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Training Log Archive: bl

In the 7 days ending Apr 29, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering1 2:30:22 8.63(17:25) 13.89(10:50) 465
  Road/trail2 2:03:38 10.81(11:26) 17.4(7:06) 205
  Walking4 1:34:00 2.7(34:49) 4.35(21:38)
  Mapping/fieldwork/meet prep1 1:20:16 3.0(26:45) 4.83(16:38) 110
  Road running1 40:00 4.2(9:31) 6.76(5:55)
  Weightexercise workout1 30:00
  Total8 8:38:16 29.34 47.22 780

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Sunday Apr 29, 2012 #

10 AM

Orienteering race 2:30:22 [3] 8.63 mi (17:25 / mi) +465m 14:55 / mi
shoes: Adidas trail

34th BG at Moreau Lake SP. I’d give it an A-; went to every control w/o really any hitches. Early on the usual following but by end of first leg, there were only 5-6 of us in common view. Probably the hardest/longest first BG leg - maybe most climb, too. There was a couple from Canada, Jim A, Phil B, Jeff & Hilary, Jeff Schapiro, too for early company. The Canadian couple (he anyway) was quite accurate & helpful. First saw Jeff & Hil at 4 - by 11, I could not keep up with that group. At 12, it was Phil, myself and a Janet Findley fm Lake Placid. I was skipping 12, so Phil parted ways. Led Janet to all controls but she parted way halfway to 19. I like the 18 skip - it was a drag of a climb. Broke BP compass halfway to 19 in a fall. Still gave me direction. Not so important by then anyway. Once determined I’d make a spare compass part of the start kit.... 21-26 was just about care. Cramps at 23 but “willed” them away...too “expensive”!
Was generally on my own from halfway to 11 all the way to 23 which can’t help with optimizing time.

Was a bit worried at download...what had I failed to do...? Fair amount of crossing etc but did everything correctly. Nice, tough course. Amazing forest/map. Lots of walking wounded after. Nice to see Steve Tarry. Also Fred Pilon going way back, Bill Jameson, too. Excellent production by EMPO!

Drive to Williamstown after. Passed thru charming Greenwich and Cambridge, NY as well as Hoosick Falls and (Old) Bennington. Spring green was the dominant theme. Spent some time on the Williams campus, fed dogs on Weston Field, had dinner at a nice pub/restaurant on Water Street. Set up a tent with Beth at the end of Hopper road near a barn full of mooing cows. “The lowing herd winds slowly o’er the lea and leaves the world to darkness and to me” came to mind. A lovely twilight, first “star”, rims of hills, peepers. 28F this am but prepared...

BG "parade"

Old Goats

Young Goats

34, no misses

Fine spring day at Moreau

Saturday Apr 28, 2012 #


Drive to Glens Falls with Beth & Z&M. Gorgeously green much of the way along Rte. 4, rims of hills everywhere. Passed by Killington, through Woodstock, probably Vt’s prettiest town, then Rutland. Noted the flood damage from last summer...first was a lot of bare rock in the river bed (any soil washed away) then obvious that river banks had been washed away in many places with trees lying on top of each other, pushed over by current & flooding. Noted debris at eye level in branches along 4 in places and some homes that had been inundated. Clearly high ground is dry is safe ground. Lots of new crushed rock on banks. Dinner at Gourmet Cafe in downtown Glens Falls across from the Brewhouse which was dinner site at the October, ’10 USOC. Saw the Saegers & Rick & LInda there. Last room available at the Super 8, smoking but with window open, it’s fine.

Friday Apr 27, 2012 #

Walking 17:00 [1] 0.6 mi (28:19 / mi)

May Day, long awaited for.... Followed a DPW truck up Allen so went to upper PL entrance. Marvelled again at veg changes over years - 5 yrs, some 12' high white pine w/ 4-5" trunks. Cool & rainy.
12 PM

Road/trail 39:48 [2] 3.06 mi (13:00 / mi) +60m 12:16 / mi

Noon wander. Parked at high point on Little Pond, went into woods but
trails not really of interest there. Found myself back near car. Went over
to Via Tranquilla. Went to end and entered do not trespass public water
supply property. Nice woods, some walls, gently sloping. Did not get to see
Penacook Resevoir. Turned around at a wall visible on sat view. Will have to return, pkng at end of Tranquilla. NW blustery/chilly.

