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Training Log Archive: bl

In the 7 days ending May 11, 2009:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering2 4:06:00 5.8(42:27) 9.33(26:22)
  Road running3 2:42:47 18.5(8:48) 29.77(5:28) 260
  mapping1 1:00:00 1.5(40:00) 2.41(24:51)
  Trail/woods running1 58:23 2.6(22:27) 4.18(13:57)
  Track1 15:21 2.59(5:55) 4.18(3:41)
  Total7 9:02:31 30.99(17:30) 49.87(10:53) 260

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Monday May 11, 2009 #

Road running 58:53 [4] 6.9 mi (8:32 / mi) +130m 8:04 / mi
shoes: New Balance 1011

Home fm work, lovely day. Not much energy, however. DP time, will get 3 controls, easy, almost fm car....

Sunday May 10, 2009 #

Event: Billygoat

Orienteering 1:06:00 [2] 4.5 km (14:40 / km)

Vetting BG controls before start. Breezy, nice.


31st BG. Was done sleeping quite a bit before dawn, up around 5. Had fairly hard rain last night along w/ some thunder & lightning - later, a moon shone in thru the window, so that was hopeful. Federers came for night/dinner & Wyatt Riley slept on the boat. One predawn thought was how well meet location was signed. Recall Ruth Johnson's telling me at fall '07 meet she'd been looking for meet site a looong time. Took care of last signs & vetted controls. First big surprise* was Ernst's asking me about control descriptions...plain skipped my mind, it's about 0945 & I think I need a 100. Fortunately Jim A had sent me an email with 4 (that were up to date) on the second page so was able to print that about 25x & back by 10:20. Enjoyed having the race timer clock.

*actually an error...first was JJ's calling me on Fri night saying he could not open course file in ocd8, made in 9. I could adjust format for map but not course file fm 9 to 8 version. It was 10pm, i could barely stay awake after a Thur night CYC dinner & Sat was map pickup & place controls. Maybe 35' later & some whining on my part (feared i would have to recreate course descriptions), JJ assured me he coud make it work. Went to bed again in fear of phone ringing. Went to Kinko's at noon Sat w/ fingers crossed. JJ understands most stuff!

After start, got Diane, Brian & Ed off to split two. Came back around 1205, thinking that's not far fm 90' - when someone should definitely be finishing. I'd considered the course fast as well as fact that it was under 11k. There was an empty lot, Suzanne F, some kids, empty cars, just Beth, no last control to be found. No one really to get the finish mobilized. Had not seen Jim for an hour plus - turned out he helped sort out confusion about location of first split - a relief to see him as I was driving off to the house looking for the results board that I was sure I'd accounted for..but, once there, could not find. Next thing we knew there were the first 3 finishers with 15", around 80-81'. Slowly got our act together but it was close!

Blessed by good weather, breezy, sunny, cool. Runners were pleased with the course which was a good mix & skips were creative as was fork. Did not consider the road out of 14; did not occur to me that that swamp had a purpose! I thought course was fast & woods, while scratchy, are indeed open in many places. Control hanging was conspicuous.

All in all, a good BG with birthday cake before parting of the ways. Nice to see Phil's son, Adam, come out of the woods around 3pm, maybe a tad frustrated but appeared to have the satisfaction of doing it by himself to the end. Steve Tarry hasn't missed a one & Sharon informed me that she's been to all of them, too, even if she only did red at Mt Tom bk in '79:). PG served up choice commentary; for most part we weren't too far off with shirts (alot of late entries). Came home to the usual messy garage, house, car full of stuff/trash, ignored dogs & found a ripe tick on my side ...pulled it out partly, dug out the rest & decided either a nap or a beer would make the most sense. Control pickup can wait for another day. Seems that there was one noted today fm the A meet Oct 07 still awaiting runners. Promised Jim I would take better care of his freshly-minted controls.

Saturday May 9, 2009 #

Orienteering 2:00:00 [1] 2.0 mi (1:00:00 / mi)

Putting out BG controls after meeting w/ Jim. May woods dressed in green. I think the course is fast. Shall see.

Sumptiously open woods by one control...

Course is quite a mix of terrain & woods.

Ferns unfolding...

Orienteering 1:00:00 [1] 1.0 mi (1:00:01 / mi)

3 additional controls/punches in open section of course.

Friday May 8, 2009 #

mapping 1:00:00 [1] 1.5 mi (40:00 / mi)

Went over 3 BG controls & sent map file to JJ. Mosquitos but no BF's for me - no repellent either.

Spring reflections out back...

Thursday May 7, 2009 #

Road running 1:02:10 [3] 7.2 mi (8:38 / mi) +130m 8:11 / mi
shoes: New Balance 1011

Run home fm work via Arnie's. Cool, has been rainy. Not in energetic mood.

Wednesday May 6, 2009 #

Track 8:18 [3] 1.6 km (5:11 / km)
shoes: New Balance 1011

Diane & I went to SPS, track, XC & track & ran out of time. Met Peter Romero fm Hitchcock Clinic - another local lunch hour regular.

Trail/woods running 20:23 [2] 2.1 mi (9:42 / mi)
shoes: New Balance 1011

XC loop, more talk than walk.

Track 7:03 [4] 1.6 mi (4:24 / mi)
shoes: New Balance 1011

Metric mile vs another loop as it was getting late for noon break.

Trail/woods running 38:00 [1] 0.5 mi (1:15:58 / mi)

Back to some focussed field checking as well as DP.

Tuesday May 5, 2009 #

Road running 41:44 [3] 4.4 mi (9:29 / mi)
shoes: New Balance 1011

Noon as rain began. Borrowed Mark's BB cap which was most useful. Water Tower but ran thru CH, Pleasantview & thru woods bk of Memorial field - bit of a change fm usual. About soaked at end. It was a frizzy hair day.


Out w/ dogs after work to check mapping for a BG leg, some knarly stuff as one RC. Fog-filled at tree-tops. Wet woods, green spring leaves; had not been in that partic area in several yrs; nice outing, happy, wet dogs, map ok.

Discussion w/ JJ about exported pdf's fm ocad & why mine might be missing symbols. Plan is for him to use Kinkos program, send direct, I'll pick up in am - slow/soft learning curve.

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