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Training Log Archive: ColmM

In the 7 days ending May 7:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Orienteering5 4:45:06 26.47(10:46) 42.6(6:42) 7191150.3
  Running8 3:43:09 22.57(9:53) 36.33(6:09) 243391.8
  Climbing1 1:45:00105.0
  Cycling: Commute4 1:15:0075.0
  Stretching1 5:005.0
  Total15 11:33:15 49.04 78.93 9621727.1
  [1-5]9 8:28:15

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Tuesday May 7 #

8 AM

Running 33:14 [2] 6.03 km (5:30 / km)
ahr:127 max:138

Didn't feel much need to run today, but my bike was in work so kinda had to, legs feeling fine anyway.
6 PM

Cycling: Commute 17:30 [0]

8 PM

Climbing 1:45:00 [0]

getting shown lots of tricks by Shea & co

Monday May 6 #

10 AM

Running 7:41 [1] 1.06 km (7:13 / km)
ahr:140 max:164

some interesting tactics from cnoc as c.hill asked me about how badly I'd lost the head the day before - not sure they realised my team probably weren't the competition that needed to be psyched out

Orienteering 30:44 [4] 5.25 km (5:51 / km) +88m 5:24 / km
ahr:153 max:171

Aidan had had a bit of a scrappy run by the sounds of things, and Valdas seemed much the same, so I headed out about 15mins down, but I wanted to make the most of the training opportunity so I still planned on racing.

Got the first one fine, hesitant about how far in 2 was, but not too bad. 3 was fine. I had borrowed a spare compass from Mike Long (thanks Mike!), took a bearing leaving 3. Was a little confused through the white, ended up crossing the path as it was very boggy, and then crossing the fence too (clearly wasn't much of a bearing - this may need addressing in norway).

Realising where I'd gone, I decided to plough on down the hill to the road - this was probably a bad decision, it was quite shite, and I got stuck getting onto the road. Coming back into the control was okay though as there was an unmapped vehicle track leading back up the hill. ~90s lost, maybe a little more.

Ploughed on anyway, down the hill to 5, faffed a bit trying to figure out why there was no crossing point at the crossing point, then followed the river back around onto a straight-ish route, probably not ideal, in hindsight I like the right-hand routechoice. Thought I was moving alright, and fairly nailed 5-6-7-8-9, but seem to have just been moving a little slower than the others today. Oh well, probably not as prepped for this one and just a bit tired and out of the race.

Had a small mistake on 10 just getting stuck in a little shite on a direct route, but can't have been more than 20s.
Fine on 11 and home.
Nice enough quick area, but would like something marginally tougher, and slightly more even gaffling.

Good experience for Aidan, and I think there's more to come from Valdas as well. Getting the ball rolling for some strong relays in coming years. With McCullough back next year I think we'll be right up there. Would be ideal if we got Aidan into sub-18 shape.

Running 12:37 [1] 1.75 km (7:14 / km) +21m 6:50 / km
ahr:135 max:169

9 PM


Legs feeling fairly fine after the weekend, but I am totally wrecked. A lot of energy into that.

Had an Epsom salts bath this eve, that was nice.

Sunday May 5 #

10 AM

Running 10:10 [2] 1.8 km (5:39 / km) +11m 5:29 / km
ahr:127 max:140

12 PM

Running 12:35 [2] 1.81 km (6:57 / km) +34m 6:21 / km
ahr:118 max:140

Orienteering 2:08:23 [5] 18.72 km (6:51 / km) +392m 6:12 / km
ahr:160 max:179

IOC Long - 5th Irish

I started steady and was happy with #1, kept moving, followed the compass to 2. There was a big bubble I was conscious of, but direction felt good, and looks like it was alright. Went through the open fine, but should have run down the path a little further. I continued straight and then was a bit thrown by a big hill on my left, which got me thinking I was closer to the control than I was. Faffed in here a little trying to make sense of the vegetation before bailing out to the open, seeing the track, and then running in from the open and finding the control. 3mins or so wasted and I was not too happy about it.

