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Training Log Archive: tRicky

In the 7 days ending Jun 17, 2017:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road bike6 6:57:41 109.42(15.7/h) 176.09(25.3/h) 842
  Mountain bike2 4:51:04 50.51(10.4/h) 81.28(16.8/h) 1009
  Mapping1 4:21:18 4.91(53:15) 7.9(33:06) 4
  Orienteering (urban)3 1:28:54 12.88(6:54) 20.73(4:17) 8038 /41c92%
  Orienteering (bush)1 1:08:21 7.97(8:35) 12.82(5:20) 38726 /27c96%
  Core stability1 45:00
  Orienteering (MTB)1 29:23 6.29(12.8/h) 10.12(20.7/h) 43
  Rollerblading1 13:12 1.31(10:04) 2.11(6:16) 5
  Total12 20:14:53 193.28 311.05 237064 /68c94%

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Saturday Jun 17, 2017 #

1 PM

Orienteering (urban) race (Swan Valley Adventure Cen) 16:18 [5] *** 3.58 km (4:33 / km) +8m 4:30 / km
spiked:23/25c shoes: Salomon Fellraiser black/blue

WA Sprint Champs

I did a bit of a run around at the park this morning doing some map reading drills then a proper set of run throughs prior to the event because I actually wanted a good result today. Figured with the area as open as it was that I should go with the tried and not altogether trusted method of pointing myself towards the control and running as fast as I could. Seemed to work for the most part.

I had no idea why the people in front of me in the start grid didn't have their maps at the start beep but they didn't seem in a hurry to collect them on the go so I made sure to fly through and figure it out on the way. Obviously had a good first control as I blitzed it but then took the inferior route to the second although it was marginal.

From there I did pretty well but it certainly wasn't the cleanest of runs with errors at #7 (went the western route and into the first building enclave rather than the second) and should have passed Tyler (-1min) here since we were at the previous control together but he got there ahead and seemed quite pleased that he was still in front. I must have passed Jaco (-3min) somewhere between 8-9 but I didn't see him and he made a 2min error so could have been off anywhere. It was such a short leg too.

I finally caught Ed Finnie (-2min) at the mound at #13 but that was my biggest error of the day after I faffed about going through the fences from #12 when I should have aimed for the gate further to the NW, then mistook the tower thingy for the western "building" (which turned out to be some tiny brick structure that I wouldn't have seen until I tripped over it) and so headed east of that and ended up at the bridge. Major correction and a bit of panic that I hadn't read the detail properly.

Over the ridiculously bouncy bridge to #14 and back the same way to the map flip, making sure I flipped it well before I got there so I knew I had to go straight on.

Back over the non-bouncy bridge to #18, which turned out to be the faster option. Saw a string of M35 runners returning from #18 and tried to go faster to catch them, got Jason (-5min) just out of #19 and Juffy (-4min) at #20 (I had meant to straight line here but ended up going through the gate north of #19 rather than over the fence bend). My compass work was really poor today when I had already decided beforehand that I'd need it through the open areas.

Followed Graeme (-6min) through the gate south of #21 that I totally hadn't meant to go through (although it saved a fence crossing) then hugged the buildings to get through the teeny gap showing as a path after I failed to go wide around the fence, passed Graeme looking uncertain then pushed through to the finish without making a meal of anything and counted down my 1min to Oliver to have him come in 1:30 or thereabouts after I'd finished.

So I couldn't honestly say this was my best run but it is my first foot championship win and first podium finish in the sprint champs so that's something! Just like in MTBO when I had two 4th placed finishes in championships before skipping the minor placings to claim the win, so it is again here. Now have to sort myself out for the middle distance champs with Craig setting the event!

Orienteering (urban) (SVAC) 12:16 [3] *** 2.53 km (4:51 / km) +15m 4:43 / km
spiked:15/16c shoes: Salomon Fellraiser black/blue

Wasn't terribly interested in blasting around a second course after finding out I'd won but did want to have another run around so entered the EODH course. Took it at a cool down pace and took the alternate route from 7-8 (14-15 on course 1) by going around the river instead of crossing the two bridges but it was much longer, more so when I went back around the SW end of the pointy fence.

