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Training Log Archive: JanetT

In the 7 days ending Oct 4, 2008:

activity # timemileskm+mload
  Exerc. Class2 1:50:00110.0
  Orienteering1 1:24:54 3.23(26:17) 5.2(16:20) 9511 /14c78%339.6
  Strength2 1:00:00
  Fitness equipment1 33:0078.0
  Walking1 14:28 1.0(14:28) 1.61(8:59)14.5
  Total5 5:02:22 4.23 6.81 9511 /14c78%542.1
  [1-5]5 4:02:22

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Friday Oct 3, 2008 #

Fitness equipment (elliptical) 33:00 intensity: (3:00 @1) + (15:00 @2) + (15:00 @3)
shoes: Saucony Shadow 6000 8.5 # 3

Well, I was wrong Tuesday about Pilates also being on's on Thursdays (when I usually volunteer elsewhere for a couple hours in the morning). Instead of doing Pilates and then some running, I chose the elliptical, and set it up for the weight-reducing exercise program (basically, a type of intervals, though I lowered the crossramp a bit).

Despite the fact that none of the ellipticals feels 'right' with my foot/hip spacing (maybe if they had adjustable foot beds rather than just supposedly non-slip treads it would feel more comfortable), it was probably better for my joints than a half hour on the treadmill.

Strength 10:00 [0]

Fitlinxx machines (the 5 arm machines), plus 12 pulldowns @ 50 lbs and 12 x 15 lbs per side torso rotations.


Matt & Brittany wedding

Wednesday Oct 1, 2008 #

Exerc. Class 55:00 [1]

Another class in Chatham. No step today, but she inserted some 30-second aerobic "intervals" -- high knees, jumping jacks, and running in place! Yikes, 30 seconds is a long time. Fun, though my abs are still sore from yesterday's Pilates class.

Tuesday Sep 30, 2008 #

Strength 50:00 [0]

Tried something new (for me) today -- pilates. My inner thigh still isn't up to the thought of running, much less running intervals, so I thought I'd try out the pilates class at the Y. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be, perhaps because my core is already in fairly good shape (not excellent), and I think if I go again it would be good because I was weak in some areas. Three or so minutes of ab work on Mon & Wed just doesn't do it. This class also happens on Friday (I usually hit the Y Tues & Fri) so I'll probably try it again. If I do go again, I'll create a new entry besides 'strength.' :-)

Walking 14:28 [1] 1.0 mi (14:28 / mi)
shoes: Saucony Shadow 6000 8.5 # 3

A mile on the indoor track at the Y after Pilates. Heart rate after I finished was around 102.

Monday Sep 29, 2008 #

Exerc. Class 55:00 [1]

Ex. class in Chatham. Today's offering was 10-10-10 (warmup, then 10 min each of aerobics, stepping, weights... plus abs and stretching). I pulled out a short step for the stepping portion because my knee hadn't been twinging much. And it didn't twinge much! I iced it after class, and plan to not try again until next week, but maybe I can slowly ease back in (it's my favorite part of the class and I've missed it). Just need to concentrate on holding the muscles around the kneecap firm as I step to avoid the pain underneath. [And maybe at some point try the knee-strengthening exercises Suzanne posted about.]

Progress. And the stretching went well and I didn't even feel too tight.

Sunday Sep 28, 2008 #

Orienteering race 1:24:54 [4] **** 5.2 km (16:20 / km) +95m 14:58 / km
spiked:11/14c shoes: Jala Jukola Spider 6 #2

NAOC Long Brown course on Klondike State Forest map.
Good run on most of the legs, but sloppy on 2 (bouncing off another control on a hill that looked like a spur but wasn't), then small disaster on 9, and bigger disaster on 13 (not an unreasonable disaster, just more wandering than I should have done in the area), probably about 10 minutes or so lost.

A new bruise to help heal: after crossing the marsh 12-13, I was stepping over a log and my first leg over landed on a slippery branch but didn't catch, causing me to do a side split over the log -- which unfortunately had a 6" long, 1.2" diameter branch poking up out of it, right into the upper part of my right adductor -- ouch. Won't post a picture of this one.

Still managed to salvage 2nd place overall in F55; 13th in Brown.

[Added on 9/30] In addition, I hung on to 2nd place overall for the 3 days. 1st and 2nd age group places were awarded special Herkimer diamond prizes -- nice touch!


Awesome North Americans, and a lot of fun in really interesting terrain. I like doing technical terrain and for the most part do well in it, despite my lapses today.

My running training has helped me quite a lot to move faster through the woods (though uneven stuff still slows me down) and pushing to keep moving, which showed during the middle race. It sure was nice to have a clean run when others didn't -- I don't think I've ever been first woman on my course at any O race I've done until yesterday. Wish I could have followed it up today but it wasn't to be.

There's always one more race...


JPG of route.
Calibration wasn't quite so smooth, perhaps because the map is a little squished lengthwise? Not sure whether the lap I took at 13 is the control point or not -- looks funny.
[9/30--edited link; anyone figure out to change 'middle' to 'long' in the web address? (besides Glen)]

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