Tried to put it behind me and got my line and went through the depressions out left to the edge of the forest, used this to guide me in, still a little left entering the control, and lost 20s but nothing too serious.
Compass again to 4, the terrain wasn't quite making sense, but then when I looked back at the compass I could see it was spinning, so lost pretty much all faith in it. Took a few moments to figure out whether I'd gone left or right and then tried to find something to lead me back in, and eventually got it from the path, ~2min.
Took my time leaving 4 to let the compass steady, went again, but nope, was way left, ended up well of course, and running back around on the road. Came in the right way, but my line was off again coming into the control, so lost another 2-3mins here. I gave up on the compass at this point and put it in the back pocket. I was heading to the open now and fairly expecting to see Marcus shortly at this stage, so on we went.

Looked at the left and right routes on 6, decided on right. It wasn't till after the race that I saw the track through the middle, not really sure how I missed it, but it was fairly hidden on the 1:15000. This cost a reasonable amount, and then a slip coming down into it meant my expectations were realised - Marcus had caught me and was now 30s ahead of me.

Made an effort to make sure I got back to him on 7 & 8, but when he missed 8 slightly, I confidently ran even further passed the control, and fell a little behind again. I wasn't finding it too hard to catch backup once we got into rougher terrain, probably as I was reading the map a bit less. We exchanged a few words to 9 and I punched it just ahead, taking a right-hand routechoice to 10. I possibly hadn't spent enough time looking at the options, because I didn't see a nice straight route, and that was surely the best option - once again, didn't see those tracks. Anyway, got some water into me and took a gel on route to 10, and used this as a chance to mentally refresh.

Was clean into 10, set off for 11, and got it fine. As I passed the building on my way down to 11 I saw Marcus on his way off to 12, about 1min ahead. I tried to make a decent effort to get back again, but was a little tired going up to 12 and thought it may be an ask. As I was leaving 12, I saw what looked like a bald head just go over a hill probably a little closer. Positive. Made another effort and when I got over I felt like I was closing. The leg was easy, but had a bloody tough hill in the 2nd half and Marcus all of a sudden seemed quite close but I knew that wouldn't last - made a good effort and was fortunate Marcus ended up missing 13. I joined him in the search and we found after a small bit of faffing. Got 14 fine, and I went straight to 15, couldn't hear Marcus behind me and knew my line was good, so looked like I may get a small gap, but there was a heap of unmapped greenery at the wall and had to go up and around. To my surprise I still punched it ahead of Marcus, but a small miss on 16 put me back behind where I belonged. 17 was fine.

We were going fine to 18, I saw Paul faffing a good bit here looking for 13, and I was fairly certain that loop was a good bit more than 6mins so all of a sudden I reckoned I was close to level with Paul, and Marcus was well ahead, this served as some motivation. I stopped at the early control to 18 after Marcus had checked it, and didn't see him get 18. I couldn't figure out that it was on top of the hill, and was pretty surprised to see Marcus heading east. Scratched my head for few moments. Then shouted at Marcus. He didn't hear me, tried to figure out where 18 was again, but I was too distracted so gave it another loud shout "Marcus don't forget 19". Got a shout of thanks from him 200m away. Then returned to finding 18. Got it, and then headed off down the hill pretty quickly to try and get back to Marcus. He went straight on 20, and I took the path which nicely allowed me to reel back a bit and was probably nestled in ~20sec back for the next few. I made a small mistake expecting the control to be higher on 22, didn't lose heaps, but it was enough to have to not see Marcus punch the next couple. Tried to close him down a bit more, and put in a big effort up the hill to 26 cos I did not want to enter the forest alone after earlier.

Got onto Marcus and he did a great job of finding 26. Thank you. I was glad to see he was going around to 27, the pace had naturally slowed in the forest and I was feeling a little more confident in the forest. Punched 27 just behind, and went ahead to 28. Oh, how naive. navigated poorly and ended up quite left, and then bailed to the path and came back in. About 2mins lost. Oh well. Got 29 alright and then ran home.