Had a total brain fail at the map flip when I forgot to turn the map over before I got there and just assumed I'd be going back across the bridge and headed in that direction before deciding to take a look at the other side and realised I was going 180 degrees in the wrong direction! Good thing I got my good run out of the way earlier.

Took some decidedly safe route from there to the finish and somehow held on over Simon (3sec) and Hadrien (6sec) despite losing the last five splits to Simon.

Friday Jun 16, 2017 #

11 AM

Mountain bike 3:04:30 intensity: (2:31:31 @1) + (30:55 @2) + (2:04 @3) 39.1 km (12.7 kph) +577m
ahr:103 max:155 shoes: Giant Anthem 26"

Wil put out a call for control collectors for last weekend's rogaine so I volunteered given I have not much else on and was planning to head up to the trails for a training session today anyway. I had to reconfirm with him which ones to get after he sent a family out during the week but they got lost and came back with no controls.

Parked at the junction of Dale Rd and the powerline track after having to get past the grader on Dale Rd - it had inconveniently left a pile of dirt down the middle of the road and I ended up with two wheels on either side of it before the underside of my car hit something solid in the dirt and I just mowed the dirt pile down to get back to the left side.

It's always a maddening feeling when unpacking my bike I noticed two 4WDs smashing it south towards me along the powerline trail throwing water and dirt everywhere and in direct contravention of the 'no entry Disease Risk Area' sign at the entrance to the track. We're not allowed to run MTBO in there but a couple of 4WDs can get access no problems (mainly due to the lack of a locked gate) and cause more damage than we ever would. Ridiculous.

Collected seven controls which would have been easier had I not been using a 1:50,000 map with somewhat laughably drawn tracks on it. The major ones were fine and some of the minor ones but others totally wrong and I relied on my knowledge of the area on more than one occasion. Funny that Wil wanted me to collect CP 59 because it was 'vulnerable' - on a track/watercourse crossing - but the track was in such a sorry state that I doubt anyone's been on it (other than rogaine related) in the past ten years (but more like 20). I also collected #96 and knew that area all too well as a spot we hung a control in for last year's 6hr event, meaning I've now visited it on no less than five occasions - once (or twice) to set it; hang the control; collect the control (after the people I sent out for it - ironically Dave and Wil - failed to bring it back); visit it during last weekend's event; collect it again.

Had a bit of hike-a-bike after the first four when the track I was on completely disappeared and I'd been on it such a long time that I didn't want to go back. Knew if I headed north that I'd hit another track and I did.

After I got those seven I decided that since I was already in the DRA that I might as well have a ride around the old single track in the area, including the Chudditch Bypass, Hacksaws (there are signs for their names on the trees!), possibly white tag and the old Little Oven Circuit. I was having a nice time around here (despite my backpack crammed to overflowing with controls and catching on overhanging tree branches) until I hit a somewhat innocuous tree that was close to the single track. I say innocuous because it didn't look deadly at all but the worn bark at handlebar height should have given away the fact that riders have been hitting it and I did the same but since I totally wasn't expecting it, I ended up flat on my side, still clipped in. As per usual my left knee managed to find the only rock in the area but surprisingly it missed the two scabs still there from my last trip to earth so I have a couple of brand new ones now.

That took the wind out and it took me a good five minutes before I could get back on the bike. There is an obvious difference between hitting pedestrians (as I did yesterday) and trees - the pedestrians tend to bounce out of the way; the trees bounce you out of the way.

Mountain bike 45:18 intensity: (12:40 @1) + (16:11 @2) + (16:13 @3) + (14 @4) 14.34 km (19.0 kph) +269m
ahr:135 max:162 shoes: Giant Anthem 26"

Today's 'proper' training session, 2 x 10/5 at race pace straight down the powerline trail. What an awesome GPS trace that is.

