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Training Log Archive: tRicky

In the 7 days ending Jul 29, 2012:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Mountain bike5 6:38:18 104.99(15.8/h) 168.97(25.5/h)
  Adventure race1 3:49:00
  Mapping1 3:07:42 5.96(31:29) 9.6(19:33) 29
  Road bike3 2:43:47 47.33(17.3/h) 76.17(27.9/h)
  Core stability1 27:25
  Total11 16:46:12 158.29 254.74 29
averages - sleep:7.2

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Sunday Jul 29, 2012 #

8 AM

Adventure race race (MD ARA) 3:49:00 [3]

Another fun race down at Nanga bush camp. Cold start to the morning and the first activity was the "Trek OIympics" where we had to collect 2 gold CPs (of 2), 1 silver (of 2) and 2 bronze (of 3). The gold medals involved activities and we were warned beforehand there might be a wait so Steve and I hotfooted it over to the one by the river to start. Turned out to be a paddling activity where we grabbed the Canadian paddles and a 'boat' made of two tyre tubes, a piece of canvas and a bit of rope holding the whole lot together. One CP upstream and two down, there were five teams heading off at the same time and the other four all beat us to the first upstream as we struggled to figure out the boat. I ended up in the water a fair bit pulling the damned thing along over the rapids, but then we got the hang of it and passed three of the other teams, out to get the other two and stupidly followed the lead time past the far control before I got out the compass and realised we'd gone past the sweeping bend we were meant to be finding the control at. Oh well, collected it and back to the start, where there were half a dozen teams waiting for boats to return. Wise move going there first.

Next off to the 2nd gold CP where we had to negotiate an obstacle course. Me through the head high tyre, then some team balancing on the ropes before a climbing wall where Steve and I took turns at failing to make it to the far end. I reckon we took about five turns each and had about four teams go through us before the marshals took pity on our cold, wet hands from the paddle and let us go onto the other activities.

Next was find the mapped single track amongst all the unmapped single track for a hidden CP, then onto the far end of the course for the silver CP to avoid going across the river, then back for another bronze. There were no description for these CPs so it was pot luck if you found them off the side of the road.

Back to HQ then off on a run to the north side of the river to CP1 then an attempt to go up through the pine plantation for a short cut to CP2 but failed with all the blackberries so back down then around the long way before finding a suitable path up. More up to CP3 then tracks to TA.

Picked up the bikes and headed off to the first, which caused a few people grief. I didn't bother with reading the description, just went to where some people ahead of us were heading out. Upon later discovery, the description read '60m W of the track junction' but I found it on the east side. Luckily I didn't read it! The next one was just as dodgy, being 15m W of the junction instead of 15m E where the description said it would be, so a bit of time loss for us. We were ahead of a bunch at this stage because we passed them walking up the hill so we showed them where it was. Over to #7 we passed a couple of teams looking in the wrong place but ignored them, found the control then blazed back down the hill past where they were still looking. No problems from there through the next 5 CPs back to TA and we managed to get ourselves (unknowingly) into 1st place through here after other teams just got lost. Took a cross country option through the dead end track out of 12 so made up time.

Short orienteering leg back at TA where we made a bit of an error looking for a 'track split' since some teams went right past it so threw us off, but no major dramas. We were surrounded by Raw Course teams at this point so didn't really know where we were in the standings.

Final MTB rogaine to collect four of five controls, again no dramas but a couple of steep downhills sections and then cruised in to win the event by about 20 minutes. Hooray!

Never really tested myself on the bike today but Steve kept up a good pace given that he doesn't ride the MTB all that much so didn't think we needed to kill ourselves. No idea on distance since I couldn't get the new bike computer working but think it was far less than the advertised 35km on bike and 15km on foot. Our winning time was apparently half an hour under their estimate.

Saturday Jul 28, 2012 #

9 AM

Mountain bike 1:22:54 [3] 24.48 km (17.7 kph)
slept:7.5 shoes: Giant Anthem 26"

Just did an 'easy' session today given that I am racing tomorrow. One lap of the Kalamunda Circuit, only really got held up near the bottom of Camikaze or however the hell you spell it by a novice rider and by the time I got past her, the rest of her group had reached the bottom so didn't get in the way. Looks like that hold up cost me a good deal of time though - 50 seconds slower than last week just on that leg!

Pretty ordinary effort today where I put the foot down four times and crashed once although managed to remain standing on that one, compared to once with the foot down last week. Cannot believe I did the Rocky Balboa leg 35 seconds faster than last week, even putting the foot down once. Perhaps the legs weren't as tired...

Good fun.
12 PM

Mapping 3:07:42 [1] 9.6 km (19:33 / km) +29m 19:16 / km
shoes: Salomon XA Pro 3D lime/black

More mapping. Finished off Foodworks and the nearby bushland where I found some nice pits then headed over to the Federation Gardens but the horse ranch next door actually had horses on it so I didn't bother too much with it. Hartfield Park done (other than the skate ramp where some youths were hanging out so I left that alone) then got bored so went home. Might get this map finished one day.

I don't understand motorists at all. Why would you indicate left on the through road at a T junction when you are going straight through? Just because there's a slow point through the junction... Silly git didn't even seem to notice that I stopped and waited for him to turn.