Overall: what a shocker. Poor navigation at the start, worsened a bit dramatically by my compass, but very much not exclusive to that. Lost the head a bit after these as I felt I was a bit out of it.
Felt strong physically to run with Marcus and to be able to close down the gap at times when necessary, but it was a bit easier mentally too as I was doing less map reading.
Probably a chance missed as the winning time was doable, but I didn't have the composure of Shane, or even Marcus after his mistakes, so certainly I didn't deserve it. A good tough long distance though and I wouldn't be opposed to them always being this tough.

Running 16:15 [1] 1.96 km (8:17 / km) +28m 7:44 / km
ahr:146 max:157

Saturday May 4 #

10 AM

Running 17:01 [2] 3.17 km (5:22 / km) +14m 5:15 / km
ahr:132 max:150

12 PM

Running 21:57 [2] 3.43 km (6:24 / km) +58m 5:54 / km
ahr:131 max:171

Orienteering 37:22 [5] 6.52 km (5:44 / km) +165m 5:05 / km
ahr:168 max:186

IOC Middle
Joint 3rd in the course but joint silver in Irish champs, as Anton came 2nd.
Mixed race, some good patches, but a few little mistakes made it a bit scrappy.
Not good, not bad. Need to look into it a bit more, but gut instinct after race was 2mins would have needed a very good, so probably wasn’t beating Paul, so have to be fairly satisfied with the result. Still some work to do on the performance.

After further look:

Started alright up to 1, and got 2 nicely. Stayed right to 3, maybe not ideal as there was a lot of shite on the way in. In a decent rhythm mostly, small miss to 5. Clean to 6. Didn't feel all out gunning it, but I was getting the controls mostly cleanly and was backing my strength that the pace would be solid regardless, so I tried to put any thoughts of this to the side and focused on the map. Seemed mostly accurate so far. A fraction slower than Paul, but most of the time difference was my small time losses on 3 & 5.

Took a poor line out of 6 to the track and then cut through the open into 7, not sure which was the more costly error, but I nailed the control, so combined these routes cost me ~45s to the quicker guys. Taking the open was a poor decision, and maybe not quite reading enough leaving 6.

Didn't feel sprightly through the next section, but was still clean on 8, 9 and 10 and got to plan 11, and while again I was slightly off Anton & Paul's pace, I felt I was moving alright, so I'd just keep focused on the nav.

Couldn't see a route other than straight to 11, did veer to the crossing point in the 2nd half which was probably unnecessary but it was nice running, think this may partly explain being 30s down on the leg though. Had kind of picked out the next batch from 12 - 17 or so as the trickiest bit, particularly 12, so once again focused on trying to be clean. Got into 12 nicely which felt good, but maybe got a little carried away as I didn't check my compass enough and ended up left to 13 hitting the track bend, back in and got it (~20s), and then went around the green to 14 and a little sloppy in the circle (~15-20s), got 15 fine, stayed right on 16, but turned in a drain early and had to drop down and come back (~15-20s). I think I probably got a little tired in this section, and despite telling myself I just needed to be clean I was under-reading the map a little bit which was costly. Paul was probably similarly scrappy through here, but Anton was good through it.

it was fairly straightforward to the finish and I was struggling, but tried to keep grinding it out. I knew it wasn't as good a race as I'd hoped, but I knew it had still been solid and I wanted to make sure I kept giving it.

Overall, while I didn't feel absolutely brilliant out there physically, glad to see this wasn't the most relevant, and this will act as another race that confirms it is the navigation and the little details that are more important than the physical side.
The scrappines in the back end is a little disappointing, but I'm also relatively happy to be slightly disappointed with this performance, and think I am heading in the right direction. Looking forward to working on these little issues and building up into Norwegian terrain.

Running 17:55 [1] 2.66 km (6:44 / km) +23m 6:27 / km
ahr:135 max:182

Nice warm down with Darren discussing the strength of M21 Irish orienteering at the moment, pretty good especially considering we're missing some good names. Ain't gonna get easier to win titles, and selection races should be highly competitive - great.