Didn't manage race intensity so well with just 14 seconds spent in the relevant zone but the legs wanted none of it and I've found on previous occasions that powerline trails are no good for this type of thing being too undulating.

Plus it's hard work getting the Anthem moving due to it being so much smaller then the XTC (I had to put the seat up twice because it felt like a clown bike) and the dual suspension meaning you lose power when pedaling. It does corner better though but doesn't go over log obstructions anywhere near as handily as the 29er. I lost track of the number of times I hit the pedals on rocks, tree roots, the ground, pedestrians...

Thursday Jun 15, 2017 #

11 AM

Road bike (commute) 39:59 [1] 15.69 km (23.5 kph) +50m
shoes: Giant TCR

My recruiting interview got cancelled again today but this time by the recruiter, not me, so I left for my run a little later than originally planned. Map memory on the way to Forrestfield was a bit poor when I knew that I turned left at the roundabout on Hale Rd but I was daydreaming and turned at the first roundabout rather than the second one and there's no way through the tourist park from that side so I had to go back out. I discovered a path that I never knew existed though so that was a bonus addition to the Woodlupine map.

Must have had a fair amount of rain on Tuesday night because when I ran this map on Tuesday, one of the potential route choices crossed Woodlupine Brook due to it being bone dry and I could have gone that way (although didn't). Today there was no chance with the creek full of water.

Orienteering (urban) (Suburb Run) 30:54 intensity: (17:54 @3) + (13:00 @4) 7.66 km (4:02 / km) +22m 3:59 / km
shoes: Salomon Fellraiser black/blue

Forrestfield line course

Rerun of the Forrestfield course but with all alternate route choices to see how they stacked up. Plus instead of running E-M-E-M, I did the opposite and started with M-E-M-E (the running version, not the stupid internet picture caption version) although the same map memory exercise on the M efforts. Somehow the overall average pace ended up being faster than Tuesday but the overall time was longer due to running an extra 700m. A comparison of each leg shows today versus Tuesday was:
1. >50m
2. >10m
3. >250m
4. >80m
5. >150m
6. =
7. >60m
8. >10m
9. >50m
F. >40m
So all longer today than Tuesday (other than #6). I didn't totally hate running either. It's a shame I can't maintain this sort of 'easy' average pace whilst running a NavDash because it'd almost guarantee victory every time!

Woodlupine PS has also fenced off the park next door to it since we last used this map. I had thought I wouldn't be able to get through but it was a low fence and had gates conveniently located at my entry and exit points.

Road bike (commute) 38:01 [1] 15.28 km (24.1 kph) +54m
shoes: Giant TCR

Ride home. Shoulders and right bicep are somewhat sore still from Tuesday's training, not made any better by running. Legs were a bit sore prior to running but nothing makes sore legs better than going for a run!
4 PM

Mountain bike (commute) 1:01:16 intensity: (16:52 @1) + (28:27 @2) + (15:07 @3) + (50 @4) 27.84 km (27.3 kph) +163m
ahr:131 max:163 shoes: Giant Anthem 26"

Ride to lightpole-O, on the Anthem due to issues with the XTC's wheel. Had to get it out of storage and clean it up a bit but at least it works, which is good because I may have to use it at next weekend's MTBO event.

At the western end of the Causeway path there were three tourists taking photos of another guy who was LOOKING AT ME as I bore down on his mates from 50m away but there was a big enough gap for me to get between them, at least until I got 2m away and the guy on the right casually stepped across right in front of me. Unlike those trees you get on MTB tracks where you're never sure if you are going to fit through (given all the bark scraped off them) but know that you will because it's made for a bike width, well on this occasion there wasn't a chance and I ended up hitting one on either side. I really don't know what it is with people whereby there's no way they'd stand in the middle of the road and take photos because of traffic but a PSP? Sure no worries.

