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Training Log Archive: Dooby

In the 7 days ending Apr 17, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Cycling3 4:38:53 88.3(3:10) 142.1(1:58) 1079
  Orienteering1 1:36:14 8.49(11:20) 13.66(7:03) 61020c
  Circuits1 56:12
  Walking1 44:58 0.96(46:36) 1.55(28:57)
  Trails/Road1 44:00 6.36(6:55) 10.24(4:18) 57
  Trails1 16:39 1.01(16:29) 1.63(10:15) 59
  Total7 8:56:56 105.13 169.18 180520c
averages - sleep:7.4 weight:72kg

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Sunday Apr 17, 2016 #

11 AM

Trails warm up/down 11:14 [2] 1.13 km (9:59 / km) +57m 7:58 / km
ahr:111 max:142 slept:7.0 shoes: VJ Falcons 2014

Orienteering race 1:36:14 [5] *** 13.66 km (7:03 / km) +610m 5:45 / km
ahr:163 max:176 20c shoes: VJ Falcons 2014

Leinster Orienteering Championships 2016
Carrick Mountain

Didn't have any real expectations for this race, was a test to see what sort of shape the body is, and I think it's not too bad, but of course could be better. BS not where i'd have liked before the race so think that might have contributed to the later cramp, or else I was dehydrated after yesterday which I don't think I was. Could feel the legs were a bit crampy early on. But ignored it. Also felt a slight twinge in the right calf going to 1 too but that went away again, not encouraging start.

Very tough start I felt physically, lots of climb. Ended up going straight up to the road going to 4, climbed more out of the control, but lost some time in the circle finding the control. Was confused on the path going to 5.

Then there was 6. Disaster of a route choice, green looked ok so went for it. My destroyed legs didn't thank me for this and it was a bit of a blow mentally. Lost around 4 minutes here. 7 wasn't fun either, the climb up from the road took longer than I expected, rough, ended up along by the stream near the end. Got the control ok though.

Went low to the road for 9, straight might have been quicker, also lost time in the circle, a bit to the left of it. 10 got stuck in more crap. Lorrieq caught me here, knew he was gaining.

More climb to 11. Spent the rest of the course with Lorrieq, either in front or behind him. I did manage to get ahead of him going to 16 but lost that time having a cramp before crossing the stream, along with a couple of more cramps in the mud before 16. Not fun. And there was more climb to come to 17.

This sort of run was definitely outside my comfort zone in time, haven't done this length of a run in ages. Good training since it was a very physical area, can't say the orienteering was difficult, my time loss was due to bad decision making with regards to the terrain.

Did struggle on a few occasions trying to read the vegetation on the map along with some earth features.

Trails warm up/down 5:25 [1] 0.5 km (10:50 / km) +2m 10:39 / km
ahr:122 max:129 shoes: VJ Falcons 2014

Saturday Apr 16, 2016 #

8 AM

Cycling 2:10:59 [3] 67.53 km (1:56 / km) +391m 1:53 / km
ahr:139 max:174 slept:7.5 shoes: Spiuk ZS11

Killarney-Board of Works-Killorglin-Beaufort-Faha-Killarney

Saturday spin with the club. Sun shining so good day to be out. Pace was a lot hotter than I thought it might be. A couple of fitter lads along this morning, but wasn't under pressure.

Felt like we were moving very well up to the Board of Works. Group of 8 and it stayed together mostly today. Dropped to 6 in Beaufort, 2 of the lads were at the limit with the group so took the opportunity to head for home, think the only reason we went for Faha was Mike wanted 2 hours but the pace we were going at meant the spin went a lot faster so more distance needed.

Some nice turns at the front. No wind which was good.

Pat dropped off the back leaving Beaufort Bridge so I dropped back to help pace her back to the group, took a while since lads didn't ease up too much.

