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Training Log Archive: bl

In the 7 days ending May 12, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road/trail2 2:05:35 10.51(11:57) 16.91(7:25) 339
  Walking5 1:39:00 3.6 5.79 45
  Orienteering1 1:04:17 3.62(17:45) 5.83(11:02) 231
  Woods/trail1 1:02:18 1.6(38:56) 2.58(24:12) 90
  Road running1 45:00 4.46(10:05) 7.18(6:16) 162
  Weightexercise workout1 30:00
  Total11 7:06:10 23.79 38.29 867

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Saturday May 12, 2012 #

3 PM

Woods/trail 1:02:18 [1] 1.6 mi (38:56 / mi) +90m 33:09 / mi

Nottingcook walk with Beth & dogs. Up a path by a very nice stream & back in the woods. Forgot to turn watch off til after driving away.
7 PM


Stepdaughter Jenn with pit bull rescue puppies. She drove from Burlington, Vt yesterday pm to meet two adopting families here. We were in for a fair amount of excitement. Says she's tired of raising puppy litters (these were born in the back of her van returning from Queens)...too much work, too much poop. She's an adoptive-type herself, having adopted 6 kids, had too many foster kids to keep track of (and 'discarded' her one spouse).

Angels for now

Poop machine

Friday May 11, 2012 #

Walking 16:00 [1] 0.7 mi (22:51 / mi)

To end of WH in large to pick up a control. 15' RT drive, 16' RT walk.
Bright, breezy.

Passes for lawn
11 AM

Road/trail 1:11:37 [2] 6.0 mi (11:56 / mi) +203m 10:48 / mi
shoes: Nike Lunarglide 3

Noon - goal to visit quarry area behind prison. Had not been there in more
than 10 years. Was familiar w/ first part of run and kept going north,
straight at several intersections. Was there in some 0.75 mi, jogged in
vicinity & headed back, resolving to go to a track later since this was turning
out to be short.... Not paying enough attention, got mixed up, retraced, but
even with care, got mixed up again...never so mixed up! Noon sun (what
little there was was not helpful). Eventually persisted in a single direction coming out in a cemetery. Escaping that was also confusing as it was quite large. Never there either (Blossom Hill). Turned right on Rumsford, asked a guy where Auburn was (smile..."up that hill"). Was some 1.5 mi back to the car from that point...uphill. Got back, total 6mi, 71' - not what I bargained for. Never so mixed up...worth repeating.... TGIF.

Largest quarry

Granite 'shards'

Thursday May 10, 2012 #

Walking 18:00 [1]

Rainy, umbrella DP. Walked to point where moose carcass was some 6 wks ago. By now, even the corn from the moose's stomach is gone. Nothing but 5 plastic gloves, 3 blue 2 yellow - waiting for a 'forest steward' such as myself to pick them up. Spring cleanup time around now. More yellow DPW trucks than one could shake a stick at - got out not a moment too soon. Still, req'd treats to get dogs to act lively re getting into car.


"If a person is racing to win, carrying out trash, stacking cups, depositing things nicely is not their priority, and why should it be?

If they are out for a nice hike in the woods, I might expect a little more concern for the environment."

Between the racing to win and the nice hike is this graceful curve:

Walk to the start from the '83 O-Ringen.
4 PM

Road/trail 53:58 intensity: (4:00 @1) + (34:58 @2) + (15:00 @3) 4.51 mi (11:58 / mi) +136m 10:56 / mi
shoes: Nike Lunarglide 3

Gray, rainy, blah-inducing day. Fought back & overcame, for a period at least. Returned to Penacook Resevoir to continue the path I had to turn back on about a month ago. It continued fairly high above the water visible through the leaves, crossed a gorgeous stream on a wooden bridge under old hemlocks but never approached shore. At one point, a clear way down to the water invited. It seemed a poignant moment having a Lake Solitude, forested in a gray and green world, to myself. Continued on to the waterworks briefly along an old path remnant then an SVT.

