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Training Log Archive: JanetT

In the 7 days ending Apr 23, 2016:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Walking6 3:25:37 9.69(21:13) 15.59(13:11) 93423.9
  Orienteering3 2:40:39 6.66(24:07) 10.72(14:59) 18316 /20c80%482.0
  Total9 6:06:16 16.35(22:24) 26.31(13:55) 27616 /20c80%905.8
averages - sleep:7

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Saturday Apr 23, 2016 #

9 AM

Walking warm up/down 15:04 [1] 0.69 mi (21:51 / mi) +21m 19:59 / mi
shoes: Inov8 ORoc280-A 2013-08

From parking to start
10 AM

Orienteering race 1:00:18 [3] *** 3.7 km (16:18 / km) +107m 14:14 / km
spiked:6/8c (injured) shoes: Inov8 ORoc280-A 2013-08

Brown course Middle on Deep Hollow map, 2.9 km 95m climb, 8 controls

Ribs/ left side still very sore so wasn't going very fast out there. I (along with quire a few others from what I heard) had trouble with our second control, a cliff on a hillside among many, many other cliffs. I found someone else's control but then was offline enough that I went beyond and down the wrong side of the rockiness. When I was far enough down the spur that I could see the finish and the very large cliff a couple contours below me I knew I had to climb back up. I took a different line up and saw the flag from below and others punching at it. Splits will show but I figure I lost about 8 minutes (maybe more).

Lost a little bit of time going to 4 when I decided I didn't want to wade the wide stream and deviated to the bridge/crossing point 100m away, but the flag was easy to spot from a distance. Then I went to the wrong rocks near 5, a much smaller error.

A uninspiring course (a bunch of yellow difficulty controls, an intermediate control and a couple of advanced legs), but not the silly unnecessary climb that we had last year. Thank you, LTC Campbell, for your course consulting.

4th today, not too far behind my usual competition if I had been clean to 2.
11 AM

Walking warm up/down 26:00 [1] 1.2 mi (21:40 / mi)
shoes: Inov8 ORoc280-A 2013-08

Note: Updated time and distance of this walk based on vmeyer's log which also shows the track. :-) Time and distance estimated Rugged streamered route from finish back to the car. Chatted with Lex who finished shortly behind me, which made the time go faster.
2 PM

Orienteering race 26:47 [3] 2.09 km (12:48 / km) +38m 11:44 / km
shoes: Inov8 ORoc280-A 2013-08

And then the sprint at Camp Natural Bridge, in terrain and having the same general flow as previous sprints I've run here. Couldn't actually "run" and jogging was uncomfortable but I didn't walk the whole thing and found all the controls right the first time. Janet P started a minute behind and gave me the competitive spirit to jog the roads and trails. Probably last in F60 but that's okay. Janet F had a nice run and finished first.

Talked to all the other Janets in the 60-64 age range (Janet Porter was born the same year but doesn't do the Brown course), and discovered I'm the oldest of us 4 (me, Janet F and Janet Porter were all born in the same year, and Janet Peterson is a couple years younger).

Thursday Apr 21, 2016 #

11 AM

Walking (indoor track) 43:53 intensity: (3:51 @1) + (40:02 @3) 2.7 mi (16:15 / mi)
slept:7.0 (injured) shoes: Sauc. Grid Cohes.9 -a 8.5W


Walked on the Y track while Glen was in Pilates class. Didn't think my ribs were up to that yet.

First two miles felt fine; I took short stretching breaks between miles, but stretching my back (bending over) was maybe not a good idea because I didn't feel like doing another full mile.

Tuesday Apr 19, 2016 #


Someone in Vermont should buy the remaining supply of these and sell them to orienteers (substitute for Gu).

I for one would love it.

Monday Apr 18, 2016 #

slept:7.0 (injured)

Taking today off from exercise class as I'm still moving slowly and carefully.

Maps/routes from the weekend --

Middle preliminary (Brown X)

From Track jpg files

Middle final (Brown X) - note: GPS track doesn't start until control 4, but I drew in where I think I went -- actually, on the way to 1 I went a bit farther down the trail but kept the stone wall in sight and attacked from it (passing the depression control along the way

From Track jpg files

Classic (Brown X)

From Track jpg files

4 PM

Walking (paved) 54:52 [3] 2.97 mi (18:28 / mi) +49m 17:34 / mi
shoes: Sauc.Shad-6000#8-2014H

Mid 70s and sunny so I had to get out even though I wasn't moving as fast as I should. It hurt to go faster (knee and side competing for attention, like two small children...) so I didn't. I love weather like this.

Sunday Apr 17, 2016 #

8 AM

Walking warm up/down 20:04 [1] 0.73 mi (27:29 / mi) +16m 25:46 / mi
shoes: Inov8 ORoc280-A 2013-08

To Troll Cup start day 2
9 AM

Orienteering race (classic) 1:13:34 [3] *** 4.93 km (14:56 / km) +38m 14:23 / km
spiked:10/12c (injured) shoes: Inov8 ORoc280-A 2013-08

Troll Cup classic day 2. 4.0km 110m climb
Weather was beautiful today, probably 50+ when we started and very nice when we finished. The errors AP gives me were climb-related; I'd say I lost a bit of time on 4 (15 sec because I went up the west side of the rocks rather than up the rentrant), 8 (hesitant), and 11--the bingo control, but I had two others there who spotted the flag not where I would have hung it.

Happy with my time even though my knee is really complaining right now, from the road and trail runs.

Finished in 1st overall despite being third each day, but consistency worked. Prize was a cute little penguin ("a troll if you squint") chocolate.
12 PM

Walking warm up/down 17:17 [1] 0.68 mi (25:25 / mi)
shoes: Inov8 ORoc280-A 2013-08

From arena to car.

Walking 28:27 [2] 0.72 mi (39:30 / mi) +8m 38:16 / mi
shoes: Sauc.Shad-6000#8-2014H

After leaving the meet site we stopped at Trader Joes to restock on some standard snack items, then visited the Cranberry Bog nature trail with informative signs by Ocean Spray, the cranberry company. Labeled 1/2 mile long, and it was pretty close. My track is a little longer because it included the bit from parking to the loop trail.

Both were nearby Gillette Stadium where the New England Patriots play. A lot near there was where we parked yesterday before taking a bus to the arena for the two middle races.

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