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Training Log Archive: AndreM

In the 7 days ending May 23, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Mountain Biking1 7:00:00
  Adventure Race1 5:19:00 45.86(6:57) 73.8(4:19)
  Road bike1 1:26:00 28.71(20.0/h) 46.2(32.2/h)
  Total3 13:45:00 74.56 120.0

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Sunday May 22, 2011 #

9 AM

Adventure Race race (KillaAvon) 5:19:00 [5] 73.8 km (4:19 / km)
shoes: SC Blur XC

It started out to be a great day, one mistake overshooting the entrance to the track leading up to the orienteering. The O went fine after a tentative start with Jen and another. Then found Saz at 3, with her to 4 and 5 and then took off to 6 and accelerated from there. Nice flow to each control.

Returned down the N track exit which was much fun. Robbie caught up with me at the bottom and we must have gained a bit of time here. Rode with Robbie and a team of two to TA2.

Ran the aerial map, very enjoyable since the distances were so short. However, had trouble seeing all the controls on the map, so missed getting 3.

Then made the beginning of a big mistake. I should have used these maps to find the entry to the road leading the tracks that got to X19 and X20. But before this, if I had planned it better I would have taken the road we came from to a fence and then up to 19 - since it was a 60m climb over a saddle/spur to get to the general area. Anyhow, I exit at great speed with Jake and Pete, but find them going N on the road, so head back through the barracks to try find the tracks. End up one too high and turning left way too early up the misleading tracks going over the first saddle. A case of two nav illnesses - not measuring how far I had to go and not taking the right bearing. Overall - the bearing problem was quite serious on this one because as I came up over the wrong saddle and into a gully where I expected 19 to be I couldn't figure out where I was. My map board compass was totally inadequate - since it tends to stick a bit (and has now been retired). I was about 30 degrees out and nothing was making sense. Looking at the big hills and distances I decided I needed to go north further, jumped a few fences, crossed a few paddocks and finally got to the gully/watercourse for 19. By then my tyres were nearly both flat. Stopped to pump them up. Then got 20 and back to the road, where I had to pump them up again. It was a good learning here that my bike pump was not up to the job. Luckily HQ was only a short detour off the way to Northam, so headed back to the car. Once there put more sealant in each tyre, pulled out as many of the double-g's as I could and pumped the tyres up to about 50psi which worked perfectly. Quite disappointed to have spent over an hour to gain the 20min bonus. Happy to still be able to continue.

Headed back to Northam, caught a couple of teams. Ran around Northam. Surprised to see Shane at the TA, where he told me he got two flats as well. Got totally immobilised trying to put my bike shoes back on and had to lie down for a good while. Groin cramps for the first time. Caught Shane just after the bridge and we decided to tackle the hill. Glad the cramps held off up the hill. Down and lost my lead by overshooting the entrance to the kep track. Pretty much Shane, me and another all the way back. I stopped a bridge too early for the last control as well. Knew the times could be close between Shane and I on the way back - but didn't have it in me to sit on his tail, so took the lead for the last k or so. Kept the lead to the end, but when we had to drop the bikes and run into the pub garden I knew he had it as any running effort would have had me cramping up.

I look forward to the next one. Thanks Tooms, Ian and volunteers!

Saturday May 21, 2011 #

11 AM

Mountain Biking 7:00:00 [1]
shoes: SC Blur XC

Setting controls and flags at Peterdine S - two of us put out 53 controls, about 8mins per. Luckily we could ride to all of them. Spotted a vagrant 106 which I spiked the following day doing the KillaAvon.

Tuesday May 17, 2011 #

6 AM

Road bike (Floreat Renegade) 1:26:00 [5] 46.2 km (32.2 kph)
shoes: Amiata Torino

Tooms, Ian, Chris, Shane, Ricky! and I. Very dark morning - fog made it hard to see, roads slightly wet, and add to that Tooms' eye piercing landing strip strobe light grade rear light. It was better once I took my glasses off.

I had a late night and was a bit tired so just tried to hold on. Finally rode the Mosman Park hill properly - caught up and stayed behind Chris and Ricky in the first half. Then after turning left and calling out to Ricky that it's a left, I got ahead of Chris, he tried to counter but I got out of my seat and shook him off like a fly. Then kom victory except for Tooms sneaking by right at the end to the "actual top". I'll give him that one since this may be his last FR ride for a while.

UWA sprint unfolded nicely except that I didn't know a Landcruiser was drafting me and made a close move past me for second place behind Ricky right at the end. Need to remember to look for cars here.

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