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Training Log Archive: Ricka

In the 7 days ending Mar 11, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running3 1:55:57
  Orienteering1 1:07:35
  Machines1 33:00
  Stair step1 20:00
  Total4 3:56:32

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Sunday Mar 10, 2013 #

Orienteering race 1:07:35 [4]

More consistent, confident than Saturday. Planned ahead well &n selected good routes, 3 small errors. Mediocre pace and slowed especially in 2nd half. 26th on Green Y: Broke topo 20 only on one leg. Hopefully, much due to 10-day head cold+. Noticeable improvement over last 5 days. 3+ weeks to get ready for the Pig!

AP splits 'lost time' very accurate today.
#4: Got confused by trails below spur on route to #4 - lost map contact. Crossed creek, looked left (nothing), went right, stopped by 3 man-made objects. Oops, I should be on upper trail - left and okay. Only -1 since I was confident on-route.

#7: Planned to use road, Tom S used road, I changed mind to be 'clever' and use lower trail. Missed it and ran edge of field then back up. -1 (Prime example of 'Don't change course mid-way without really ggod reason.)

#16: "Follow stream" seemed easiest. Didn't notice that stream bend touched field. Field faster. -1/2

Saturday Mar 9, 2013 #

Running warm up/down 10:00 [2]

Get ready for SMP run.

Running 1:01:27 [4]

Due to success at Trot in 2011, I was very confident. Overall a pretty good run, but frustrating to lose time 3-4 times. (Lost 5 minutes?) Planning ahead and relocation were good. Paul Bennet walked whole course but I still passed him 3 times - bad sign. Beat him by only 5 minutes. 5th in tough M60; 4th possible. 1st was 44 while 3rd was 51.

My 10-day head-cold and laryngitis just ending - energy level was much lower than for 2:45 Grunt a couple weeks ago.
S-1: Plan: small depression on lip. Good line. Saw a control lower to left. "That's too low" but went to check it anyway. Ugh. Back up. -1/2
2-3: Before my Start I'd seen Erin totally befuddled, on course, next to Finish. "She knows where shje is, whay is she so confused?" I found out why. Circles 2 and Finish were touching, maiking Finish look like #3 (with no number, hmm). I went to rock face overlooking Finish. Hmmm, this didn't work for Erin, what's up? Saw 3 circle 'far away'. Contoured to road, good attack. (-2)
12-13: "I don't need trails, just follow re-entratn down." But when I saw trail, I toop it. Ooops, "What is Start doing here?". Wrong trail, drifted right and uphill. Mostly brain-dead at this time. (-2)

Good Finish and rest of controls were well-planned and excecuted.

Amazingly, rain stayed 20-30 NW all AM and bare sprinkles in early PM. Stripped to 2 layers (long-sleeve + SLOC shirt) just before Start, still a bit warm. Sounds like cold and drier tomorrow.

Thursday Mar 7, 2013 #

Running 36:30 [2]

Late day TGP run, reading SMP map for KS. Good focus, twice I knew exactly where I was in SMP park but a bit confused when I looked up. Sunny and cool.

Legs, body, and throat all felt slightly better than expected - encouraging. Should be ready for Saturday.

I chose not to 'play in' mud of Forest Park or Queeny - save it for the weekend.

Wednesday Mar 6, 2013 #

Stair step 20:00 [3]

Head cold etc has had me down for a week: laryngitis, congestion, then mild head-ache and achy body a couple days. Just like I had as a kid except laryngitis was worse this time. Energy returning, so time to exercise.

20 minutes on stair step (interval 85/110 spm) was very tough - sign of illness and lay-off.

Machines 33:00 [2]

Felt little drop-off.

Running 8:00 [1]

Tried walk and jog on Y indoor track. Good try but throat got raspy due to heavier breathing - stop.

With exercise and healing, felt great tonight.

Off to KC! Fran was empaneled on jury - hopes they finish today. (?)

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