Friday May 3 #

8 AM

Cycling: Commute 17:30 [0]

6 PM

Running 14:42 [2] 2.37 km (6:12 / km) +19m 5:58 / km
ahr:132 max:141

Orienteering 10:56 [5] 2.52 km (4:21 / km) +13m 4:14 / km
ahr:144 max:175

Irish Champs Sprint - 1st
Ran hard, was clean & the forest style sprint suited me. Came away with a nice win and good confidence booster.

I'd figured out which way to go if number 1 was in any of the buildings section from the map in the start box, so when I picked up the map and saw #1, I zig-zagged through the underpasses and got reading my map to plan ahead as I came up to the control. Saw Niall coming out as I came in (1min), so this was already a nice confidence boost.
Hoped to have Niall in front to 2, but he was out of sight. Despite a little confusion at the extra wall, I got 2 fine, and headed through the forest low to 3. Again saw Niall out of 3 as I went into it. Was pretty smooth and happy so far, trying to work hard and hopefully get more sight of Niall to make it a bit easier.

Nailed 4 and 5 was easy. Hopping the river to 6, I could see Niall a little ahead, pretty much ignored him as I wanted to plan ahead a bit and got 7 out the way and a glance at 8, and as I got to the steps to 6 Niall seemed a lot closer all of a sudden. Chased him up to 7, but when he came back out the same way I figured I could get onto the road so took this route and found a wild Conall coming onto the road. 8 was easy from my route and I'd gotten ahead of Niall, and took 8 & 9 to plan ahead a little. Worked up the hill behind Conall to 9, but he was going well so was sat behind him, but took a better line out of it to get ahead on 10. Had figured out the next few so was just trying to be very smooth and went well through 10-11-12-13, and took the right-hand route to 14. Seems this was a bit slower and was probably my only time loss technically on the course.

Knew it was easy from here, and I had been going well, so I worked hard through the next few and tried to give it all, clean through the rest, and then ran a bit too fast into the last control and missed the finish chute and went down another taped section (?) through some shite bushes but I was running hard and didn't have to turn as sharp as the other route so reckon it was grand. Flashed the Si air and knew I'd done about as much as I could in that race.
Got called back to punch the finish properly - which I'm pretty sure I didn't need to do, and the Si took my later punch so this added ~10s to my run-in. Coulda been gutting but fortunately my race had been good enough to have a clear lead anyway.

Very happy with the result. Sprint hasn't been my aim for this weekend, but I knew as it was somewhat forest, if it was good it could still suit me. I think the technical side of the sprint suited my style and I pulled off a really good race running hard, smoothly and cleanly through the controls.

As I said above a nice confidence boost as much as anything and chuffed to get another IOC title. These seem to be getting harder and harder to win I would say.

Running 25:43 [2] 4.26 km (6:02 / km) +38m 5:47 / km
ahr:152 max:170

Thursday May 2 #

9 AM

Running 33:19 [2] 6.01 km (5:33 / km)
ahr:133 max:155

Right groin / hips still there, but seems to react better to shorter strides, so went for that and it didn't really flare up.
Anyway, this niggle business has encouraged me into a nice taper, and the legs are feeling pretty fresh ahead of the weekend. Really looking forward to it.
6 PM

Cycling: Commute 25:00 [0]

Wednesday May 1 #

8 AM

Cycling: Commute 15:00 [0]

7 PM

Orienteering 31:27 [1] 2.95 km (10:40 / km) +11m 10:28 / km
ahr:118 max:151


Orienteering 46:14 intensity: (26:14 @2) + (20:00 @3) 6.64 km (6:58 / km) +50m 6:43 / km
ahr:144 max:160

Some short Donadea relay intervals.
Wanted to get some relay practice in for IOC, but more long term also for WOC.
Cruising round, trying to get the nav right, but still a bit distracted by the others. Good training and nice run out on the map.
Legs feeling fairly tapered.
11 PM

Stretching 5:00 [0]

hips - focus on the frog to try and aim at the adductors

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