Decided to take the new path along the railway past Metros just to see where it went. Turns out the answer is nowhere much and I got lost in Subi (I only knew I was in Subi because of all the footy supporters wandering around). Thankfully I had the compass on the bike because at one point I thought I was heading north but turns out I was going west.

Orienteering (MTB) 29:23 intensity: (8:35 @1) + (14:18 @2) + (6:04 @3) + (26 @4) ** 10.12 km (20.7 kph) +43m
ahr:131 max:164 shoes: Giant Anthem 26"

Lightpole O on the yet-to-be-used (and yet to be completed) Floreat and Herdsman parts of the Churchlands map. The five way roundabout at the junction of Kirkdale/Kinross/Kintyre/Cargen with the parks and random other junctions through the parks is always good for a bit of night-time confusion. Went right past Tash's unit near the end too.

Got home to find I'd been rejected from my second application for a Bunnings job this week (in retail this time rather than distribution) and they didn't even ask any scenario questions this time so I assume I'm just not cut out for Bunnings. Sadly I got rejected 'due to the overwhelming number of applications' and yet the application process doesn't close for another four weeks so I got nicely singled out of that one very early in the process, only a day after I submitted the application - same as the one earlier in the week.

That's one thing I can say about the Bunnings' recruitment process - they're pretty damned efficient. Not like the AFP that took five months to tell me I hadn't progressed or the accounting recruiter who rang today to tell me about a two month year end contract commencing in July only two days after I emailed and told him I'm not available to work for two weeks in August!!!

Wednesday Jun 14, 2017 #

9 AM

Road bike (commute) 32:19 [1] 13.56 km (25.2 kph) +53m
shoes: Giant TCR

The PT instructor said we should go for an easy cycle, walk or swim today to work off the sore muscles so I did two of those things. The mapping job at Rossmoyne SHS required my attention so I had a rather slow ride over there. Unfortunately I think my muscles (and in particular my back) got sorer as the day wore on. That's not unusual for mapping though.

Mapping 4:21:18 [1] 7.9 km (33:06 / km) +4m 33:00 / km
shoes: Salomon X-Scream blue/grey

Rossmoyne mapping. This school reminded me of Como SC with all the building pass throughs and the general building layout. In fact I could probably send them that map and they wouldn't know the difference.

Road bike (commute) 35:02 [1] 13.68 km (23.4 kph) +67m
shoes: Giant TCR

Even slower ride home. It was hard work making the glutes get me over some of those 3m hills on the way home. Would have been good if I could have dragged the mapping job out another couple of hours and gone straight to the meeting but I was dying of hunger and had to go home.

Parents of Rossmoyne students must be rich if they can not only afford kids but also to sit in front of the school with the engine running for 20 minutes waiting for them to finish. Wish I could afford an infinite supply of a non-renewable resource.
4 PM

Road bike (commute) 1:09:00 [1] 26.13 km (22.7 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Ride to Leederville for O meeting. Legs still sore but lunch helped with the energy levels.

Tuesday Jun 13, 2017 #

9 AM

Road bike hills 1:02:04 intensity: (25:00 @1) + (20:18 @2) + (3:43 @3) + (8:00 @4) + (5:03 @5) 24.95 km (24.1 kph) +445m
ahr:134 max:180 shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

Brought forward Thursday's hill session because doing two hard sessions on the same day (with lightpole-O) was something I finally remembered to avoid - says the guy who has PT tonight. I picked Crystal Brook Rd because I figured the hill should be just long enough for my needs and I'd also downloaded the Forrestfield SR map last night so it was on the way.

Had to decide whether to to hills then run or vice versa but eventually decided that the bike session took priority so did it first. Session was 4 x 3/2.5 at E3/O2 and just for something different it wasn't at all hard to hit the E3 (<30 secs on every rep) and I hit zone 5 on reps 2-4 so that was something. Don't know why it was so easy to hit target HRs today compared to last week. Maybe the recovery day yesterday helped.

