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Training Log Archive: bl

In the 7 days ending May 1, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Walking5 2:25:00 4.5(32:13) 7.24(20:01)
  Orienteering3 1:52:38 7.91(14:15) 12.72(8:51) 459
  Road running1 1:34:48 9.81(9:40) 15.79(6:00) 328
  Weightexercise workout1 27:00
  Track1 22:03 3.48(6:20) 5.6(3:56)
  Total9 6:41:29 25.69 41.35 787

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Sunday May 1, 2011 #

9 AM

Orienteering race 59:21 intensity: (44:21 @3) + (15:00 @4) 6.36 km (9:20 / km) +282m 7:38 / km
shoes: Avant O

Long, 0853 start, not hot. Good energy/effort. Managed to concentrate for an entire hour which, I'd say, is the exception to the rule. Looked hard at terrain as well as at map & knew where I was the entire way. Maybe a bit too pedantic at times, maybe a bit too much walking but constant feedback was the pursuit. There were no-one-instant knowing where one is then something somehow lapses and "WTF?". Compared splits w/ PG who was always a bit faster. I loved the terrain, some funky map feedback for some, not so much that I noticed.

More faces

Another WP meet now past history - very well done & perfect weather. Went to USMA visitors' center in HF which was very nice - WP quite the institution. Don't feel particularly beaten-up.

Saturday Apr 30, 2011 #

Walking 35:00 [1] 0.9 mi (38:54 / mi)

AM DP on Lake Pop map, 35' with dogs. Found a control with manual punch, left out ? even 2 years? I was in very same vicinity '08. Walked over to it. Cadet training course? Read the tag: "Please do not remove - map and compass course". At the very instant I released it, someone shouted "I found it". I was sure I was the only one within "miles". Was a raft leader-type fellow doing an O training course.

Spring green

10 AM

Orienteering race 35:37 intensity: (30:37 @3) + (5:00 @4) 3.82 km (9:19 / km) +128m 7:59 / km
shoes: Avant O

Middle: decent run/energy, B+ performance. Confusion at start and a few legs when map contact just suddenly disappeared... but only circling was on # 9. Was doubtful about the hamstring which held up just fine. Nice terrain & nice use of it.

Not 10' before start, noticed I did not have my e-punch! Lost on the ground somewhere. Dave Urban noticed my frantic circling, approached: "are you looking for a blue e-punch?". Thanks, Dave! Sunday, after the long, I found someone's e-punch on the ground in front of refreshments. Taped it above the results. Was gone later so it must have made its way to its owner.
2 PM

Orienteering race 17:40 [4] 2.54 km (6:57 / km) +49m 6:20 / km
shoes: Avant O

Sprint around Round Pond - interesting course. PG started 1' behind, I knew he was starting not much after but exactly how much I did not care to know. Ran by the first control &, in returning, PG had punched it. Rest of course was a mixture of his being ahead, some alongsdide, once behind and with a few other runners in the latter half of the course making for no significant loss of time. Forgot to stop watch, learned another 305 item.

Very nice dinner at Schades in HF with Beth, Ernst, BP, Jim A, Hans B and later sitting round MJ's lantern til 9pm (!), much of the conversation was about skiing! Quiet, restful night camping.

Faces in the crowd, sprint

Sprint finish

Evening light on water, Popolopen
4 PM

Walking 30:00 [1] 0.8 mi (37:31 / mi)

PM DP down to what turned out to be Wilkins Pond. Could see water thru the trees from the campsite & went that way. A mystical early spring moment with the spring green of treetops and intense emerald of grass along the shore.

Mystical image

Flood plain house for sale, inquire below

Friday Apr 29, 2011 #


Drive with Beth & dogs, Hartford, Warterbury, Danbury congestion - thru Newbergh. Camping on a knoll @ Round Pond at site w/ MJ & Ethan Childs. 6 hr, 260 mi. Free shared site for us resulted in a $15 junior team contribution as suggested by MJ.

Thursday Apr 28, 2011 #

Walking 15:00 [1] 0.5 mi (29:59 / mi)

AM DP aound the Sandbox, keeping Mocha from rolling in anything - her
"Queen for a Day" at work. Spent night in tent (#4). Followed Beth out in
dark - eventually had to make a few suggestions as I wanted to go to bed.
Never did rain, just wind, warm. Heard one round of coyotes then dawn. Tent
stake bag chewed - fortunately not tent. Vowed not to leave behind at all
- chewing rodents can be disappointing! Heard the owl call my name as I
stepped out of car last night - from a nearby tree, three times. Wondered why.

Pine Hill House, from the front door

On the one hand, mundane - on the other, fairly special

Some of Beth's daffodils

Track 10:00 [3] 1.8 km (5:33 / km)


Track 12:03 [4] 3.8 km (3:10 / km)

CHS track - 1:48,1:42, 3:26, 3:25,1:42, 200 walk, then rain & wind
brought all to a close. Had Mocha at the track watching.

Wednesday Apr 27, 2011 #

Walking 30:00 [1] 1.5 mi (20:00 / mi)

SPS, hi 60s, stretched & walked on track & grass. Legs flat from yesterday.

Walking 15:00 [1] 0.3 mi (49:59 / mi)

PM DP at the Sandbox, dogs found it hot. No tracks but saw a snapper being prodded by the side of Allen. Angry sky in the west, warm front on the way.

"What I'd do for the beach."

Tuesday Apr 26, 2011 #

3 PM

Road running 1:34:48 [3] 9.81 mi (9:40 / mi) +328m 8:45 / mi
shoes: New Balance 1011

Home from work, second time this way. Mid-50s, gray, birdsong, buds, greening grass, nice enough by the road. OK energy, no hamstring noise. A lot of hills. Saw the sofa that had been in a front yard on BBR for nearly a week (through at least 2 rains). It had been reincarnated in another front yard, sitting on a trailer, 2-3 miles away.... One can only wonder what the driving force. Thought auto lap was on; forgot I'd turned it off for the O weekend.

Monday Apr 25, 2011 #

Weightexercise workout 27:00 [1]

Usual at the TI, more E than T.

Walking 20:00 [1] 0.5 mi (39:59 / mi)

Nice PM DP with Beth, gentle April drizzle, half on cart track, half creative thru woods.

Noted 36 mi thru today...hmm, more robust than I felt I'd done. Looked back over the week and noted an 8.0 mile walk in some 20'...ojala que! 0.8 was more like it.


Faraway series, photos from elsewhere, #62

A hike along the Na Pali coast, Kauai, Memorial Day weekend, 1971

a scan of a 5by7" print from Jan., '77. Slide scanner on hold due to computer changes & software challenges. And am clueless why it does not link to the larger picture - as it has done for more than a year. Technology has a mind of its own - and is in need of psychoanalysis.

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