Tired by the time I got home but not too bad. Was expecting an easier spin ahead of tomorrow but that wasn't the case. But just using tomorrow as a test to see where I am at the moment, no idea what sort of shape the legs are in.
11 AM

Walking 44:58 [1] 1.55 km (28:57 / km)
shoes: Adidas Supernova (2015)

Mowing the lawn!
Had planned on doing it last night but wet so did it this morning after getting back from cycling.

Thought it might take longer so that's good news, I won't need a ride-on!

Friday Apr 15, 2016 #

slept:7.05 (rest day)

Been a few days since i've had a rest so chose today as the day to put my feet up. Did hope to do some exercise, mowing the lawn, but wet when I got home, some heavy showers going, so sitting on the couch for the evening instead, oh well!

Thursday Apr 14, 2016 #

5 PM

Circuits 56:12 [3]
ahr:117 max:156 slept:8.2 shoes: Adidas Supernova (2015)

Wednesday Apr 13, 2016 #

3 PM


LOC 2016 M21E Start Times
16 (11.11)
4 (12.55)

Why can't the start intervals be consistent???
5 PM

Cycling 1:24:33 [3] 41.22 km (2:03 / km) +518m 1:56 / km
ahr:144 max:169 slept:7.45 shoes: Spiuk ZS11

Moll's Gap

Some showers going but decided to risk it, looked alright. Didn't escape the rain, 1 really heavy shower just before Adopt-a-Sheep on the way down, nasty, but other than that it was nice.

Legs felt mostly ok but some right knee pain when I started climbing, above it, went away again though.

Only 1 second faster up Ladies View than the last time, could feel that the end of the climb wasn't going that good, didn't feel strong. But I keep on improving my time from Molls Gap to Muckross, would prefer improvements going uphill though.

Felt tired by the time I got home.

Tuesday Apr 12, 2016 #

5 PM

Trails/Road 44:00 [3] 10.24 km (4:18 / km) +57m 4:11 / km
ahr:146 max:156 slept:7.4 weight:72kg shoes: Adidas Supernova Black (2015)

Golf Course & Knockreer Demesne

Battery on the watch died after 7k so time is an accurate enough estimate as ran in the door to check my other watch. Lost a few seconds.

Had to wait on the golf course for a couple of lads to tee off from my left, balls actually landed close enough to the track. I waited outed of the direct line of the fairway, could see and hear the whack of the tee shot, but couldn't see the ball when I looked up. Sign said to wait so glad I did.

Legs feeling alright, ran a bit faster than I intended but no consequences afterwards.

Lovely evening so ran legs got a taste of the fresh air.

Monday Apr 11, 2016 #

2 PM


Think (Know) glute on the right hand side needs a bit of work, has been sore from last Thursday/Friday.

Monday - Turbo or Cycling (depends on the weather)
Tuesday - Running
Wednesday - Cycling
Thursday - Circuits
Friday - Running
Saturday - Cycling
Sunday - Orienteering (LOC)

Could do with a rest day and if a reason for one crops up (possibility that it might) then i'll avail of it. Will see how the week goes, Friday is the likely candidate for being a rest day but depends what the weather is like. But can't say i'm too worried about LOC. Still not sure what I am worried about.
5 PM

Cycling 1:03:21 intensity: (1:29 @1) + (11:51 @2) + (47:18 @3) + (2:43 @4) 33.35 km (1:54 / km) +171m 1:51 / km
ahr:145 max:166 slept:7.04 shoes: Spiuk ZS11

Lovely evening so out on the road rather that in front of the telly.

Took me a while to figure out that it was going to be a tough trip home. Tailwind out of Beaufort so had to face into it on the way home.

Pushed the return a bit, tried to keep the intensity up. Think it went ok. Need longer spins more than short ones although reckon if i'm out Wednesday it'll be Ladies View for some climbing.

A few cyclists in front of me on the way home, 1 around Fossa GAA and another around Hegarty's Shop so they were encouragement.

Not liking the road up home, tougher with a more gradual incline I think, gradual for the first part, flat part by the church, before the steeper bit. It's the gradual part i'm not liking but maybe with more training it'll be better.

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