words.

Anyway I'm sure tRicky was pondering how much easier his life was when fulfilled his weekends playing golf.

Approaching dawn we finally dropped 3 controls from our plan and we started to jog the tracks, having happily maintained a sustain pace till this point, so it was pretty much crunch time and with quite a lot of jogging we managed to salvage nearly all of our plan, just dropping one more control.

Not sure if I could have pushed so hard at the end if we hadn't been going at an easier pace the rest of the time. We didn't really come close to my lofty ambition of knocking off Wil and Ben, but, yeah, but what, they were unstoppable, they must know exactly how hard to push and then just keep pushing hard, or something like that. Blah, I've got a bit to ponder now, hopefully I'll wrangle a team mate to have another crack next time.

Saturday Jun 18, 2011 #

12 PM

Rogaining race (Over the Watershed) 12:00:00 [4] 47.0 km (15:19 / km)
shoes: Rossi hiking boots

Rainy before the start so I opted for the novel concept of wearing tights under waterproof pants, so avoid my normal practice of trudging around in heavy wet cotton pants. Worked pretty well, although I need new waterproof pants, ast the were already somewhat trashed from when someone put the through the washing machine.

Past Wil and Ben heading the opposite way as we jogged down the track from 98 to 86, then we merged paths around 34 or 94 and had the same course planned for about the next 10 controls. Wil rolled his ankle as they jogged towards the track after 94 as they tried to break clear of us, we past whilst Wil made running repairs. But they caught us up again at 100.

Hopefully we confused Jim as he drove past in the patrol car whilst we were waling together along the track, soon after Wil and Ben opened a gap on us and must have started flying as they opened up a 40 min gap by the time we got to 90 approaching nightfall.

Consistent rain through to night fall was making the prospects for the night seem pretty miserable, but it cleared off around dark and we swapped rain jackets for warmer gear and things became much more tolerable. Unfortunately we were continuously dropping further behind schedule. I incorrectly predicted on several occasions as we passed other teams around 10pm - midnight, that we wouldn't see anyone else for the rest of the night, ironically it turned out to be down till after our last control that we had the longest stretch of not seeing another team.

Tuesday Jun 14, 2011 #

5 AM

Road Bike (Floreat Renegade - short) 1:38:17 [3] 44.6 km (27.2 kph)
ahr:155 max:184 shoes: Road Bike - Giant Defy2 (I thi

Few spots of rain around starting off. Only Jake and I this morning.

Had to stop early on so I could adjust the position of my headlamp on my shiny new helmet, to stop it trying to slide down the back of my neck.

Was feeling pretty hot heading south and contemplated the wisdom of the raincoat I had on.

Looked like we in for some hard work into the wind as we turned up Stirling Hwy, but we caught a massive crane at the lights and sat in behind him nearly all the way the McCabe.

Wind and rain turned nasty somewhere along the way, thought I was going to lose a contact lens for a little while. Jake decided to cut short towards the end, rather than heading down past Steve's, so I followed suit and headed past work, back to Floreat.
5 PM

Running hills (Reabold West) 1:11:38 [5] 12.28 km (5:50 / km)
ahr:144 max:189

Three of us running tonight, with Fletch to keep us on track, on my own pace wise.

One more rep in each set this week, so 6 at threshold then 6 faster, jog recovery to bottom, roughly a 390m hill. 2 (or 3) min recovery between sets.

1:50, 2:00, 1:54, 1:57, 1:59, 1:57 (avg 1:56)

1:40, 1:45, 1:44, 1:41, 1:38, 1:35 (avg 1:40.5)

threshold ones averaged 4 sec faster than last week.
faster ones averaged 3 sec faster than last week.

Aiming for 1:55 on the thresholds, but couldn't quite get the pace right, could probably have been aiming a bit faster.

Pretty happy with the fast ones since I didn't have anyone to push me along, but legs weren't feeling tired, I just couldn't get any more speed, spinning the legs too fast approaching the top, need to work on maintaining stride length all the way, or something like that. Probably helped that I didn't push hard on the morning ride.

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