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Training Log Archive: GlenT

In the 7 days ending May 31, 2014:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Orienteering3 3:12:13 12.73(15:06) 20.49(9:23) 68325 /31c80%72.3
  Strength and Flexibility2 1:40:0025.0
  Trail Run2 1:38:24 9.2(10:42) 14.8(6:39) 38530.5
  Total7 6:30:37 21.93 35.29 106825 /31c80%127.7

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Saturday May 31, 2014 #

10 AM

Orienteering race 1:01:29 intensity: (54 @1) + (14:17 @2) + (31:40 @3) + (14:38 @4) *** 6.1 km (10:04 / km) +311m 8:02 / km
ahr:135 max:151 spiked:8/10c shoes: VJ Falcons 5

Red at Northfield Mountain. Prelude for Chase start later in the day. OK run after the first two controls. Distracted a bit by the photographer wandering along the trail with Judy on my way to 1. Headed up the stream parallelling the trail rather than the correct one leading to the control and lost ~3 min before figuring things out. Missed contol 2 on the first and second tries and finally got it on the third try, bouncing off the nearby trails. The feature was much more subtle in the terrain than it appeared on the map (it's a one contour reentrant but an index contour and is pretty broad). Probably lost ~4 min on this one. The rest went pretty well as I got real careful with following bearings and/or used very solid attack points. Ended up with the fastest time on Red as others also struggled. Had a 3 minute lead on Tim Parson for chase start.

SL 4.3km, counted climb at ~240 m. Cloudy and in the 60's. Later starters got rained on.
1 PM

Orienteering race 30:54 intensity: (2 @1) + (15 @2) + (21 @3) + (24:01 @4) + (6:15 @5) *** 4.01 km (7:42 / km) +131m 6:37 / km
ahr:152 max:160 spiked:7/7c shoes: VJ Falcons 5

Chase start Red at Northfield Mountain. 3 minute head start on Tim so the strategy was to be safe and as clean as possible (and run hard). Spent a lot of time running on trails to hit solid attackpoints. Had a clean run except for hesitating and checking another bag on the way to 5. Left the trail a bit early going to 2 but didn't lose much time. Bob Lux started on Green at the same time and we shared the first three controls, which I thinked helped some. Shortly after control 6 I heard some noise from behind which was probably Tim, but he took a different route to 7 and never caught me.

SL distance 2.9 km. Woods were wet before we started and it showered early in my run. Fun event organized by Jeff and Judy - Thanks.

Orienteering 25:40 intensity: (3:44 @1) + (16:28 @2) + (5:28 @3) *** 2.66 km (9:38 / km) +101m 8:06 / km
ahr:121 max:140 spiked:2/2c shoes: VJ Falcons 5

Picked up two controls partway up the hill (and on the far side of the large fenced area).

Thursday May 29, 2014 #

Strength and Flexibility (Pilates) 50:00 [3]

Weights. Hips and upper body.


Discovered another piece of Attackpoint coolness. Scroll down to near the bottom of your log and just under the "Search Log" function (on the right side), click on the "location search" link. It's labeled "beta" so I'm not sure everyone has it. And you need to have been entering GPS tracks for it to work.

Good stuff - thanks Kenny!
4 PM

Trail Run 52:32 intensity: (1:18 @1) + (19:55 @2) + (25:53 @3) + (5:26 @4) 7.63 km (6:53 / km) +339m 5:38 / km
ahr:132 max:149 shoes: NB 1210 "Leadville"

At Harvey Mountain SF in Austerlitz, NY. Ended up being about 55% trail and 45% dirt road. Started at the parking area just off East Hill Rd. and took the trail to the summit of Harvey Mountain (which is a wide open blueberry patch of several acres with some decent views). Continued on to the boundary marker at the NY-MA state line. The (marginal resolution) DEC map shows the trail looping around, so I kept going until it became obvious that the trail I was on was more or less following the state line, was heading downhill and was not going to get me back to my car. Headed back to the summit and took the road (gated so the locals can't just drive to the summit to party). I kept looking for a trail heading off the road but never found one so ended up on road back to the car. Even though it was a road, it was still pretty nice running (only one vehicle went by). And a perfect day for running, upper 60's and sunny.

Tuesday May 27, 2014 #

Strength and Flexibility (Pilates) 50:00 [2]

1 PM

Trail Run 45:52 intensity: (1:18 @1) + (6:55 @2) + (29:14 @3) + (8:25 @4) 7.18 km (6:24 / km) +46m 6:12 / km
ahr:136 max:151 shoes: NB 1210 "Leadville"

Run in the Albany Pine Bush, starting at the Blueberry Hill East trailhead. Trails have been rerouted some since I was last here quite a while ago. The intent is to have the trails mostly follow the perimeters of the various parcels of the Pine Bush Preserve to reduce "fragmentation" so the wildlife has larger pieces of environment to live in, which apparently they prefer. The Pine Bush is a rare ecosystem and there is a significant effort to restore and preserve what hasn't already been developed. Unfortunately, part of the "development" is the City of Albany landfill, which is still active and is huge.

It was quite hot when I ran, nearly 90F, but the dew point was about 60F so it wasn't too opressive. Fortunately clouds blocked the sun for much of the time. (Who knew that 2pm wouldn't be a good time to run when summer-like temperatures are predicted.)

Saw three sizable patches of blue lupines starting to bloom but no sightings of Karner Blue butterflies (for whom blue lupines are their only food source).

Sunday May 25, 2014 #

11 AM

Orienteering race 1:14:10 intensity: (2:07 @1) + (13:47 @2) + (42:51 @3) + (14:58 @4) + (27 @5) *** 7.71 km (9:37 / km) +140m 8:49 / km
ahr:136 max:159 spiked:8/12c shoes: VJ Falcons 5

Red course at Ansonia, set by Rich N and Jim H. Nice course on a great map (except for the area near the S/F where the barberry is winning). A few good long legs and plenty of fun technical stuff. And made even better by the weather, which was sunny and low 70s.

An OK run with a few avoidable errors. Missed #1 high and spent some time checking large boulders beyond the control. Visited #5 before #4 when I misread which clump of boulders I was seeing (#4 might be described as a vague feature (shallow reentrant) in an undermapped area). Probably lost about 4 minutes on each of those. Lost a minute on #6 checking the wrong stone pile and another minute on #12 misidentifying which stone wall I was seeing after crossing through the barberry jungle. Did well and had fun with 8-9-10-11 in the technical area in the eastern part of the map.

SL distance 6.2 km.

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