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Training Log Archive: ba-ba

In the 7 days ending Feb 10, 2013:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running - Road and Trail6 3:40:40 31.17(7:05) 50.16(4:24) 196
  Orienteering3 3:06:03 16.33(11:23) 26.29(7:05) 42859 /92c64%
  S&C1 11:00
  Total7 6:57:43 47.5 76.44 62459 /92c64%
averages - sleep:7.6

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Sunday Feb 10, 2013 #


Since I got out of my 8 weeks of solid training Nov-Jan I've been feeling really stale the past 4 weeks, hitting 7hours on most weeks but mainly going through the motions, may have something to do with not racing. Something clicked today and I'm ready to get back on it. 6 weeks until Edale, so 4 weeks of solid training (with a few races) before chilling out. 7 weeks until the JK. Got O planned every weekend until then I think. A few heavy weekends (3 races over 2 days) to try and up my endurance come the end of the JK weekend - don't want to let relay teams down!
11 AM

Running - Road and Trail warm up/down 8:29 [2] 1.81 km (4:41 / km) +31m 4:19 / km
shoes: Mudclaw 333 (4)

Orienteering race 40:07 [4] ***** 6.6 km (6:05 / km) +117m 5:35 / km
spiked:24/30c slept:8.5 shoes: Mudclaw 333 (4)

SL: 5.9km/190m Winner: Crickmore 35:10 (114%).
After yesterday's misdemeanours I needed this. A much better run, the closest I've been to breaking 40mins for a middle distance (previous best on Beeley in about 41-42mins), although some daft mistakes crept in. At times I actually felt like I was racing.

good splits:
I don't know why lots of people had issues on #1, I nailed it.
#10 I felt very ponderous, but had 3rd fastest split.
#25 - all in my new speedy SI.
#27 - got lucky as saw someone punch from a way off -would have been very hesitant if not.
#28 - didn't feel like a fastest split!

4 - planned to aim off left to the fence and come in off the fence corner, but drifted too far right. As it happened I was very close to the feature, but missed it. 50secs.
11 - got to the path junction, was pretty much looking at where the kite was, decided to take the wrong path. 30sec
12 (#19 last night) - Didn't spot the best route N through the houses. Then messed up exiting the control and ended up too far south. 1min
15 - dropped south to come in along the fence line. Hit my AP (long depression) but didn't take a solid bearing. Turns out I was very close to the pit, just didn't see it. 1min.


Pulled up from 23rd to 15th in Hesley woods-was very clean here and fast on the fast bits. Great performance from Eddie a couple of minutes ahead showing what can be done!

Saturday Feb 9, 2013 #

10 AM

Running - Road and Trail 29:39 intensity: (8:39 @2) + (21:00 @3) 7.02 km (4:14 / km) +7m 4:12 / km
slept:8.0 shoes: NB580 Blue

went anti-clockwise round the barrage for once. Variety if the spice of life.
5 PM

Running - Road and Trail warm up/down 9:50 [2] 2.09 km (4:42 / km) +44m 4:15 / km
shoes: Mudclaw 333 (4)

Orienteering race 1:39:50 [3] ***** 14.08 km (7:05 / km) +221m 6:34 / km
spiked:22/36c shoes: Mudclaw 333 (4)

SL: 11.1km Winner: Crickmore/Robinson 1:12:06 (138.5%) (Nightmare. As I was in the box Charli came back to the start saying there were 'lots of people out there looking like they didn't know what they were doing', and I soon joined them. Reckon I lost at least 10minutes, and that's not including the smaller mistakes and hesitancies.

1 - Started off badly with a mahoosive parallel error (felt like 2min+, act. only 1.5)
8 - for night this was a poor route, but managed to hit my AP (bush). Then fluffed it big time. Somehow found it again, but still dicked about before working it out. 3min
10 - again a v poor RC. Got out to the road to relocate. 2min
11 - no plan once over the road. Relocated off the fence corner. 1.5min
16 - poor direction out of 15 and couldn't tell which smaller path was which. Sorted it out though. 1min.
20 - really poor direction out of 19. Stuck in a lot of crap. 1min
29- picked a pathy route, went in too early, came back out, went on too far. Relocated a way off. Caught by Mal and Crickmore (3.5min)
Much better into the finish with the guys. They got away a bit, but I managed to finish with them - see, I can nav at night at times!

In general, direction out of controls was pretty poor. I didn't adapt my technique to night well enough - I'm quite a heads-up orienteer so night is never going to be a strength, but this was pretty bad.


Pretty down after this (bang goes my <130% aim...), but a Chow Mein, lemonade then 2 pints of Farmers Blonde sorted me out.

Friday Feb 8, 2013 #

slept:8.0 (rest day)

Thursday Feb 7, 2013 #


made a start on my thornaby map, very much a learn-as-you-go process. Polygon-riffic!
6 PM

Running - Road and Trail 29:32 [2] 6.54 km (4:31 / km) +11m 4:29 / km
slept:7.0 shoes: NB580 Blue

cruised around the river. Tired.

S&C 11:00 [1]

everything below the waist to Nine Black Alps - very Fifa 06.

Wednesday Feb 6, 2013 #

5 PM

Running - Road and Trail 1:31:54 intensity: (11:00 @1) + (54:54 @2) + (26:00 @5) 21.25 km (4:20 / km) +64m 4:16 / km
slept:8.0 shoes: NB580 Blue

Today, I wasn't just Science's bitch, I was science's submissive. Thankfully, not being a student, I get refunded for being fucked over.
Cells were growing very slowly, so I had an hour or so to kill at about 5:30. Thankfully, I had planned on sessioning and running home, so I could do what I'd intended on doing. I was hoping Gav may come along, but he was a bit ill after his storming 10k at the weekend (34:47). Bear in mind this is the guy (recent 16:43 5km) that I lead in training.

Anyway. 17min wu.
2x(2[1](4[1]2[1]4) with a 2 to finish (3 min recs between the full sets)
for the first 3 2/4s I found the 4s much easier than the 2s. This was reversed for the last 2 2s and last 4. Towards the end a few slipped below the 3:30min/km mark, but overall fairly pleased for getting out and sticking to a session solo and in fairly blustery (at times) conditions.

trundle back to the lab.
stagger home, with a bit of a wiggle at the end to make it up to the half-marathon for the day. Managed to pick the pace up a bit at the end.

Tuesday Feb 5, 2013 #

5 PM

Running - Road and Trail 51:16 [2] 11.46 km (4:28 / km) +39m 4:24 / km
slept:8.0 shoes: NB580 Blue

HFW. Earlier start at chorus, so had to keep an eye on the clock.

Monday Feb 4, 2013 #

1 PM

Orienteering 46:06 [2] ***** 5.61 km (8:13 / km) +90m 7:37 / km
spiked:13/26c slept:6.0 shoes: Mudclaw 333 (4)

Broke up the journey from Tricky Ricky the Third's town with a bit of a pootle round Hugsett. Fucking confusing! 50% spike rate is very generous, although I was getting into it a bit more by the end.
Includes jogging about before and after.

Had planned on an evening jog, but knackered so no.

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