Orienteering (urban) (Suburb Run) 29:26 intensity: (25 @1) + (3 @2) + (27:10 @3) + (10 @4) + (1:38 @5) * 6.96 km (4:14 / km) +36m 4:07 / km
ahr:200 max:224 shoes: Salomon Fellraiser black/blue

Forrestfield line course

Had a choice of Forrestfield, Stratton or Coolbellup, none of which was overly far from me, but picked Forrie being my old home turf and a Metro map I've yet to run on even though I drew it.

10 controls including the finish so did E-M-E-M etc. Decided on the way to the first to work on map memory for the M efforts (something I should have been doing a long time ago) so on the Es I planned the route as well as the exit for the next leg. Worked well.

Didn't plan on killing myself today with PT tonight and also want to have a relatively easy session this week with the sprint champs this weekend. I recall one of my prior sprint champs (Pioneer Park/Gosnells) where I went out and killed myself the night before and that was the stupidest idea in history so I won't be repeating that this year.

Thursday I'll go out and repeat this session but with the alternate routes to see how they compared. Most were 48/52 type decisions.

Road bike 28:59 intensity: (6:03 @1) + (20:38 @2) + (2:18 @3) 14.31 km (29.6 kph) +25m
ahr:129 max:147 shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

Ride home at mostly E1.

Seems to be recruiter week, much like Masterchef has its 'dessert week' and 'celebrity chef' week where the contestants get all excited about who's on this week: "That's that chef who appeared on Masterchef that one time; he/she's so dreamy ohmygoh ohmygoh ohmygooooh!"

I cancelled today's recruiter interview (until Thursday anyway) because it seemed so pointless, especially since the recruiter in question emailed me last week about a potential job but then when she called up yesterday, there was no mention of the job, only 'We haven't spoken in almost 12 months, I think it's time we met face to face again to see what your prospects are'. We haven't spoken in 12 months? Just WTF have you been doing for me in all that time then that requires me to come back into your office for a 'chat'?

Also applied for a distribution centre job at Bunnings yesterday and even though applications don't close until tomorrow, I already got my rejection email. Seriously, getting rejected from a Bunnings position - BUNNINGS!!! - is kind of the low point of my job search. It either means I'm so lame that their radar isn't capable of detecting me or else I am way overqualified and they think I should be working somewhere that actually needs my skills (but where I can't get a job anyway).

A further email conversation:
Ricky: Hi Jarrad, I'm interested in the six week contract role you've just advertised commencing late June as I should be able to fit that in before my overseas trip.
Jarrad: Unfortunately that role is recruiting late June/early July and runs until late September as a minimum so it wouldn't suit your timeframe.
Seriously? Why is it being advertised as a six week role then you buffoons?
7 PM

Core stability (PT) 45:00 [4]
shoes: Salomon X-Scream blue/grey

45 minutes of HELL!!!!

I can do as many weighted squats and lunges as they throw at us but it's the bicep curls, bar pushups (or whatever they're called) and billions of pushups that are killing me at the moment. Others didn't fare so well with some vomiting and near passing out. At least I seem to have avoided that. I guess with age and experience comes stamina!

Monday Jun 12, 2017 #


I noticed that the rear tyre on the XTC was totally flat tonight, which is bizarre because it's tubeless and it's not like it would get a slow leak or anything. Plus there wasn't any sealant lying about the place. Anyway I've been meaning to replace the rear tyre so now's a good opportunity but I don't own a 29" Ardent like I thought I did so it's either the Ikon or the Ignitor (which I normally reserve for front wheel).

Before that happens though upon closer inspection I noticed there was a spoke totally missing from the wheel yet there was no indication of such when I last rode it. I suspected I broke one when I launched from the dropoff up at KC on Thursday but there wasn't the usual clunking that normally supports that theory. Given that's the same wheel where I broke the previous spoke, I should probably replace the whole thing. Could explain the flat tyre except the inside of the rim was still intact.
4 PM

Road bike 42:58 [1] 16.5 km (23.0 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Finally got out for a recovery ride after spending the day doing write ups and organising an interview with a recruiter, which I already wanted to cancel as I was in the act of saying I'd be happy to come in tomorrow.

