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Training Log Archive: TimGood

In the 7 days ending Mar 2, 2007:

activity # timemileskm+m
  run4 4:01:10 26.54(9:05) 42.71(5:39)
  XC ski1 2:00:16 5.6(21:29) 9.01(13:21)
  Square dancing3 1:10:00
  other1 32:25
  orienteering1 22:12 1.61(13:48) 2.59(8:34) 7512 /8c150%
  Total6 8:06:03 33.75 54.31 7512 /8c150%
averages - sleep:2 weight:180.5lbs

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Friday Mar 2, 2007 #

run warm up/down (road) 17:00 [1] 2.1 km (8:06 / km)
shoes: Integrator04-studs

Jog to the start of sprint, then back to rest rooms when I found the starts were delayed, then back to start again.

orienteering race (sprint) 22:12 [4] *** 2.59 km (8:34 / km) +75m 7:29 / km
spiked:12/8c shoes: Integrator04-studs

Long sprint at Umstead. A good run with some time lost on 7 until I choked the last control and lost another 2 1/2 minutes. Splits and comments are posted.

Thursday Mar 1, 2007 #

run (trail, road) 41:42 [1] 4.5 mi (9:16 / mi)
shoes: Saucony Grid Shadow

2:30pm Burke Lake. Trail a lot better than yesterday. Still wet, but a lot less mud and only occasional patches of snow or slush.

Wednesday Feb 28, 2007 #

run (trail,road) 38:23 [2] 4.5 mi (8:32 / mi)
weight:180lbs shoes: Saucony Grid Stabil

3pm. Burke Lake. Roads were clear but trail was still wet, muddy and slushy. Temps back in the 50Fs, wore shorts and short sleeves.
AOWN report: 6 holes of disc golf to warm down (3 over par) Kept hearing someone banging on a tree. Eventually saw a woodpecker in a tree above me pecking away.

Square dancing (plus) 30:00 [1]
shoes: Dockers Gordon

At Boomerangs. 7:30-9:30.

Tuesday Feb 27, 2007 #


Another unintentional rest day. Nice weather during the day but I was to busy at work to get out, then stayed late to get some stuff done for next week. Because of the NC meet I will be out friday. Hoped to hop on the bike after getting home but went to sleep instead. Only 2 hours sleep last night as I was up doing taxes in order to meet a financial aid deadline for Io and college.

Monday Feb 26, 2007 #

Square dancing 10:00 [1]
(rest day) shoes: Dockers Gordon

At Capitol Square practice. 7:30-10pm. I did not dance much since I will probably not be performing at WASCA in March since I have to pick up Io from PA that afternoon and may not be back in time. Spent most of the practice on the stage critiqueing the styling.

Sunday Feb 25, 2007 #


RRCA Challange 10mi. Howard CC 8am
Got up at 5:50am so I would have plenty of warmup time. Checked the website before leaving to be sure the race was not canceled because of pending bad weather. A little sleet at my house but roads were clear. Drove 45 miles to Columbia MD where the weather was clear and dry and 34F only to find the race had been cancelled. Considered running the course anyway, many others who had showed up were about to start. Started to warm up then decided it would be better to go home and run. The 10 mile course has no restrooms so I would still have to have a long warm up and then I would have to drive home tired and cold.

XC ski long (classic) 2:00:16 [2] 5.6 mi (21:29 / mi)

Still sleeting when I got home so I put off running for awhile. A short while turned into a long while and when I thought about running again was surprised to see it was snowing heavily and there were 4 inches on the ground. Weathermen were way off today. A wet snow like this was not going to last so I waxed up the skis and headed out the door. Wish I had a good place to ski without driving but the roads looked really bad for driving although some could be skied.
A bit around the apartment complex, then over to Pine Spring school and a couple of loops of the fields. Decided to risk some sidewalks along plowed roads so I could get to a bike path loop thru some woods about 1 mile away. Slow getting there but the loop was nice and someone else had skied part of it so I could use the existing tracks. In 2 hours I had hoped to get 8+ miles but I estimate I actually only went 6.5. I measured and it is even less 5.6

other (snow shoveling) 32:25 [2]

Stopped snowing before I finished sking and was starting to melt already. Wanted to get the shoveling done while I was still dressed for snow. Shoveled out my car and 2 1/2 others from the piles left by the plows. Used the big grain scoop shovel which can move a lot of snow. Shoveling last week must have built up some strength, not nearly as much strain on the back this time.

Saturday Feb 24, 2007 #

run race (road) 2:17:05 [3] 25.0 km (5:29 / km)
weight:181lbs shoes: Saucony ? (racing)

DCRRC Belle Haven 25k. 9am Mt Vernon bike path. 25F at 9am 33F at 11am.
My plan of eating a big meal last night to fuel the weekends races depeneded on getting to the race early enough to warm up properly and take care the necessary trips to the bathroom. Woke up with a headache and instead of getting to the race early, got there only 10 minutes early, No parking left so more time lost. Warmup was getting to the race and rushing to the bathroom. Saw the race start as I returned and started 1:54 late after getting sweats off and shoes tied. Hoped to be ok with just the bathroom around the 1/2 way point.
Mile splits from bike path. (6:51), 7:30, 7:38, 8:05, 7:44, 8:03, 8:03, 8:20, (2:10 bathroom), (9:01), 7:48, 8:21, 9:27, 10:25, 11:18, 10:11, (6:08) Obviously things did not go ok, problems started with 5 miles to go and got steadily worse.
Not looking forward to tomorrows 10mi after today's fiasco. Maybe it will called off due to bad weather.
181 lb weight was in the morning, down to 176 after the race.

run warm up/down 7:00 [1] 0.7 mi (10:00 / mi)
shoes: Saucony ? (racing)

Warmup before race.

Square dancing (plus dbd) 30:00 [1]
shoes: Dockers Gordon

Sat night DBD with Skip. 7:30-10pm.

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