Friday Jul 27, 2012 #

7 AM

Mountain bike (commute) 58:35 intensity: (48:35 @2) + (10:00 @5) 27.51 km (28.2 kph)
slept:7.8 shoes: Giant Anthem 26"

Another cold, 'couldn't be bothered' ride in until I found the B train at Bayswater so decided to give it a whirl. Felt terrible and decided if I hadn't at least matched it to Caledonian that I'd give up the chase. Unfortunately I got there with the train so continued on. The train smashed me to East Perth but then began premature celebrations at Claisebrook where I snuck in front and didn't see it again.
1 PM

Core stability (core strength) 27:25 [2]
shoes: Fletch's Tevas

Finally made an excuse to go and do a session rather than making an excuse not to do one.
4 PM

Mountain bike 58:27 intensity: (51:27 @2) + (7:00 @5) 22.9 km (23.5 kph)
shoes: Giant Anthem 26"

My boss let me off early today so I took the opportunity to head over to Roe Hwy in the daylight. On the way I did five reps of Mount St just for fun, descending gears until the fifth where I went back to the first, just to see if it made any difference. As luck would have it I encountered cars at the top on all five reps so it was a bit of a mismatch finish point.


Of course now the two detours on the freeway south path has turned into three detours, with the South St crossing requiring a wait on three sets of lights so I was there a good five or six minutes. Almost threw myself into traffic just to get the wait over and done with.

Mountain bike intervals 1:21:19 intensity: (28:11 @1) + (10:07 @2) + (43:01 @5) 38.86 km (28.7 kph)
shoes: Giant Anthem 26"

Intervals on the Roe Hwy path, 5km/2km x 5. Decided on something a bit different and did the hard reps towards home and U-turned for the recovery reps away from home. Almost worked out nicely except I overshot the finish turn by about 300m on the final rep.

8:26 (35.6kph)
8:33 (35.1kph)
8:26 (35.6kph)
8:36 (34.9kph)
9:02 (33.2kph)

Bit surprised with the last one because I thought I tore it up in the top gear but maybe I was fatigued and it just seemed I was working harder.

Thursday Jul 26, 2012 #


Took my wheel in to TBE today because I was told over the phone that they'd have spokes on hand but it turns out they didn't have the spokes for my particular wheel on hand so I still don't have a wheel. They may have to order them in. Why they wouldn't stock spokes for the wheels that they sell is beyond my ability to understand. Very bad timing with week one of three of my AT windtrainer sessions now beyond recovery. I may have to do a ridiculous session on the MTB tomorrow and if I have no wheel by the weekend then next week might be all on the MTB as well.

Wednesday Jul 25, 2012 #

7 AM

Mountain bike (commute) 59:40 intensity: (54:40 @2) + (5:00 @4) 27.54 km (27.7 kph)
slept:7.5 shoes: Giant Anthem 26"

It was too cold to bother with anything resembling an effort today but when I encountered an angry roadie abusing a motorist parked on the "Keep clear" crossing at Caledonian - after the motorist tried to run him down when the roadie tried to go in front - I breezed past him. He went for the repass and I picked up the pace but then he struggled up the next hill so I got the double repass and never saw him again.
6 PM

Mountain bike intervals 57:23 intensity: (10:00 @1) + (17:23 @2) + (30:00 @5) 27.68 km (28.9 kph)
shoes: Giant Anthem 26"

Didn't manage to do a training session last night without the road bike and was running short on time tonight so did an intervals session on the way home, 3min/1min x 10. Kind of hard to do when it's stop/start at the various road crossings but mostly got through it uninterrupted. The 1 minute recovery is (seemingly) not nearly enough.

Tuesday Jul 24, 2012 #

7 AM

Road bike (commute) 49:19 [2] 24.24 km (29.5 kph)
slept:7.7 shoes: Giant TCR

I was having a good old cruise into work in the cold this morning and had just passed a bunch of cyclists right before the Ent Centre bridge when I hear something rattling around in the back rim so I got off to have a look and found I'd somehow broken a spoke. Given that I'd not done this before I had no idea how to fix it so tried to snap the spoke off but apparently they're quite Strong and you cannot break them easily. In fact, it takes something quite extraordinary to break a spoke, like riding the bike normally.

Anyway the rim had developed a nice curve in it so I had to walk the rest of the way to work, the first half in cleats then barefoot because my left calf muscle didn't like walking in cleats. Walking barefoot was not much better.

The local bike store in Subiaco had:
a) no matching spoke; and
b) no mechanic
so couldn't fix it for me.

Monday Jul 23, 2012 #

7 AM

Road bike (commute) 56:48 [2] 27.45 km (29.0 kph)
slept:7.2 shoes: Giant TCR

It was a bit cold when I left home but usually when it's cold at home, it's not so bad for the ride so I didn't go back for the mittens.

The mist was so heavy on the way to work, you could cut it with a train. I got wet, but not from rain. Your loss, my gain. I rode through a drain. My work shirt has a stain.
5 PM

Road bike (commute) 57:40 [2] 24.48 km (25.5 kph)
shoes: Giant TCR

Ride home via a stopover in Northbridge, after which it rained on me a bit.

I've no idea which way the wind was blowing. It was straight into me on the way along Orrong Rd but seemed to be behind up Leach, which would corroborate with Shane's southerly.

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