Wednesday May 9, 2012 #

Walking 20:00 [1] 0.9 mi (22:14 / mi)

Slough (looking more like a frog pond), warm, humid, earthy smells. A lot of tracks in the sand - some creatures prefer the night shift. 9th already...
12 PM

Road running 45:00 [2] 4.46 mi (10:05 / mi) +162m 9:04 / mi
shoes: Nike Lunarglide 3

Out to Hopkinton: Patch & Rollins Roads. Cool, humid, overcast. Only one
car on Patch & Rollins. Patch is exquisite, Rollins a bit rough at the edges by comparison. Only 1 vehicle when on the two roads. Kimball Pond Rec area & Hawthorne forest for another day. Resplendent May. Will try to do something refreshing each day of this month.

Heard this morning of an old friend's being dx'd with pancreatic cancer, prog to be determined - a clarion call for Time's ravages come kicking down the door. Carpe diem as the expression goes. One never knows....

Tuesday May 8, 2012 #

Weightexercise workout 30:00 [1]

Gym on a rainy, depressing day. Came out to car to find pink sticky under wiper, ink ran but readable: "Would you like a girlfriend? I'm available, 603-264-1256". Was using the red Saab convert, so maybe something to it:). But, with some reflection, realized it was Beth's hand and her seldom used cell #. Some 30 years ago, in Lexington, MA center, got back to my van after running to work in Woburn and back to find a hostile note re parking in town center signed "the red F". Came home to Concord mumbling about the nerve of people to find it was Beth's doing. Still have the note somewhere.

Should have shaken out the blahs by running in the rain but did not. Maybe some to do with currently reading "Drinking: A Love Affair" by Caroline Knapp, past NYT best seller re young woman's alcoholism ("a highly functioning alcoholic"). Cambridge, Martha's Vineyard, Brown U privileged; her dad, a well-regarded teacher at BU med was likely (a highly functioning) one, too. She had a half brother, Wicky, who was born blind etc with fetal alcohol syndrome, lived a miserable life and died of grand mal seizure complications at 42. Caroline kicked the habit but, in April, 2002, was diagnosed with lung ca (smoked as much as drank perhaps), got married to an old friend in May and died in June, 2002. Perfect poetic injustice?

Monday May 7, 2012 #

Walking 30:00 [1] 1.0 mi (30:00 / mi)

2 Dp's, first got out of brush dump just before DPW posse arrived.
Second - picked up 2 blue controls from 4/21 meet at end of Peasley, a new suburban world growing unto itself (maybe 10 houses) where woods once reigned.
10 PM


Gallery: West Point camping by Popolopen shore of recent vintage (and probable repeat)

What was at the machinations of bureaucracy that exclusion trumped?

Sunday May 6, 2012 #

7 AM

Walking 15:00 [1] 1.0 mi (15:00 / mi) +45m 13:10 / mi

To start area
8 AM

Orienteering race 1:04:17 [3] 5.83 km (11:02 / km) +231m 9:12 / km
shoes: Adidas trail

Long: felt it was too long/difficult for many (most?) brown runners. Very technical & physical with an abundance of unmapped green & knee-high blueberrry. Walk to the start up the open “Garden of Eden” spur was a decoy! Had a good run (really a “forced march” much of the way) avoiding getting mad at the jungle fight that was often the MO). Compared splits with Charlie - very close for most of them. Entirely missed right path option on 1 - but we were only a few seconds apart. Slight variation on straight was work indeed. #8 was a bit of a bingo cp even having spotted the big bldr. by the trail. Was lucky to have 2 runners ahead to do most of the finding. Ran to #9 with Don Davis. By far most fun was running to 10....

quick QR

Nice weekend but not utilizing Buckner was most unfortunate. Missed the honking geese landing with a swish on the still water. Also, no WP-sponsored camping. Camped with Jim A at Round Pond Saturday night. The entire campground was empty/available. Control descriptions needed to be in the meet packet. At Sunday start, I was quite irritated when end of clear tape was nowhere to be found in the minute to two before moving to pickup map - took some 1.5’ to get some tape free and poorly utilized at that. Nice dinner in Highland Falls with Jim & Dave Cady (in proximity of the Lyons family).
7 PM


Faces in the crowd


Awaiting sprint start

Long finish

Right here

So it goes

The good doctor needs a pay raise

Round Pond campsite

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