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Training Log Archive: bugsInTeeth

In the 2 days ending Jul 13, 2014:

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  Adventure Racing2 25:47:00
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Sunday Jul 13, 2014 #

12 AM

Adventure Racing race (Wilderness Traverse) 9:47:00 [3]

Saturday Jul 12, 2014 #

8 AM

Adventure Racing race (Wilderness Traverse) 16:00:00 [3]

I think my teammates will summarize the race better than I, so I will leave more of the details to them. What I will say is some general comments.

As always, WT was a great event. I will not dispute that I may have quietly cursed Bob a few times on the bike from 8-9 (and by a few times...I mean about a million times), but it is clear now this section was made much worse from the rain. All the teams prior to us said they felt it was the best bike section of the race, but most who came after agreed that good chunks of it were unrideable. As many have mentioned, the flies were pretty unreal in sections. It almost felt like torture riding back on the final bike section and having the deerflies fly in the air vents of the helmet and start feasting on my bald head using the helmet as protection. At one point I shook my helmet so violently my visor flew off. :) The rain was pretty unreal, but I enjoyed that part. It is neat to be out doing something you enjoy in crazy weather, but there was something about trekking head down with a rain jacket on, with the rain pounding off the hood, that felt awesome.

And while we got a taste of nature's nasty side, we also were shown her beauty. The paddle out to TA1 was super enjoyable (says the guy not navigating), and parts of the river paddle were extremely scenic. The hidden gem campsites and waterfalls on the trekking sections also reminded us that a good RD takes you to places they want you to see, and those did not disappoint. I think I may have enjoyed the trekking sections most of all this year.

The volunteers and staff of course made the event, as they always do. Smiling faces, words of encouragement, tasty treats, and when needed, a firm push out of the TA when our time was up. Volunteers picking up folks, dropping off gear, and doing all the other amazing stuff, while dealing with the same severe elements and bugs we are. Amazing race coverage by both the crack team of HQ staff (Bash, 1L, and Clean), and the Breathe Mag crew.

And this year I really felt we had more of a team effort than ever. Escondido was extremely impressive on the compass. The race started with us completely spiking CP1 (3rd) which blew me away, as he stuck to his planned route even when top teams peeled off for different routes. He was very fast navigating on the trek bushwhacks, and was always extremely confident about knowing where we were. A few minor bobbles, but both with quick corrections that minimized the impact. I was very impressed given his limited experience. DDon11 was also great. He muled the majority of the team gear, and did a lot of pulling on the bike sections where it was possible. He was quick to share food, salt pills, or whatever he had out, and was always checking in on everyone. His often called upon knowledge of the south hyrodcut bike section from riding it last year was invaluable....hehe. Simpy was as usual, a rock. He kept us quick through transitions, offering to help others when he was done. He time counted on the treks, watched the odometer on the bike, helped weigh in on nav when called upon, and kept spirits high.

I really enjoyed this race with this team. We all played our part, and it showed in the results (which was a very nice added bonus). Perhaps the much advertised demise of my AR career has been exaggerated (although some did comment that apparently my "ultra training" with Jocelyn has paid off). :P I certainly look forward to racing WT again next year, and look forward to racing with any of these guys again.

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