Easy ride along the river to Roe Hwy and back home through Forest Lakes. Encountered a couple of helmetless trail bike riders smashing along through the parks and paths east of Southern River so got the hell out of there before they killed me or worse, wrecked my bike.

Also encountered a dude and dudette walking towards me along the path west of Canning River. The woman was pushing a double stroller and the guy was too busy paying attention to his phone to notice me bearing down on him then got all upset when I passed close to him (between them they were taking up most of the path). In my view if you're too self absorbed with what is happening on your phone to notice what is going on around you then you deserve a few near misses.
7 PM

Rollerblading 13:12 [1] 2.11 km (6:16 / km) +5m 6:11 / km
shoes: Salomon 'blades

Rollerblading with Tash so she wasn't out on the streets on her own terrorising the local dog population. Called it quits after a couple of kilometres because the shins were getting sore and I need them for running later this week.

Shins fine now but left hamstring just above the back of the knee feeling a bit tight.

Sunday Jun 11, 2017 #

7 AM

Road bike warm up/down 25:48 intensity: (8:05 @1) + (9:55 @2) + (4:37 @3) + (2:59 @4) + (12 @5) 11.42 km (26.6 kph) +27m
ahr:134 max:197 shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

Road bike race (Champion Lakes TT) 31:55 intensity: (9 @1) + (7 @2) + (39 @3) + (23:28 @4) + (7:32 @5) 20.0 km (37.6 kph) +107m
ahr:172 max:179 shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

Legs were a bit sore during the warm up. Thought I put down a good time after I smashed the last lap when I was in a seesaw race with a girl who'd just come off the start line - we each passed the other twice by the end of her first half lap but she wasn't all that good on the bends in the second half so I got away. Time wasn't all that spectacular though - my worst one yet. I blame the rogaine.

I knew from conversations at the start that one of the riders in front of me (Matt Burton) was fast but wasn't sure what number he was. Given I was #6 and I passed #1, #3 and #4 on the first lap and then lapped them on the last, I figured it was #2 (#5 was the guy making the comment). Turned out to be right with #2 smashing past at the start of my third lap. Looking at the results now, he took out both the #1 and #2 spots for the day because he rode early and late.

The girl I passed twice on my final lap finished just 2.5sec behind me but I got chick'd by several anyway, including Steff van Armageddon, who I smash at MTB races.

Road bike warm up/down 11:36 intensity: (9:31 @1) + (1:23 @2) + (27 @3) + (15 @4) 4.56 km (23.6 kph) +14m
ahr:120 max:170 shoes: Trek Madone 5.9

10 AM

Orienteering (bush) race (Greenmount) 1:08:21 intensity: (27 @1) + (27 @2) + (1:00:29 @3) + (1:22 @4) + (5:36 @5) ** 12.82 km (5:20 / km) +387m 4:38 / km
ahr:202 max:224 spiked:26/27c shoes: Salomon Fellraiser black/blue

Trail O event, weird running around this map when I've only ever used it for MTBO before. We had to take a roundabout route to get there from Champion Lakes after I realised last night that I'd left my chair and crockery at the rogaine but Wil hadn't got the message I sent to him last night so it ended up at the equipment shed.

Some of this run was the case of the missing tracks but I muddled my way through. When I'd finished Jo Anna said to me I'd won all but one split to that point and I immediately knew it was #7, which I'd made several dud decisions on although the track junction immediately north of #6 was wrong, leading me to head off into the bush three times before I gave up and decided to take the track heading north and found the track I wanted further along than where it was marked. I then proceeded to run past the junction leading north to the control. Well done.

Other than that it was a good run and I enjoyed it once I'd gotten to the top of the hill at #13. HR strap ended up around my stomach for most of it after it kept slipping down on the way to the first two controls so I gave up on it. Readings are useless anyway.

Shame there were no SI sticks there for the newcomers but these things happen with equipment failure!

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