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Training Log Archive: ColmM

In the 7 days ending May 2, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Running3 2:18:17 17.89(7:44) 28.8(4:48) 279296.8
  Strength and Conditioning2 1:40:00200.0
  Spinning2 1:15:00120.0
  Total6 5:13:17 17.89 28.8 279616.8

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Tuesday May 2, 2017 #

6 PM

Running 42:15 [2] 8.25 km (5:07 / km) +200m 4:34 / km

Short on the seat, trying to find Purko, Bash, Euzie & Will, but no luck on the seat.
On the way back bumped into Euzie on pleasance, and ran with him for a little while.
Also bumped into Nick Allen out there so joined him for a small bit.

Monday May 1, 2017 #

4 PM

Spinning 45:00 [2]

with klára, Madara & Felly

Strength and Conditioning 1:00:00 [2]

Mixed batch today.
Still holding off heavy leg stuff, so bench is my go-to gainz section.
3 x 5 bench @ 45, 50, 55kg.
Everything else in there, trying to include a lot of lower leg mobility & ankle work still. Getting stronger. Haven't felt anything in the last few days. Making good progress.

Sunday Apr 30, 2017 #

(rest day)

Getting the study in & recovering from 10mila.

Saturday Apr 29, 2017 #

9 AM

Running 1:23 [2] 0.23 km (5:53 / km) +2m 5:39 / km

very much token.

Running 33:34 intensity: (18:34 @3) + (15:00 @4) 8.78 km (3:49 / km) +30m 3:45 / km

30min razz.
Joined everyone else for the parkrun schenanigans, but as I wanted to finish at the parkrun finish I started running a bit early, and ran through the start line maybe 20-30s late.
Crowds to negotiate were a nice distraction.
Good running from all, and a pretty positive session for me.
Ankles / achilles improving but still need work.

Running 10:04 [1] 1.75 km (5:46 / km) +15m 5:32 / km

Friday Apr 28, 2017 #

(rest day)

9 AM


Have been a sine wave the last week trying to decide if I'd go to Irish Champs, and the frequency has increased significantly in the last 24hrs.

Due to injuries, and more so an important exam on the bank holiday Monday I haven't been sure it's a great idea.

Initially realised though that my seeded start time for the Long distance was too late, and I'd need to start earlier if I was going to catch my flight to get back for the exam. Having e-mailed to try and sort it I was informed that I could have first start, but as I was starting outside of my seeded start-time I would have to be non-competitive, despite, if anything, clearly disadvantaging myself.

This was a bit frustrating, I felt it was a bit extreme and I kind of resigned myself to not attending then, there wasn't point just for a middle distance when I already had enough excuses not to go.

But, after some more e-mails and a minor palaver the decision was changed so that I could start competitively, however if a complaint was submitted it would be down to the jury.
(note: I have to say I think this was well handled by Harold, and in the end this was a fair enough outcome, and I also think the new start-time rules are a very positive addition).
At first I was still decided on not running, probably for the best anyway, with study and that. But now I could race again, I started hmm-ing and haw-ing.

In the end, I've decided it's best just to leave IOC this year. After weighing it up a bit it seems clear that there's not a lot to be gained from going, but potentially a good bit to lose. I don't need to race for selection, and attending would definitely hinder my exam preparations, while I should also probably be focussing on rehabilitaing my crocked body and coming back rather than racing on.

A shame because despite my injuries I know I'm not in too bad shape, I had roughly the same speed as Eoin and Conor at the JK (albeit not the endurance), so I know I would be up in the mix. But I could be in much better shape too, so hopefully that year will finally come soon.

Got to mull it over with an insightful group of guys after training tonight which was probably the final decision point.

At least I'll get to go to my first ever 10mila party - I'll get to the real thing some day.

Thursday Apr 27, 2017 #

7 AM

Strength and Conditioning 40:00 [2]

Chilled session, mostly ankle work with some upper body shite in there too.
5 PM

Running 12:45 [2] 2.66 km (4:48 / km) +2m 4:47 / km

Running 16:37 intensity: (11:37 @1) + (5:00 @5) 3.36 km (4:57 / km) +10m 4:52 / km

Did half the session with the boys, yeow.
Achilles feeling weird this morning, but ankle-swelling has noticeably reduced, while mobility has increased. Achilles feeling better throughout the day so gave the session a shot.

On the meadows.
1x 1km [10min], 2x 400m [3min].
Times: 2:56, 58, 62.

The sheer lack of volume in this session probably can class this under filthy.

Trying to convince myself I'm not too out of shape while simultaneously trying not to ruin my crocked body.
Succesful on both accounts, I think.

Gave myself a 10m head start on the 1k which normally I would need, but since I was only doing one the boys weren't catching. Hopped back in for the 400s, and again puntered off the start-line, but got reeled in nicely by Ali on the 2nd.

How beneficial, I don't know, but just great fun and a lovely evening. Haven't enjoyed being back running as much as this.

Finished off weighing up my IOC options with a very insightful group of guys.

Running 21:39 [1] 3.76 km (5:45 / km) +20m 5:36 / km

with Will after his impressive razzing.

Wednesday Apr 26, 2017 #

5 PM

Spinning 30:00 [1]

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