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Training Log Archive: JanetT

In the 7 days ending May 13, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Pilates class2 1:50:00110.0
  Exerc. Class2 1:50:00110.0
  Orienteering1 1:23:17 2.8(29:47) 4.5(18:30) 1459 /12c75%333.1
  Walking2 51:0076.0
  Running (dirt)1 39:54 3.94(10:07) 6.35(6:17) 6181.7
  Fitness equipment1 7:3815.3
  Total8 6:41:49 6.74 10.85 1519 /12c75%826.1
averages - sleep:6.9

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Sunday May 13, 2012 #

11 AM

Orienteering race 1:23:17 [4] *** 4.5 km (18:30 / km) +145m 15:56 / km
spiked:9/12c shoes: Jala Jukola Spider 6 #3

Green course at Rocky Woods, usually known as "tick central" but I haven't noticed any yet (yay!). Hope I don't find any strays. Didn't need a longer course after the race yesterday, and I could feel my legs so took it slow through the thick woods. Only had a problem with one control (a boulder in an area with a lot of smaller unmapped ones...). Nice course by Jeff S. (and a 1:10000 map!).

EDIT: FR = 5.915 km covered, 145m climb

From Start/Finish two lines headed vaguely toward the north, one just east of the North line, and the other NNW at about 15-20 degrees. Started navigating toward the eastern one, but it turns out that was towards 11, not 1, but that's the route I wanted to take anyway (1 was a long leg). :-) Getting used to the mapping on the way to 1, thought it took me until about 9 or 10 until I thought I understood the mapping style (rock VERY generalized with some considerable-sized boulders not there and some others perhaps undersized). Base from an older 1:15000 version done years ago, with more recent updates by Jeff. A work in progress... Visibility is low in may areas due to small pine saplings blocking the view.

A bit off/uncertain to 2, but heading generally in the right direction; should have just pounded out to the trail and then found the form-line hill. Didn't go far enough to 3 and turned around to relocate. To 6 I think I climbed a hill too early, but found the point okay. 7 was in a reentrant that was full of pine saplings; I was standing 8-10 m away but couldn't see the flag. Saw someone off to my left so checked that way and there it was. Fine day, not too lost, and slowish because of sore legs and warm temps (low-mid 80s?). A lovely way to spend Mother's Day!

Saturday May 12, 2012 #

9 AM

Running (dirt) warm up/down (gravel path) 8:53 [3] 0.84 mi (10:32 / mi) +1m 10:30 / mi

Warmed up around first loop of the "trail" race at Halfmoon town park. The gravel path was a pretty nice surface to run on; not dirt, not paved. Gorgeous weather, bright and sunny with temps in low 60s to start. This is a fundraiser for Mother Theresa Academy which we happened to see in the local road running magazine. Maybe others are saving themselves for the Mother's Day 5k in Schenectady tomorrow? :-)

Added FR track.
Shoes = older NB 704s (which they haven't made for years) that I dug out of my closet that are in better shape than the 706s that I currently use.

Running (dirt) race 31:01 [5] 4.99 km (6:13 / km) +5m 6:11 / km

Very happy with my time; wasn't sure I had 10:00/mi pace in me still, but I guess the occasional intervals helped. Also helps that the course was basically flat with a good surface. No hills to fight. :-).

2 of 3 F51-60, 38 of 67 overall; fastest time was relatively slow, 18:38

Added FR track.
Race time temp was probably mid 60s. The day warmed up to over 80 by mid-afternoon; about 78 when we left the park around 11:30.

Friday May 11, 2012 #

(rest day)

Local 5k "trail" race tomorrow (actually, a gravel path, not really a trail) in Halfmoon, NY; last-minute signup

Thursday May 10, 2012 #

10 AM

Pilates class 55:00 [1]

Using elastic bands (the wide, flat kind). I did a bit of extra stretching before warmup, as I tweaked my back a little at exercise class yesterday, which made it hard to sleep on one side last night. Felt better after class though, so that was the right thing to do.
11 AM

Walking (treadmill) 25:00 [2]
shoes: Sauc.Shad.6000#7-2012H

Didn't want to do anything too stressful because my back was still a bit tight, so just a bit of walking at low incline (no more than 2.5%).

Adductors, pulldowns, and some leg presses.

Wednesday May 9, 2012 #

Exerc. Class 55:00 [1]

"Eve's 5-5-5 workout": Step, aerobics, weights, stretching.

Walking 26:00 [1]
shoes: Saucony Shadow 6000 #6 - H

Time an estimate. Walked to the P.O. to mail a couple of things, and then as far as the creek to see the water level (a bit higher than it has been, with 1"+ of rain the past couple of days), then back home. 1.5 mi

Tuesday May 8, 2012 #


Saw Air Force 1 (on TV) land in Albany about 11:48 am. Couldn't actually see the plane until it was practically on the ground because of fog, but the cameras were tracking it as it came in. President is visiting the NanoCollege. Pilates instructor's husband in the FBI locally and expects to meet president.
10 AM

Pilates class 55:00 [1]

No tools today. Right hip tight and twingy. Back of left heel got a prickly feeling during planks/stretching, so something to watch. Didn't think I'd enjoy running or elliptical so opted to do a short erg instead plus my strength/PT machines.

11 AM

Fitness equipment (erging) 7:38 [2]
shoes: Sauc.Shad.6000#7-2012H

1500m, next to an older fellow who did a bit less (about 7min, 1300+m). Worked up a sweat by the end, thus the intensity of 2.

He walks with a hunched back so probably doesn't get the full ROM.

Adductors, pulldowns, leg presses

Monday May 7, 2012 #


Every major's terrible
(fixed broken link)

Exerc. Class 55:00 [1]

No stepping today, which is probably just as well. Good warmup and floor routine, then weights (how'd they get so heavy?!) and stretching (ah!!).

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