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Training Log Archive: JanetT

In the 7 days ending Sep 5, 2015:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Exerc. Class2 1:50:00110.0
  Pilates class2 1:40:00100.0
  Walking3 1:39:54 6.4(15:37) 10.3(9:42) 27284.6
  Orienteering3 1:08:31 3.45(19:52) 5.55(12:20) 3282.5
  Total10 6:18:25 9.85 15.85 30777.1
averages - sleep:6.9

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Saturday Sep 5, 2015 #

3 PM

Orienteering race (corn maze classic) 27:41 [4] 2.29 km (12:06 / km) +1m 12:04 / km
ahr:147 max:165 shoes: 2015 Altra LP2.0-9 lime

Classic corn maze, 20 controls to get in order. I bobbled a few but overall navigated well (no big booboos like the first time I orienteered in a corn maze! It's the scale that gets you.).

Lots of folks came for this event; I finished 23/55 starters.

On the hot side, close to 80 and mostly sunny.
4 PM

Orienteering race (corn maze sprint) 8:27 [5] 0.87 km (9:43 / km) +1m 9:40 / km
ahr:153 max:171 shoes: 2015 Altra LP2.0-9 lime

Did fine to the first control, the went the wrong direction (was supposed to head south and I headed northish for a bit until I realized my error).

3-4 was a "long" leg with tricky navigation, with #5 not far past it...and I ran right by the trail to 4 heading to 5, then 6, and in. Realized at download what I'd done. There was only one other mp ... Yay everyone else!

Still hot though the sun was down a bit more.
7 PM


And there was also a Trail O, five balloons hung within the maze which we could observe from outside including on a viewing platform, but not we couldnt not enter the maze. If you circled the proper location on the map you could get 10 points, with 5 or 2 given for within a certain diameter from the exact location, and there were possible bonus points given as well.

I didn't get any spot on, and got no points on one of them, but warned a few points on the rest for a total of 18 (maximum was 80).
8 PM

Orienteering race (corn maze nightO) 32:23 [4] 2.39 km (13:31 / km) +1m 13:30 / km
ahr:126 max:149 shoes: 2015 Altra LP2.0-9 lime

Got them all on the score O, but not in consecutive order for maximum points (odds 31-55 first; evens 32-56 next) to minimize running back and forth which would have taken the whole hour, I think. I did areas, and tried to visit lower numbers before higher ones where it made sense.

A couple route choice mixups but nothing major.

Cooler, close to 70, and dark, except for all the headlamps. :-)

Friday Sep 4, 2015 #

4 PM

Walking (paved) 31:21 [3] 2.0 mi (15:42 / mi) +27m 15:04 / mi
slept:6.5 shoes: Sauc.Shad.6000#7-2012H

In the warm (80F). Worked up a nice sweat on the way back (first half is mostly downhill).

Thursday Sep 3, 2015 #

10 AM

Pilates class (bands) 50:00 [1]

Stretchy bands to make us stronger. :-)
11 AM

Walking (indoor track) 34:21 intensity: (3:49 @1) + (30:32 @3) 2.2 mi (15:37 / mi)
shoes: Sauc.Shad-6000#8-2014H

Consistent mile splits (15:16 and 15:17) for once

Pulldowns and adductors

Wednesday Sep 2, 2015 #

Exerc. Class 55:00 [1]

Aerobics, weights, abs, stretching.

A one-minute plank, which seemed harder than Monday's 1:15 plank; perhaps because my arms weren't fresh (we'd done biceps, triceps, chest presses and flys earlier).

Tuesday Sep 1, 2015 #

10 AM

Pilates class (weights) 50:00 [1]

Weights for some of the moves. She was impressed when I did reverse leg presses (hamstring lifts with a weight behind knee) while standing on one foot while the rest of the class was on hands and knee. It's good balance practice too.

We used to do more standing warmups and balance moves (warrior, warrior three) but these days she wants us to focus on breathing so we usually start in Childs pose or even supine (boring; and cold since the a/c is usually blowing then). Meh.
11 AM

Walking (indoor track) 34:12 intensity: (3:44 @1) + (30:28 @3) 2.2 mi (15:33 / mi)
shoes: Sauc.Shad-6000#8-2014H

'Round and 'round and 'round.

Adductors @75 and pulldowns after.

Monday Aug 31, 2015 #

Exerc. Class 55:00 [1]

In Chatham. No A/C today so the room was warm and the floor sticky. Took it easy.

Did a 1:15 (high) plank while the rest of the class did a minute (low, on elbows).

Sunday Aug 30, 2015 #

(rest day)

A pretty lazy day, though I got some grocery shopping done.

Found this photo on Facebook, which makes me very glad I don't live in Nebraska.

(The bumpy clouds are called mammatus clouds.)

Thunderstorm over Nebraska, USA. Photo by Anne Goforth

Posted by Earth Porn onĀ Friday, August 28, 2015

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