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Training Log Archive: tRicky

In the 7 days ending Apr 26, 2011:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Orienteering (bush)5 5:50:47 27.19(12:54) 43.75(8:01) 113756 /83c67%
  Mountain bike2 1:53:34 23.14(12.2/h) 37.24(19.7/h) 369
  Road bike2 1:47:22 31.43(17.6/h) 50.58(28.3/h) 196
  Paddling1 44:32 3.93(11:20) 6.32(7:03)
  Total10 10:16:15 85.69(7:12) 137.9(4:28) 170256 /83c67%
averages - sleep:7

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Tuesday Apr 26, 2011 #


With the conclusion of Easter, I have now managed to complete all four activites I'd signed up for last year but managed not to complete due to injury:
-5 dams ride
-Aus rogaine champs
-MTBO trials
-Easter O carnival

Hooray for me!
4 PM

Paddling 44:32 [2] 6.32 km (7:03 / km)
shoes: Fenn XT

River paddle with Pip. Got to watch her do an Eskimo roll but she went too far and back into the water. Revenge for whatever reason (I didn't do anything) was pushing me into the water.

I tried out the Multisport for a bit but it was crushing my leg so I gave up on that. Pip can outpaddle me in either boat. My paddle skills are obviously substandard.

Monday Apr 25, 2011 #

9 AM

Orienteering (bush) race (Frazzle day 3 M21E) 1:12:31 [3] **** 10.53 km (6:53 / km) +316m 5:59 / km
spiked:8/17c slept:6.0 shoes: Salomon XA Pro black

Straight line distance 8.1km.

Did well on the first three controls before going 45 degrees in the wrong direction to #4 then making a meal of the rest of the course. Finally got my brain back on track after #12 but way too late by then and misread the grey/yellow on the way to #16 to marginally overshoot it.

Good points to come out of Easter:
-I managed to hit the first control bang on for all four days, something I've always had problems with in the past.
-That's probably it.

Bad points:
-I haven't done nearly enough running training.
-Navigation is about as crap as usual. I can't seem to make sense of where I am when completely in the wrong place.
-Navigation fine when I know where I'm going but still stuff around when entering the circle. Complex rock detail completely baffles me.

Sunday Apr 24, 2011 #

9 AM

Orienteering (bush) race (Frazzle day 2 M21E) 2:22:19 [3] **** 20.68 km (6:53 / km) +625m 5:59 / km
spiked:18/28c slept:7.0 shoes: Salomon XA Pro black

Straight line distance 14.8km.

Okay run but went way wide to #2, then thought I was on the other side of it so went wider still. Fletch and Glenn both passed me here. #3 was being replaced as I turned up so I punched and continued on. Glenn and I ran together, sometimes swapping the lead as I outpaced him but then stuffed around in the circle to let him catch up, all the way to #12 after which I ran away from him. Caught glimpses of Fletch through these controls too then eventually caught him on the long leg to #13 and stuck with him for the next few before a brain fade when I tried downing a gel on the run to #16 and lost track of where I was, allowing Glenn to catch me again. We went separate ways to #17 but got there together before grimacing at the long leg over the hill to #18 and the map change. Outdid Glenn up the hill but then went too wide down the other side and too far down the hill allowing him to catch up again. Got to the map change at the same time.

Small fumble at #19 with Robbie P before getting away from Glenn and catching and passing Fletch again at #22 before having a complete meltdown across to #23 by running too high up the hill and bypassing the control altogether. Corrected okay from well past it then completely butchered #24 and lost about 15 minutes wandering around the hillside, finding two other controls in the process. Finally decided when I came across a 1m cliff to have a look at where I was, immediately recognised the spot and bounded away to #24. Happy with my newfound navigation skills I hotfooted it over to #25, only to completely bypass this one also and end up back at the start, although with the start no longer on the map I wasn't 100% sure where I was but eventually relocated for a sorry end to an otherwise good run. Managed to marginally bollocks up two of the last three also. Brain must have just had a meltdown at having to work over such a long time.

Saturday Apr 23, 2011 #

9 AM

Orienteering (bush) race (Frazzle day 1 M21E) 50:26 [3] **** 5.6 km (9:00 / km)
spiked:12/17c slept:7.0 shoes: Salomon XA Pro black

Straight line distance (GPSes forbidden).

Not a bad day with all the controls in the bush but made a couple of big stuff ups early. #3 I followed the fence to the top of the small rise but I was meant to go to the top of the second rise before heading in so blew it. #6 and #7 were complete rubbish then Craig caught me at 7 so I followed him to #8 before we went separate ways to #9. I got there first then somehow managed to hold him off for the rest of the course. I was quite happy at doing this but everyone I mentioned it to afterwards also mentioned how tired he looked at the end, thus ending my joy at holding him off for the last nine controls.
11 AM

Orienteering (bush) (C17) 1:10:50 [1] **** 4.18 km (16:56 / km) +137m 14:33 / km
shoes: Salomon XA Pro black

M course with Pip, with approval from the race director :-)
3 PM

Mountain bike 43:22 [2] 13.76 km (19.0 kph) +145m
shoes: Giant Anthem 26"

Ride up to the end of Hillcrest Road and back with Pip. Just kept it short today to avoid overdoing it on the legs before tomorrow's long course.

Friday Apr 22, 2011 #

12 PM

Orienteering (bush) race (Frazzle prologue M21E) 14:41 [4] *** 2.77 km (5:18 / km) +59m 4:48 / km
spiked:18/21c slept:6.0 shoes: Salomon XA Pro black

Straight line distance 2.5km.

Made some silly attempt to navigate using rocks alone before Jim and Murray passed me at about #6, then I realised I should be using the yellow and white. Helped having people in front running in and out of controls so saved me stuffing around at the features. Passed Jim near the end when he was looking behind the wrong rock. This was my best performing day of the carnival.
2 PM

Mountain bike 1:10:12 [2] 23.48 km (20.1 kph) +224m
shoes: Giant Anthem 26"

Ride around the major tracks with Pip, hoping to eventually get back to the start point. Thankfully we did :-) Passed Hill Park Dale in the process.

Thursday Apr 21, 2011 #

slept:7.75 (rest day)

Well I didn't quite get to bed as early as I'd hoped last night due to packing for the weekend. All my O gear seems to be scattered right throughout the house. Now my mum somehow wants me to fix the shower, the front sprinklers and mow the lawn all before I go away on Friday, which means somehow doing it this morning since I'm not home tonight either. Good luck! I'm sure Forrestfield doesn't have noise restrictions on morning lawnmowers and the hardware store is bound to be open.

Wednesday Apr 20, 2011 #

7 AM

Road bike intervals (commute) 50:48 [3] 26.63 km (31.5 kph) +117m
slept:5.0 shoes: Giant OCR 0

Tooms Week 0.5 - threw in a 5km interval between Canning and the Narrows, probably started a bit late though because I thought that stretch was 6km so I waited until I'd gotten past the windy bits just past Canning bridge before starting and ended up finishing the 5km halfway up the Narrows bridge. Passed lots of people on this stretch including a couple of guys who probably thought they were going fast 'til I blew them away.

GPS average to be added later - must have averaged about 40kph for the 5km stretch.
6 PM

Road bike (commute) 56:34 [2] 23.95 km (25.4 kph) +79m
shoes: Giant OCR 0

Ride home with no energy due to tiredness.

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