Reading SI earlier about Kenyan Sammy Wanjiru, runaway winner of the 2008 Beijing Olympic marathon in heat in 2:06. Sadly, money/success/fame/alcohol/maybe vengeance saw him literally buried in the ground May, 2011. One quote re Kenyans distance runners says much: "Sixteen American men have broken 2:10 in the marathon. 38 Kenyans did it in October, 2011." Quite a different end from Grete Waitz.

Hard to believe another Billy Goat is just around the corner. Boston marathon, the BG, West Point A meet come & go as surely as spring does.
But eventually, go stops.

Thursday Apr 26, 2012 #


Alar came to Bow yesterday eve to visit/collect controls/do some training. Picked up 17 scattered flags w/o a compass for a bit extra challenge. One particular reward was a group of great blue herons taking flight from the bog. Stopped by for a glass of wine & conversation about a ski area out the door, 30' of soft dry powder in the winter (yet no snow days for school kids) and skiing thru glades most every day in some magic fairyland somewhere. 24/
5 PM

Mapping/fieldwork/meet prep 1:20:16 intensity: (1:12:16 @1) + (8:00 @2) 3.0 mi (26:45 / mi) +110m 24:01 / mi

Control pickup/DP. Picked up 7, first took 30' and 1.3 mi to get to. Beth had car so went out back of house which has become thicker & knarlier over the years. On & off sprinkles. Left compass home which was fine until departing second to last - was daydreaming & eventually realized I was not doing route I was supposed to be - not paying att'n & terrain went down, not up. Maybe 5' wandering under a hemlock canopy - could see pretty far, terrain looked familiar & did not. Finally, a boulder and some rocky ground not seen in a few years but could place it. 31/

Not interested in going back to house from PL. Was just pulling out cell to call when the beeper went off with its insistent, even urgent beeping - "who the *^*&(* want's me?" Nice surprise...Beth wondering where I was.

Noted a red pickup stuck in mud at the slough - rear wheels were in water, front on shore (as if backing in or driving out?), half-submerged in mud...muddle-heads....

Wednesday Apr 25, 2012 #

Walking 18:00 [1] 0.5 mi (35:59 / mi)

Cloudless blue & calm DP. Picked up a stand, noted one DPW truck.
3 PM

Road/trail 1:23:50 intensity: (10:00 @1) + (1:13:50 @2) 7.75 mi (10:49 / mi) +145m 10:13 / mi
shoes: Nike Lunarglide 3

NHH home. Had 9.8 mi route in mind but was as tired as the day was lovely.
The pond, woods & shorter route beckoned at town center so home thru School Forest. Much prefer Green Mansions for pounding the black ribbon overrun by cars. Even with the great scenery, I was tired.

Tuesday Apr 24, 2012 #

Walking 39:00 [1] 1.2 mi (32:30 / mi)

DP with Beth, object was 3 controls. Early gray shower quickly dissolved to sparkling blue-green. Picked up first orange and first & second red & blue. Beth had never been there & was quite impressed, mostly with relatively old pines & openness of their slopes. Lots of moose droppings. 7/

Road running 40:00 [2] 4.2 mi (9:31 / mi)
shoes: Nike Lunarglide 3

Noon, South, Iron Works, Clinton to woods path to Memorial. Cool, south breeze.

Today's MONITOR has three photos of "forest orientation" at Nottingcook Saturday on front of Local & State section.

"Norwegian Ridge" from this morning

Early morning green

Monday Apr 23, 2012 #

Walking 20:00 [1] 0.4 mi (49:59 / mi)

DP, collected 2 cp's by pond. Raining steadily - an umbrella in green was the m.o., still very wet w/ cold fingers @ 42F 4/

Weightexercise workout 30:00 [1]

Visit to TI, rain all day. Light weights & stretching. Mizzle-like, warmish late pm. Daffos limp, water-logged!


Gallery #3

"Of life, of youth, of the ubiquitous dog", April, 1968


Alar came to Bow yesterday eve to visit/collect controls/get some training. Picked up 17 scattered flags w/o a compass for a bit extra challenge. One particular reward was a group of great blue herons taking flight from the bog. Stopped by for a glass of wine & conversation about a ski area out the door, 30' of soft dry powder in the winter and skiing thru glades most every day in some magic fairyland somewhere.

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